Wind Trac Gps Fleet Tracking Solutions

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Text of Wind Trac Gps Fleet Tracking Solutions

  • 1. GPS TRACKING SOLUTIONS Strategic Partners

2. About WindTrac

  • We offer complete solutions, wholesale pricing of hardware and software
  • We are a subsidiary company of Portman Security Systems the worlds largest OEM manufacturer of GPS/satellite/GSM security products
  • 150 Research & Development Employees
  • 250,000 Square foot facility

3. Vehicles Satellites GSM Network WindTrac Server & Home Office Access by client WindTrac System Overview 4. The Eagle Tracker Features

  • Built-in motion sensor
  • Built-in alarm triggers
  • Built-in geo-fencing
  • 6000 store forward records
  • Anti-carjacking (trunk release, door lock/unlock)
  • Fuel sensor
  • Emergency SOS
  • Over speed buzzer
  • Accurate odometer input
  • Combo GPS/GPRS antenna

5. The Eagle Tracker Plus Features

  • Mobile Data Terminal for in cab display
  • External camera
  • Driver identification
  • Crash and shock sensors
  • Trailer identification
  • Tire pressure reading
  • Hands-free Voice
  • Alarm Kit

6. WindTracs Client/Web Server

  • User friendly software
  • Noticeable ROI in a short amount of time

7. Client Server Special Reports 8. WindTracs Mobile to Mobile Application

  • Allows the end-user to track any WindTrac device from their smart phone by interfacing with the WindTrac client server
  • Useful for fleet managers and/or shift supervisors
  • Utilizes iPhones push function with automatic, immediate notification for any triggered alarms or preset reports

9. WindTrac Return On Investment

  • According to a May 2009 Aberdeen Group study on the improvements attributable to the use of location intelligence and service fleet management:
  • Idle times are decreased by 25%
  • Fleets are being utilized 32% more
  • Fuel costs are decreased by 22%
  • Operating cost per vehicle is decreased by 21%
  • There is also an improvement of workforce productivity and utilization
  • Workforce productivity is increased by 23%
  • Workforce utilization is increased by 25%

10. Calculate Your Return On Investment Interested in finding out how quickly you can save money with GPS Tracking tools and service from WindTrac? Click here for our ROI Calculator 11. Thank You Contact Us (978) 208-4778