Wi1 Project POLAR. wi2 Dipl.-Ing.agr. Jens Winter authorized represantive mail: jens.winter@ @

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wi1 www.rhinmilch.de Project POLAR Slide 2 wi2 www.rhinmilch.de Dipl.-Ing.agr. Jens Winter authorized represantive mail: jens.winter@rhinmilch.dejens.winter@rhinmilch.de Rhinmilch GmbH Betziner Weg 18 D-16833 Fehrbellin Tel. 033932 580620 Fax 033932 580950 Me Slide 3 wi3 www.rhinmilch.de maps Slide 4 4 www.rhinmilch.de The Rhinmilch-Verbund is a Network consisting of five companies. All of them run: 4.135 hectare agricultural area 1.700 head milking cows on menure liquid 738 head mother cows 2.100 head calves, heifers and bulls slaughter for cattles and sheep Figures Slide 5 wi5 www.rhinmilch.de organigram Quality fodder, energie Rhinmilch GmbH Agrargesellschaft Quality meat Linumer Agrargesellschaft mbH Quality milk Agrar GmbH Fehrbellin services Grundstcks- und Dienstleistungs GmbH Stress-free slaughter Hakenberger Fleisch GmbH Slide 6 wi6 www.rhinmilch.de Mother The companie came into being from LPG Pflanzenproduktion (production of plants) Linum and LPG Tierproduktion (production of animals) Tarmow in 1991 2.400 ha farmland 700 ha grasland Main products are maize and gras for sour fodder Grain and rape for selling Biogas system for production of elektric energie, warmth for production water and the heating system Management and administation for the subsidiaries Rhinmilch GmbH Slide 7 wi7 www.rhinmilch.de Agrar GmbH Fehrbellin cowshed for milkproduction for 1.930 head cows Buildt in 1976 on 14 hectares without farmland Today are kept 1.700 cows with 9.500 kg milk p.a. and cow 90% of the animals stand on liquid manure Basis for production of biogas Slide 8 wi8 www.rhinmilch.de Linumer Agrargesellschaft mbH Founded in 1991 of five companions, the greatest of seven companions today is the Rhinmilch GmbH 800 hectares grasland, extensive used 738 head mother cows with young cattles Slide 9 wi9 www.rhinmilch.de Founded in 1993 Slaughter for cattles and sheep by short transport ways and high quality, slaughtering for own animals in direct marketing and for reward EG-number and certified DIN ISO 9002 Capacity 20 bulls per day HafleG Hakenberger Fleisch GmbH Slide 10 wi10 www.rhinmilch.de Founded in 1994 The first target was the selling of estates without using Today is the main activity different services for the other companies GDG Grundstcks- und Dienstleistungsgesellschaft mbH Slide 11 wi11 www.rhinmilch.de Production of electric energie and warmth Biogas Slide 12 wi12 www.rhinmilch.de arrangement Slide 13 wi13 www.rhinmilch.de we have: 45.000 m liquid manure p.a. 4.500 t leftovers fodder projected and made by entec: fermenter 3000 m boiler 500 m generator 330 kW electric energie 478 kW thermic energie targets: 240.000 p.a. selling of electric energie heated rooms and hot water more light pump the liquid manure figures Slide 14 wi14 www.rhinmilch.de scheme Slide 15 wi15 www.rhinmilch.de menure Slide 16 wi16 www.rhinmilch.de New challenge: TO USE PRODUCED WARMTH for HIGHER MILK PRODUCTION create a optimal climate for milking cows in the summer: max. 15 C Cooling of 50.000 m air in cowshed Challenge Slide 17 wi17 www.rhinmilch.de 1. The rest of the warmth of the waste gas of the motor has 150C, but this is not enough. 2. The capacity of 45.000 m liquid menure and 4.500 t leftover fodders is higher than the projected figures. 3. The new development of the politics of the agrar in the European Union (in all the western world) could reach finally, that its more profitably to make grain to energie as growing grain for food. (The wars in this world arent fighted for food or land, the wars are fighted for oil!) news Slide 18 wi18 www.rhinmilch.de invest Slide 19 wi19 www.rhinmilch.de Invest II Slide 20 wi20 www.rhinmilch.de Summer time winter Invest III Polar Slide 21 wi21 www.rhinmilch.de Thank you!