Wolf An endagered animal. Sorts of wolf Gray wolf Gray wolf Black wolf Black wolf Brown wolf Brown wolf Polar wolf Polar wolf

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  • Wolf An endagered animal

  • Sorts of wolfGray wolfBlack wolfBrown wolfPolar wolf

  • Characters of wolf.. Duration: 160 cmHeight: 80 cm Weight: 80 kgColor: grey, black, brown and white

  • Distribution The wolf was the most prevalent beast in the world but it isnt any more. People destroited almost all sorts of them. Now they are endagered animals.

  • Environment..The wolfs live in all kinds of environment. Even on the Arctic.

  • FeedingPredatorMain food: rabbits, foxes, mice, birds

  • What can we do to protect wolfs? We shouldnt destroy their environmentsHelp them to find food

  • Thank you for your atention By: Mihaela Ivani. 7.b