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WISHES Youth Enrichment Winter 2013 Catalog

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Text of WISHES Youth Enrichment Winter 2013 Catalog

  • WISHESWISHESYouth Enrichment - Winter 2013Youth Enrichment - Winter 2013

    Spring Catalog on Flip Side!Spring Catalog on Flip Side!

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  • WinterContents

    Arts & Crafts ................................... 1-3

    Computers & Technology ................. 4

    Dance, Theater & Performing Arts ... 5

    General & Miscellaneous............... 6-9

    Recreation................................... 10-11

    Science & Nature............................. 12

    Sports & Fitness ........................ 13-15

    Registration Information ........... 16-17

    WISHES Winter Catalog

    Debbie Slomkowski, Editor and Cover Design Jamie Smith, Inside Layout

    Wayzata Public Schools CommunityEducation is proud to present the Winter2013 session of WISHES YouthEnrichment.

    The WISHES Youth Enrichmentprogram provides elementary students withfun after school enrichment opportunitiesthat are designed to enhance your childseducational experience, as well as stimulatenew interests in hobbies and recreationalactivities.

    Please note the location of each class.WISHES classes will meet at multiplelocations. Students may attend classes inany building. Transportation is NOTprovided. When registering for a classplease note the time to be sure it does notinterfere with your childs school day. Flipthis catalog over to see a complete listing ofour spring classes. The registration formsand information are on pages 16 and 17.You may also register online online is the fastest and easiest wayto register.

    Register early as many classes fillquickly! Please register at least one weekin advance so that class enrollmentdecisions can be made.

    Registration questions 763-745-5213 Programming questions 763-745-5205

  • Register online Winter edition 1

    Arts &Crafts

    KidzArt AustralianAnimal AdventureGrades K-5Grab your binoculars and your friends andjoin KidzArt on an adventure to drawanimals of Australia. You will use markersand chalk pastels to draw a cute and cuddlyKoala hanging out in a Eucalyptus tree anduse watercolors to create a painting of aCockatoo in the setting sun. You will alsocreate a work of art inspired by the nativeculture of Australia; the aborigines whooften created works of art about animals.KidzArt takes art classes to a new levelthrough engaging the imagination andcreating a safe environment to take risks.$49 for 4 classes; KidzArt#KARTAA-W-13Mondays, Mar 4-Mar 25 6:30-7:30 pmCentral Middle School-E119 Art Room

    KidzArt Carnival DaysGrades K-5Come one, come all! Step right up for a fun four-week session where you will learn todraw, paint, and explore different mediums. You and your friends will learn to draw acarousel horse, fairgrounds, and a fortune teller. We will use metallic markers, chalk pastelsand acrylic paints. KidzArt takes art classes to a new level through engaging the imagina-tion and creating a safe environment to take risks. $49 for 4 classes#KARTCD-W-13Mondays, Jan 28-Feb 25 6:30-7:30 pmNo class Feb 18Central Middle School-E119 Art Room

  • 2 Winter edition

    AbrakadoodleArt Studio Level 2Grades K-4All new lessons! Continue the fun in Level 2! In this awesome art class well learn how todraw cheetahs, splatter paint Dalmation dogs, make duct tape bags and more. Sign up forall new lessons! You do not need to have taken level 1 to take level 2. $65 for 4 classes;Abrakadoodle

    Worth noting . . .

    Its easy to register for WISHES classes online 24/7. Using your Visa/MasterCard/Discover, you can register immediately online Registration information and formsare on pages 16 and 17.

    #ARTSTU2-BVW-13Wednesdays, Feb 6-Feb 27 3:55-4:55 pmBirchview-Art Room#ARTSTU2-GLW-13Fridays, Mar 1-Mar 22 3:55-4:55 pmGleason Lake Art Room#ARTSTU2-GWW-13Fridays, Feb 1-Feb 22 2:30-3:30 pmGreenwood-Cafeteria#ARTSTU2-KLW-13Tuesdays, Mar 5-Mar 26 3:55-4:55 pmKimberly Lane-Art Room

    #ARTSTU2-OWW-13Tuesdays, Feb 5-Feb 26 2:30-3:30 pmOakwood-1 Vocal Music#ARTSTU2-PCW-13Fridays, Mar 1-Mar 22 3:55-4:55 pmPlymouth Creek Art Room#ARTSTU2-SHW-13Fridays, Feb 1 Mar 1 3:55-4:55 pmNo class Feb 15Sunset Hill Art Room

  • Register online Winter edition 3

    Project RunwayGrades 3-5Sew your very own Valentines Day orSpring Flowers pillowcase and take ithome. Create tres chic coasters for yournext glam slam party! Brand new andreturning sewers are invited. We keep iteasy and accessible for all levels. Studentswill learn how to pin, cut and sew patterns.They will learn multiple hand stitching andmachine sewing techniques. Our focus is onsafety, skills and sewing savoir faire. Astitch in time saves sign up today!!$79 for 4 classes; Youth Enrichment League#PROJ-GLW-13Tuesdays, Jan 22-Feb 12 3:55-5:25 pmGleason Lake Art Room#PROJ-GRW-13Tuesdays, Feb 19-Mar 12 2:30-4:00 pmGreenwood-Cafeteria#PROJ-KLW-13Mondays, Mar 4-Mar 25 3:55-5:25 pmKimberly Lane-Art Room#PROJ-PCW-13Mondays, Jan 28-Feb 25 3:55-5:25 pmNo class Feb 18Plymouth Creek 5th Grade Atrium#PROJ-SHW-13Thursdays, Jan 24-Feb 14 3:55-5:25 pmSunset Hill-Art Room

    Angry Birds and More App Artwith Kidcreate StudioGrades K-5Slingshot your young artist into the incredible world of art at thisfun camp! Your child will learn about the artistry of top grossingapp games as they are inspired by their favorite smart phone gameslike Angry Birds, Doodle Jump, Plants vs. Zombies and FruitNinja. Well work with air-dry clay, Model Magic and paint tocreate these masterpieces! Register early for this popular class! $59 for 4 classes; KidcreateStudio#BIRDS-BVW-13Tuesdays, Mar 5-Mar 26 3:55-4:55 pmBirchview Art Room#BIRDS-GLW-13Wednesdays, Jan 23-Feb 13 3:55-4:55 pmGleason Lake-Art Room#BIRDS-GWW-13Fridays, May 3-May 24 2:30-3:30 pmGreenwood -Cafeteria#BIRDS-KLW-13Fridays, Feb 1-Feb 22 3:55-4:55 pmKimberly Lane Art Room

    #BIRDS-OWW-13Tuesdays, Mar 5-Mar 26 2:30-3:30 pmOakwood Art Room#BIRDS-PCW-13Thursdays, Apr 11-May 2 3:55-4:55 pmPlymouth Creek Art Room#BIRDS-SHW-13Tuesdays, May 7-May 28 3:55-4:55 pmSunset Hill-Art Room

  • 4 Winter edition

    Super Hero Film SchoolGrades 1-5BATMAN, SUPERMAN, SPIDERMAN or WONDER WOMAN! Pick your characters tostar in your own mini-movie... the possibilities are endless. Action figures, Legos, back-drops and props will be available for filming in class. Handle all of the technical detailsincluding using a digital movie camera, filming scenes, stop-motion animation, download-ing footage to the computer, digital editing and adding finishing special effects andtransitions to the movie. In this exciting hands-on learning class, our instructors will takeyour student through the entire digital film making steps from start to finish using FramesSoftware. Student groups final projects will be available online for all to see, or studentsmay bring a USB jump drive the last day to take home their films immediately. Studentphotography release must be signed for class. $75 for 4 classes; Computer Explorers

    Computers& Technology

    #FILM-BVW-13Tuesdays, Feb 5-Feb 26 3:55-5:25 pmBirchview Art Room#FILM-GLW-13Wednesdays, Mar 6-Mar 27 3:55-5:25 pmGleason Lake Art Room#FILM-GWW-13Wednesdays, Feb 13-Mar 6 2:30-4:00 pmGreenwood -Cafeteria#FILM-KLW-13Tuesdays, Feb 5-Feb 26 3:55-5:25 pmKimberly Lane-Art Room

    #FILM-OWW-13Mondays, Mar 4-Mar 25 2:30-4:00 pmOakwood-1 Vocal Music#FILM-PCW-13Mondays, Mar 4-Mar 25 3:55-5:25 pmPlymouth Creek 5th Grade Atrium#FILM-SHW-13Wednesdays, Jan 23-Feb 13 3:55-5:25 pmSunset Hill Art Room

    Spring Reversal . . .

    Reverse this catalog to find a complete listing of our Spring classes.

  • Register online Winter edition 5

    Dance, Theater& Performing Arts

    BadDance LineAges 10+ accompaniedby a guadianA fun parent/child class... In the immortalwords of Michael Jackson, Well they saythe skys the limit and to me thats reallytrue, but my friend you have seen nothingjust wait til I get through. You read itright...satisfy your inner baddie with thisclassic Michael Jackson song. Slap on yoursilver glove and join Monica for 1-1/2 hoursof fun and great exercise. Dont forget tobring your tude...youre gonna need it!Youth ages 10 and older can enroll whenaccompanied by an enrolled guardian. $24per pair. Register an additional child for adiscounted price of $9 by calling 763-745-5213. Monica Mohn#BDANCE-W-13Saturday, Jan 26 10:30 am-12:00 pmCentral Middle School-Cafeteria

    Chorus LineWorkshopGrades 3-7Dont miss this opportunity to develop andfine tune your audition skills, in this funlow-pressure theater class! Working with aYoung Performers instructor, students willchoose a show tune, an age-appropriatemonolog, and a time dance step to work ontogether. At the end of the six weeks,parents and friends can watch the groupperform. $95 for 6 classes; Young Perform-ers

    #CHORUS-W-13Mondays, Feb 4-Mar 18 6:30-7:45 pmNo class Feb 18Central Middle School-C18

    Aesops Fables -The Musical byGerald P. MurphyGrades K-3A group of mice are delightedby their plan for constrainingthe local cat-until it comes toexecuting the plan. Meanwhile,a lion falls in love, a boy ruinshis chance for promotion in theshepherding business, and afox tries to make the most of afashion disaster. They all makea song and dance of it! Allchildren will also work on adramatic monologue whichwill be performed with theplay on the last day of class.$95 for 6 classes; YoungPerformers#AESOP-W-13Tuesdays, Jan 29-Mar 12 6:30-7:45 pmNo class Feb 26Central Middle School-C18

  • 6 Winter edition www.

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