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Windows Security. Larry MacPhee e-Learning@NAU. Why Security Matters. Public nuisance Loss of productivity The cost of spam! Loss of data Identity theft Credit card fraud Erosion of trust. Focus on Prevention. Prevention is easy 6 steps Cure is hard. 1. Use an Anti-Virus tool. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Windows Security

  • Windows SecurityLarry MacPhee e-Learning@NAU

  • Why Security MattersPublic nuisanceLoss of productivityThe cost of spam!Loss of dataIdentity theftCredit card fraudErosion of trust

  • Focus on PreventionPrevention is easy6 stepsCure is hard

  • 1. Use an Anti-Virus tool50,000+ Windows VirusesNew viruses up 400% from last yearDownload Sophos Anti-Virus from ITS

  • a. Keep your virus definitions up to dateb. Scan while you sleepc. Automate the process

  • 2. Guard Against Spyware NAU recommends Spybot

  • Find and remove

  • 3. Filter SpamManage your NAU e-mail

  • Customize your filtersNo more Viagra!

  • 4. Beware the phish hook

  • Something phishy?Urgent e-mail requires your immediate actionPlays on fear of compromised securityUsually doesnt refer to you by nameAsks you to confirm your identityAsks you to enter your passwordMessage may contain typosMay use a suspicious URLMore reading

  • 5. Apply Security UpdatesNote: NAU pushes out security updates to campus machines

  • Express InstallBypass non-critical updates

  • Automatic Updatesa. Start/Control Panel

    b. System

    c. System Properties

    d. Automatic Updates

  • 6. Browse SecurelyLook for the lock symbol and https://Use the VPN for wireless transactionsUse hard to guess passwordsChange passwords frequentlyRead your credit card statementsDont approve save of credit card info

  • Why so vulnerable?90% of computers run WindowsMany dislike Microsoft and Bill GatesWindows is not very secureMS is slow to patch security holesHard to regulate and enforceLots of novices online

  • Is my computer compromised?Slower than normal performanceSystem crashesPop-up adsHome page has changedBrowser crashesPossibly no symptoms!

  • Be afraid!You might be a zombie!You might have a keystroke loggerYou might be a DDOS pawnYou might be a notorious spammer!

  • RemediesDisconnect from the network (temporarily)Boot up from a System Restore CDRun anti-virus softwareRun anti-spyware softwareRun disk, hardware check utilitiesWipe the drive and reinstall everything!Get a Mac? Learn Linux?

  • Coming Soon!Microsoft Free Computing Environments (MFCE)Costs and BenefitsThe Open Source MovementMacintoshLinuxOpen Office

  • AcknowledgementsStephanie McCarthy - GraphicsBig Dave Dennehey - Technical Consulting

    ***Do you brush your teeth? Why?******************