Wonder by RJ Palacio - Amazon S3 Wonder by RJ Palacio 1. Pre-Reading Look at the book cover and the

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Text of Wonder by RJ Palacio - Amazon S3 Wonder by RJ Palacio 1. Pre-Reading Look at the book cover and the

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    Wonder by RJ Palacio

    1. Pre-Reading

     Look at the book cover and the picture used. What do you think they

    mean? How do they make you feel about the book?

     Research Treacher-Collins syndrome and write down 5 facts about it in

    your book log.

     Look at page 3, where it says: For Russell, Caleb, and Joseph. Who do

    you think they are? What is this line meant?

     Look at the first page, where it says: “This is a work of fiction. Names,

    characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author's

    imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons,

    living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental”

     Why do you think this is written? What do the words: fiction, incidents,

    product of imagination, fictitiously, resemblance, coincidental – mean?

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    2. Part 1 Ordinary, pp. 10-11

     Why are we not told immediately what Auggie looks like?

     What do we learn about: Auggie’s mother/Auggie’s friends?

     In what ways was August ordinary? In what ways wasn’t he?

     Who is Via? What is her full first name?

    Vocabulary: ordinary one word (in English) that means: “make the other kids run

    away screaming” Look away thing to take it back……. Another word for “for

    instance” What do we infer from the passage –

    This is the quote that appears at the beginning of August’s chapter. What does it mean?

    doctors have come from distant cities just to see me

    stand over my bed disbelieving what they're seeing

    They say I must be one of the wonders of god's own creation

    and as far as they can see they can offer no explanation

    3.Why I didn’t go to school + How I came to life (pp/ 11-13)

     Why did people think August hadn’t gone to school until the 5 th grade?

     What did August say was the real reason he didn’t go to school?

     When August was delivered – what did the doctor who delivered him do?

    Vocabulary: try to explain the meaning of the words in English: petrified,

    surgery/surgeries To figure out, to home-school, illustrator, fairy/fairies,

    mermaids, weird mushroom-shaped robot, to bump into one another , to

    crack up, “a walk in the park”, to run special tests, delivery room, to fart,

    Cleft palate, blood pressure, excuse me, cranky, grumpy, hysterical.

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    4.Christopher’s house + Driving (pp. 13-18)

     Why didn’t August want to go to school?

     What did his father mean when he used the expressions “lamb to the slaughter”?

     Who was for and who was against Augie going to school, and why

     What did his father compare his going to school? Why?

     How did he feel when he learned that his parents were preparing for middle school

    for him for several months already?

     How did his father cheer him up while they were talking about going to school?


    I was really bummed, case closed, to shrug, fractions, babyish, to

    squeeze her hand, to drool, to avoid situations, a lamb to the slaughter,

    admissions process, to get worked up, in hindsight, rear-view mirror, a

    challenge, to hatch out of an egg, to page someone, tush, rear-end,

    5.Paging Mr. Tushman + Nice Mrs. Gracia + Jack Will, Julian and

    Charlotte (pp. 18-24)

     On P7, what do you notice about how Auggie describes his family’s appearance?

    Why is this significant?

     What did Mrs. Garcia do that no one else notice except for Augie?

     Why did he like her? When did he like her most?

     Why did Augie grow his bangs so long?

     Who knew what he was feeling and was scared about it? How do you know? Copy

    the suitable sentence.

     August goes on a tour of the school and meets three children. In your opinion – who

    will turn out to be a bully? Why do you think so?

     How would you describe the kid’s reaction to Augie in homeroom?

     What did the two boys do when they shook hands with him?

     What do you think of Mr. Tushman? Explain your answer.

    Vocabulary: giggly, to speak up, to mumble, electives, accusing voice, a

    firm grip, my combination, a late pass, to imitate, to interrupt, to exaggerate,

    literary, bangs, the in and outs of the school

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    6.The grand tour + The performance Space ( pp. 24-29)

     How did Julian act when August was taking the tour or the school?

     When August didn’t seem to have much to say, what did Jack Will ask him?

     What rude questions did Julian ask August?

    Vocabulary: strict, incubator, eraser, smirk, take attendance, to roll

    your eyes, auditorium, aisle, audience, back drops, dorks, obnoxious,

    to dare me, jerk, to insist, to stumble

    7. The deal + Home + First day Jitters + Locks (pp.29-37)

     What was August’s signal to Mom that he had enough?

     What lie did he tell his mother?

     How do people react when they first see Auggie? How does he feel about this?

     Why did Henry sit next to August?

     Who was the only kid who would sit with August the first day of school?

     Empathy Writing: (be ready, you might have to hand it in)

     Write Auggie’s diary entry after his first visit to the school. Think carefully about the

    mixture of emotions he is feeling.


    Baby chick, to donate, to lose track of time, a bit of a schlep, Pigeons,

    to reverse side, to roam around, stroller, locks, seating chart, class

    schedule, forewarned, to resist, to be frustrated, to curse under your

    breath, to be annoyed,

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    8. Around the room + Lamb to the slaughter + Choose kind (pp.


     How do people react when they first see Auggie? How does he feel about this?

     Why is Auggie like a “lamb to the slaughter”?

     What is a precept?

     What is significant about Mr Browne’s first precept?

     Think of a precept your own – explain why you chose it

     How did August know Julian was being disrespectful to him when he introduced

    himself to class?

     What was Mr. Browne percept was? What was his September percept?


    To pursue a dream awesome lamb to the slaughter braid Padawan

    apprentice to slide under the desk, recess, to be deformed, to shrivel, to

    doodle, precept, quote, to motivate, essay, plaque, to face someone

    9. Lunch (pp. 42-45)

     9pp/ 47-What was the matter with the way August ate?

     What did Summer answer her friend about the lunch table she and August were

    sitting at?

     What can you tell about Summer’s character – from her behaviour towards August?


    No seat-saving allowed, tray, to concentrate, aluminium-wrapping, roof of

    my mouth, cleft palate, tortoise, prehistoric, crowded, hand cupped over

    your mouth, exception, thumbs up

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    10. One to ten + Padawan + Wake me up when September ends


     Describe Auggie’s attitude to the reactions of the other children. What does this tell

    us about him?

     Why does August use a simile to compare himself and Summer to Beauty and the

    Beast ?

     Why was the first month so difficult for August?

     In what way is Mr. Browne’s percept relevant to August’s situation?

     Why does August cut off his Padawan? Why does Via get so upset because of it?


    Scale of one to ten jaw surgery to be wired shut to insert bandages to adjust

    sore throat, backpack, Beauty and the Beast to snuggle with to wink never a dull

    moment to be/feel relieved enchanted stream to sneak peeks contagious to

    suspect unsuspecting to elbow someone pimples

    11. Jack Will + Mr. Browne’s October Percept + Apples +

    Halloween (pp.52-56)

     What do you think of Auggie’s explanation of the October precept?

     Why does Auggie love Halloween so much?

     How, do you think, Auggie feels when Summer tells him she can talk to him about

    everything? What does it show about her personality?

     What can you say about the 8th boy’s reaction when he bumps into August?

     Why do you think he is so passionate about Star Wars? Give reasons for why he

    identifies/aspires to be like these characters.


    To assign seats, incredible, coincidence, to dust me, sundials, squirt gun,

    to attach, slime, slug, deeds, monuments, tombstone, assignment, to

    outlast, mortality, teensy-weensy, impatient,