With Do-it-Yourself Live Streaming LIVE!.  Live streaming allows for viewers to watch and listen to a video feed in real time.  Anyone with an internet

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With Do-it-Yourself Live Streaming

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How does it work?Live streaming allows for viewers to watch and listen to a video feed in real time.Anyone with an internet connection and a computer, tablet, phone, or mobile device can watch.Live streaming can be one way (viewers only) or two way (participation from attendees.)

Potential problemsLive streaming often requires complicated expensive equipmentAlso requires trained technical personnelViewers with older technology, different operating systems, etc. may have issuesViewers with slow or poor internet connections may also have issuesUsually reserved for high profile events

Why bother with live streaming?Bring dynamic, engaging content to online and hybrid coursesAllow a remote audience for face-to-face coursesOffer accommodations to students for illness, emergency, inclement weather, etc.Showcase guest speakers or special presentations

How does it work?

Google Plus allows for live streaming using Google Hangouts and Hangouts On Air for interactive streaming (within Google Plus) and one way streaming to the whole world (via YouTube)

What does it require?For the presenter: A computer, a webcam, and Google +.

For the viewer: A device to watch a YouTube video.

For interactive viewers: A computer (to log into Google +)

How do I get started?Sign up for a Google account (you probably already have one.)Verify your YouTube accountTurn on your webcam and youre ready!What about student presentations?How about a live demonstrationQuestions?www.wilmu.edu/edtechwww.wilmu.edu/multimediamultimedia@wilmu.edu