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Catalogue of lots for auction sale: 5th January 2019

Lot Description Category EstimatesLow/High

WOMBELLS Antiques & Fine Art Auctioneers Tel: 01904 790777Northfield Business Park, Northfield Lane, Upper Poppleton, YORK, YO26 6QU

Printed on 05/01/2019BOOK (Books & ephemera), CER (Ceramics & glass), COL (Collectables), FURN (Furniture), MIL (Militaria)MISC (Miscellaneous), PIC (Pictures & prints), SIL (Silver, jewellery and plated ware), TEXT (Textiles & clothing)

1 A three piece silver tea set, 20th cent. Approx 880gr gross / teapot 270mm long SIL 280/300

2 A silver waiter standing on three scroll feet having wavy edge, 20th cent. Approx 800gr / 320mmdiameter

SIL 250/300

3 A silver trophy cup, bearing dancing interest inscription, 20th cent. 120gr / 135mm tall SIL 40/50

4 A part dressing table set comprising mirror, three brushes, a comb and a hair tidy, silver having engineturned decoration, 20th cent.

SIL 50/80

5 A silver presentation bowl having a golfing interest inscription, the whole on a turned hardwood stand20th cent. Bowl 440gr / 180mm diameter.

SIL 120/140

6 Silver teaspoons incl souvenir examples, a cased set of six silver handled two prong forks, a stamp box,white metal marked 925. 125gr weighable.

SIL 50/80

7 A Victorian silver christening mug London 1870, five matching Georgian teaspoons a silver napkin ring,230gr; a continental tea sifter, white metal cutlery.

SIL 80/100

8 A Victorian presentation tankard, London 1870 bearing Highnam District Ploughing Society.... 1871prize inscription. 300gr / 130mm tall

SIL 100/150

9 A Victorian presentation tankard, London 1864 bearing Highnam District Ploughing Society.... 1865prize inscription. 310gr / 130mm tall

SIL 100/150

10 A pierced silver bon-bon dish; a silver napkin ring; a silver topped glass inkwell. A/F SIL 40/60

11 A three piece silver teaset, Birmingham 1908 / 1909. 980gr gross / teapot 265mm long SIL 300/350

12 Two 19th cent silver table spoons, approx 140gr; three continental white metal table spoons (5) SIL 70/90

13 A two similar white metal cauldron salts; a cased set of six silver handled fruit knives; two dressing setmirrors.

SIL 30/50

14 A cased six piece silver-backed brush set, a/f; a three piece silver-backed part brush set, a/f; a set of sixsilver gilt coffee spoons.

SIL 60/80

15 A George III silver pen / candle-snuffer tray, London 1754 marker's mark indistinct. 240gr gross /193mm long

SIL 150/200

16 A George III silver two handled porringer cup, William & James Priest, London 1764. 290gr / 110mm SIL 120/150

17 A George III silver sugar caster, Samuel Wood, London 1810. 190gr / 160mm SIL 100/150

18 Two George III silver and hardwood decanter coasters of matching design, London 1787 & 1789. 120mm diameter.

SIL 100/150

19 A George III silver cauldron salt, Benjamin Bickerton, London 1774, 63mm diameter; a George IIIpierced silver salt having blue glass liner, Thomas Daniel, London 1779, 80mm long. 85gr

SIL 50/80

20 A George III boat shaped swing handled dish, Cornelius Bland, London 1790. 240gr / 165mm long SIL 120/160

21 A silver presentation bowl, 20th cent. 230gr / 130mm diameter SIL 60/80

22 A pair of novelty quiach-shaped salts, London 1905. 75gr / each 78mm long incl handle SIL 30/50

23 A George III pedestal coffee pot having carved hardwood handle and hinged lid with pineapple knop,John Cox London 1774. 970gr gross / 330mm tall

SIL 300/400

24 A George III silver cream jug and sugar bowl, London 1809. 410gr / sugar bowl 185mm across handles SIL 100/150

25 A George III teapot on ball feet having chased design and pineapple knop. 590gr gross / 290mm long SIL 140/160

26 A Victorian silver cased christening set comprising knife, fork, egg spoon, dessert spoon, napkin ring,cup and egg cup. 260gr weighable.

SIL 80/100

27 Two silver cigarette cases having engine turned decoration, the larger 143 x 83mm. 320gr SIL 80/100

28 A silver cigarette box having wooden lining; two silver cigarette cases, a part brush set. (7) SIL 100/120

29 George III silver old english pattern flatware having feathered edges comprising a set of six tablespoons, a set of six dessert spoons, a sauce ladle, James Phipps, London 1785. Table spoons 220mm/ 730gr.

SIL 200/250

30 A set of six George III old english pattern table spoons, Thomas Northcote London 1776. 220mm long /370gr

SIL 100/120

31 A pair of George III silver serving spoons old english pattern with feathered edge Thomas WallisLondon 1789, 305mm long; a single similar dessert spoon, mark rubbed. 235gr total

SIL 70/90

32 A pair of George III silver table spoons old english pattern Peter Ann & William Bateman, London 1803;a harlequin set of six Bateman silver old english pattern teaspoons. 205gr

SIL 50/70

33 Five matching Victorian silver table forks, fiddle pattern Charles Lias, London 1842. 205mm / 350gr SIL 80/120

34 Eleven matching silver dessert forks, old english pattern 20th cent. 175mm / 530gr SIL 130/150

35 Seven matched early 19th cent silver fiddle pattern table forks. 490gr SIL 130/140

36 Five matching George III silver teaspoons, old english pattern with shell back bowls, Thomas OliphantLondon c1790; six other George III teaspoons (11) 140gr

SIL 40/50

WOMBELLS Antiques & Fine Art Auctioneers Tel: 01904 790777Northfield Business Park, Northfield Lane, Upper Poppleton, YORK, YO26 6QU

Printed on 05/01/2019BOOK (Books & ephemera), CER (Ceramics & glass), COL (Collectables), FURN (Furniture), MIL (Militaria)MISC (Miscellaneous), PIC (Pictures & prints), SIL (Silver, jewellery and plated ware), TEXT (Textiles & clothing)

Lot Description Category EstimatesLow/High

37 Two pairs of Georgian table spoons. 260gr. SIL 70/80

38 Two sets of six silver teaspoons, three fiddle pattern teaspoons, two silver table forks. 440gr SIL 110/130

39 A George III fish server, silver having green stained ivory handle, London 1783, maker's mark rubbed. 305mm long / 110gr gross

SIL 40/50

40 A silver two handled presentation cup Sheffield 1910, bearing the inscription ''Presented to MrsAdamson by the inhabitants of Balmullo as a mark of respect on leaving Balmullo Farm, Balmullo 10thNov. 1911''. 780gr / 290mm across handles

SIL 230/250

41 A cased set of six silver napkin rings each engraved with initial ''C'', early 20th cent. 165gr SIL 60/80

42 A pair of Victorian fiddle pattern sauce ladles. 125gr / 180mm long SIL 30/40

43 A pair of George III old english pattern silver salt spoons having shell-shaped bowls, London 1789,97mm; two single salt spoons, a mustard spoon, two master butter knives, a pickle fork, a sifter spoonGeorge III and later. 115gr weighable.

SIL 50/60

44 A silver caddy having hinged lid, marks rubbed. 110mm tall / 170gr SIL 50/70

45 A silver covered cigar box bearing inscription ''Presented to - J.W. Graham Esq - by the members of theAnglo-American Club - Sao Paulo - as a token of appreciation - of his services in the transfer of theclub's premises - September 1930''. 225 x 305mm

SIL 100/150

46 A white metal brass and hardwood cigarette case having Indian motif panels to lid & sides, these a/f &worn through, 120 x 80mm; a hardwood box having white metal covered lid; two white metal caddyspoons; a set of four white metal shell-shaped ashtrays; a white metal pot.

SIL 60/80

47 A silver inkwell pen stand, lid detached. 180mm wide / 110gr SIL 40/50

48 A silver & hardwood photograph frame, 170 x 110mm total; a silver ashtray, a silver bon-bon dish. 120gr weighable.

SIL 70/90

49 WITHDRAWN Four table forks together with three matching table spoons, continental white metalmarked MH 900S. Forks 206mm / spoons 210mm.

SIL 100/150

50 WITHDRAWN A silver cased scent bottle; an Arts & Crafts influence silver sifter spoon; a George IIIbright cut sugar tongs; a white metal spoon marked ''Silver''. (4)

SIL 50/70

51 WITHDRAWN A pair of cast silver place card holders; two similar single place card holders. (4) SIL 50/70

52 WITHDRAWN single silver place card holder decorated with a pair of perched owls. 35mm tall SIL 20/30

53 A cabriole legged fitted canteen case containing an extensive part twelve place canteen of cutlerymarked ''Eberle Prata 800''. incomplete

SIL 1500/2000

54 A leather cigar / card case having continental white metal corners. SIL 30/40

55 A Tudor Rolex Advisor gent's watch having alarm complication and silvered small rose dial, in steelcase on steel Rolex Oyster bracelet c1960s. 33mm across

SIL 200/300

56 An Omega Seamaster Quartz gent's bracelet watch, stainless steel having Omega cal.1342 movement. 35mm across

SIL 40/60

57 An Omega Geneve ladies wristwatch having manual wind movement in a 9ct gold case on a non-Omega 9ct gold bracelet, 21mm across. Presented in original Omega red leather clam shell case. 23grgross

SIL 150/200

58 A Rolex wristwatch having Rolex signed 15 jewel manual wind movement in a silver fixed lug cushioncase having a guilloche enamel dial. 29mm across. A/F

SIL 80/120

59 Two Rolex ladies 9ct gold wristwatches, early 20th cent both a/f. (2) SIL 180/200

60 A Tissot PRC 200 gent's quartz chronograph bracelet watch, boxed with papers & guarantee card. 39mm across case.

SIL 120/150

61 A Buren Super Slender Automatic 9ct gold gent's wristwatch c1960, in original Buren Grand Prix box,32mm across; a Smith's 17 jewel manual wind gent's wristwatch c1950, 33mm across

SIL 70/90

62 A Stima chronograph watch having Landeron manual wind movement in a yellow metal fixed lug casemarked 750. a/f - case back dented. 35mm across

SIL 140/180

63 A UWECO Geneve mid-sized wristwatch having an unsigned manual wind movement in a chromeplated case having a steel back, 30mm; a Marvin mid sized wristwatch having Marvin manual windmovement in a 9ct gold case, 29mm. (2)

SIL 80/100

64 A Rotary wristwatch having a manual wind movement in 9ct gold case, 31mm; two Accuristwristwatches in gold plated cases (3)

SIL 70/90

65 A Roamer mid-sized cushion cased wristwatch, 28mm; a similar unsigned watch, 28mm. SIL 80/120

66 A Rotary wristwatch having a manual wind movement in a 9ct yellow and white gold rectangular case,28mm; a wristwatch of similar design in a white metal case bearing German 925 markings, 25mm.

SIL 70/90

67 A Summit Automatic wristwatch in a gold plated compressor case, 33mm; an ''Acme Lever'' wristwatchhaving a 15 jewel manual wind movement in a 9ct gold fixed lug case, 32mm. (2)

SIL 70/90

68 Three mid sized 9ct gold cushion cased wristwatches, each c.28mm diameter. SIL 130/150

69 Three mid-sized 9ct gold cushion cased wristwatches, each approx 28mm SIL 130/150

WOMBELLS Antiques & Fine Art Auctioneers Tel: 01904 790777Northfield Business Park, Northfield Lane, Upper Poppleton, YORK, YO26 6QU

Printed on 05/01/2019BOOK (Books & ephemera), CER (Ceramics & glass), COL (Collectables), FURN (Furniture), MIL (Militaria)MISC (Miscellaneous), PIC (Pictures & prints), SIL (Silver, jewellery and plated ware), TEXT (Textiles & clothing)

Lot Description Category EstimatesLow/High

70 A wristwatch having manual wind movement in a trench type case of yellow metal bearing Swiss 18kmarks, 30mm; a trench type wristwatch in silver half hunter type case, 30mm (2)

SIL 120/150

71 A wristwatch having an unsigned 16 jewel manual wind movement in a 9ct gold ''trench'' style case, diala/f cracked, 31mm; another trench style wristwatch having a 15 jewel movement with a black & whiteenamel dial in a gold plated case, one lug a/f, 32mm. (2)

SIL 70/90

72 A West End Watch Co Extra watch having a manual wind movement in a trench type case marked 14kt. 33mm; a wristwatch in a silver trench type case, 33mm (2)

SIL 80/100

73 Two 9ct gold trench cased wristwatches, a/f. SIL 120/150

74 A mid sized wristwatch in a 9ct gold tonneau shaped case, 25mm; three ladies strap watches. (4) SIL 100/120

75 Five various ladies wristwatches. SIL 140/160

76 Seven various gent's watches incl Bulova, Accurist, Ingersoll. SIL 40/60

77 A ladies wristwatch having manual wind movement in a 15ct gold circular case with an enameled halfhunter face, the whole on a yellow metal expanding bracelet marked 18ct, 22gr gross; a fob watchhaving yellow metal cased back marked 18k.

SIL 250/300

78 A Smith's 21 Jewel gent's wristwatch in a 9ct gold case, 32mm; a ladies 9ct gold cased wristwatch; twowhite metal cased ladies pocket watches one suspended on a white metal neckchain (4)

SIL 100/150

79 A collection of wristwatches incl Casio steel chronograph, Casio Wave Ceptor, Timex Ingiglo ChronoAlarm, Hugo Boss, Flik Flak etc.

SIL 50/70

80 A Kay's Keyless Triumph pocket watch having a Swiss lever movement in a silver open case on a silverchain; a silver fob, three pairs of gents cufflinks.

SIL 60/80

81 A loose brilliant cut white stone, approx 5mm diameter SIL 200/250

82 Costume jewellery incl a Victorian mourning brooch SIL 20/40

83 An open-work pendant set with seed pearls around a central blue stone (abraded) yellow metal marked9ct, the whole on a neck chain of mixed link design, unmarked. Pendant 35mm / chain 1240mm

SIL 150/200

84 A cluster ring, yellow metal marked 18 set with a principal oval cut red stone surrounded by eightbrilliant cut white stones. Size N 1/2 / head 11 x 10mm oval / red stone approx 4.5 x 3mm oval.

SIL 150/200

85 A daisy cluster ring, yellow metal the head set with nine brilliant cut white stones, the shoulders eachset with a rose cut white stone. Principal stone 4.5mm diameter / head 10mm diameter / size P 1/2.

SIL 700/900

86 A daisy cluster ring, 18ct gold the head set with a principal brilliant cut red stone surrounded by sixbrilliant cut white stones, the shoulders each set with a brilliant cut red stone. Principal stone approx3.25mm / head 10mm / size Q 1/2.

SIL 400/500

87 A memorial ring incorporating with a polished black tone set with the initial ''A'', yellow metal; amoonstone solitaire ring, yellow metal marked 9ct; an opal double solitaire ring, yellow metal. (3)

SIL 60/80

88 Five various signet rings, a gate bracelet, various chains and pendants etc. SIL 220/280

89 A floral spray brooch, yellow and white metal marked 9ct & Plat set with three clusters of five pale bluearound a principal brilliant cut white stone (one principal stone a/f) with two small white stones acrossthe bow. Principal stones approx 3.25mm diameter / clusters approx 11mm / 48mm long.

SIL 200/300

90 A circular ring brooch, 9ct gold bearing British import marks and marker ELd the whole set with sevenpearls. 30mm diameter / 5gr gross

SIL 60/80

91 A hinged bangle, 18ct gold having Greek Key design decoration. 8gr / 65mm diameter across hinge &clasp

SIL 140/160



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