Wolf The animal I researched was the Wolf. Wolves are mammals.

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WolfThe animal I researched was the Wolf. Wolves are mammals.

Physical AttributesWolves have unique features. Wolves have furry , thick fur. They are in the family with dogs. Others have black, white , brown and red colored fur.

Habitat and ShelterMost wolves live in a den. Others live in Asia, north America and Europe . Some of them live in a cave. More can dig out a hole to keep warm or cool

Diet and PredatorsWolves like to eat many things. Most of a wolves diet is found in nature. They like to eat deer for food. Other animals they like to eat are, moose, elk and other animals to. One predator to this animal are humans. Also grizzly bears and black bears are predators. More predators to them are cougars, mountain lions, wolv.erines and foxes . They all fight each other to get prey.

Interesting FactsA wolves life span is 8 to 13 years old. THE thick fur can be some colors like a shade of black, white, brown and red. After they mate they can have a total of six to four pups.

ConclusionIn conclusion, wolves are amazing animals. Since they live in new York State , it wouldnt be surprising if you ever saw one. So keep an eye out , you might just see one. Also keep you distance. Wild animals like wolves , should only be looked at , not touched!


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