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Article timing is perfect, naturally Your articleon natural-edgefurniture("HowtoWorkWith Natural-EdgeSlabs",issue212,July2012,page34)arrivedat myhousewithperfect timing.Ihad justbegun workona natural-edgecoffeetableforourden,and thearticleservedas anenormous inspirationto presson and finish the project. I logged somehardhourswith thebelt sander andhad todoa littlehead-scratchingwhenitcametosizingand levelingthe support brackets,but I'mpleasedwiththewayitturnedout. -Stephen Warmoth,Tallahassee, Fla. I Stephen built this coffee table from a slab of century-old, water-reclaimed cypress, bolted to brackets of 3/,,' steel atop a bandsawn cypress base. All wood parts were finished withfour coats of tung oil, sanding betweencoats with a 220-grit sponge. Forgotten glasspanelbecomescenterpiece Last summer,myhusband andIdiscovered in storagea stained-glasswindowthathad oncebeenbuiltintoa wallof ourcentury-old historichomein downtownChicago. Rather thanundertakethemajor workof building itbackintothe wall,wesolicitedmyuncle,Brad Townsend,to construct an 4 illuminateddisplay.Hebuiltthesolid mahogany caseshownherethat reflects thearchitectural linesofour home,and equippeditwithapanelof LED lights,a light diffuser, anddimmer switch.Thecase turnedoutbeautifully,andis as mucha workof art asthe glass panelitholds. -Kim Danahy Chicago Brad assessed the architectural details of the home-both inside and outbefore settling ona design that drew upon the dentil work and large pillars on the home's faade. Honoring veterans one urn at a time A few months ago,Isaw a news report about a veteran who'd beenburiedina cardboardbox.Dismayedatthis treatment ofoneofour nation'swarriors,Isuggested totheWoodcraftersClubof Tampa-of whichI'mpresident-that wemake anddonatecremation urnstofamilies unabletobuyonefor their fallenlovedone.We'vesincemadeseveralurns likethose shown here.Ihopemyfellow woodworkerswill offer their skills and serviceina similar way. -Tom Jones,Land 0' Lakes, Fla. Fordetails,or to makea donation,visit theWoodcraftersClubof Tampaat tampawoodcrafters.org. Article Updates iPad Holder Inissue214 (October2012), theexploded-view drawingon page 61 should show the rails(C)andtop stiles (D)as sM'thick before cuttingaW'-deep rabbet for the panel. Architectural Box -WOODEditors Inissue217(March2013),Drawing 2onpage60 should showthedimensionfromtheendofthesides(A)tothedado for thefeet(B)as1/". StudyDesk Inissue217,thecuttingdiagramon page30 should showa 48x48"sheetofoakplywood and asecond drawer bottom(T). Dust Collectors Inissue218(May2013),thechartonpages62-63should show(T)Taiwanas thecountryofassemblyforallmodels excepttheOneidaV- System 3000.Thesteelinthe GrizzlyG0440is theheaviestgaugeinthetest.PennState's TEMP142SS comes standard witha.3-micron filter,3S-gallon chip-collection bin,andawall-mounting kit.. WOOD magazineJuly 2013 Shop Ti pS Helping you work smarter faster and safer Big jig keeps face frames flat and square Whenassemblingatall,narrow face framefor a bookcase, Iknewanassemblyjigwouldhelp keep itsquareandflat. Lookingaroundtheshop,IfoundjustwhatIneededto build sucha jig:anold dooranda sheetofperforatedhardboard. Tomakethejig,firstscrewthehardboardtothedoor.Drill pilot holescenteredinthewidthofthe hardwoodcleatsand screwthoseto thedoor,aligningthescrewswiththehardboard's perforations,as shown.Tousethejig,clamptheframe partstothecleatsasyouglueupthe assembly. Thecleats canbemoved easilyfornewprojects,andthe doorcanbetuckedagainstthewalluntilneededagain. -Edouard Piche, Troy, Mich. For sending this issue's Top Shop np, Edouard receives Jet AFS1000B 3Speed Air _______ Fitration System worth $370. ..We chose our favorite Shop Tipnow choose yours! Vote onlne now at woodmagazine.comlshoptipofheyear. Face frame

HAVE A WOOD-WORTHY TIP? Tell us how you've solved a workshop stumper.lf we print your tip, you'll receive up to$150. And, if the ideagarners TopShop Tip honors, we'll also reward you with a tool prize from JetTools worth at least $300! Send your best ideas, along with photos or drawings and contact info, to shoptips@woodmagazine.comor Shop Tips, WOOD magazine, 1716 Locust St., LS-221, Des Moines, IA 50309-3023. WDREAMMACHINE GIVEAWAY! Win woodworking machines worth more than $5,000 1f from Jet Tools! " . . Go online today,and you could be enjoying all of the Jet machines shown at left by the end of this summer!Visit woodmagazine.com/jetdreammachines to sign up. Enter every day, if you like, 'f.... -1 to increase your chances of winning! Because we try to publish original tips, please send yours only to WOOO magazine. Sorry, submitted materials can't be returned.NO PURCHASE NECESSARYTO ENTER OR WIN. Subject to Ofcial Rules at www.woodmagazine.com/jetdreammachines.TheJet Dream Machine Giveaway begins at 12:01a.m. Con 01/07/13 and ends at 11:59 p.m. L1on 6/26/13. Open to legal residents of the 0United States, and the District of Columbia, 21 years or older. Limit one (1) entry perperson and per e-mail address per day. Void where prohibited.Sponsor: Meredith Corporation. 6continuedon page 8 Shop Tips Planer stand sets up quick, rolls away for easy storage With limited roominmyshop,I neededtostowmyplaneroutof the way,butin such awayasto makegetting itoutof storage and settingit uponapairof sawhorses relativelypainless. SoIbuilta framefrom2x4 and 2x6lumberwith2"swivelcasters,as shown, and mounted myplanerto it.Because my foldingsawhorses weredesigned tohold2x4s as sacrificialtoprails,theframedrops rightin,keepingtheplanersecure duringuse.Ifyour sawhorses don't havethis feature,justclamp the framein place forstability.When finished withtheplaner,setthe frameonthe floorand roll it smoothlyintostorage. woodmagazine.com -Carl Byrns, Liverpool, N. Y continued on page12 Plus Save $100 when you purchaseany S-series Tempestm cyclone! Use Code WOOD24 Call 1-800-37-7297toredeem Ofer expires 8/1/13. Ofer not valid online. Prices subject to change without notice. Nanofber eats the competition's dust! (FREE with any Tempest Cyclone!) 11 The best value in dust collectionis now the cleanest. Our Tempest Cyclone Dust Collectors now includeNanofber flters asaFREE upgrade(a$54 value). Industry leading,Merv15 rated Nanofber flters combinedwith our cyclonic separation process captures 99.98% of wood chips and dust particles to below1/2 micron. You achieve near surgical quality airandcleanertools,while practically eliminating dust clean up forever! In addition, Tempest Cyclones never clog, require almost no maintenance and come with a 5 year warranty. 2.5 HP-14S0CFM-$1095 3.5 HP - l700CFM - $1295 5.0 HP- 1800CFM - $1495 .2.0 HP - Portable1 02SCFM - $995 Ask about our solutions for smaller shops starti ngat ONLY$295. SAVE on any system you buy!PSIoffers a variety of discounts and offers on dust collectors too numerous tolist here.We're your complete resource for everything you need to get the job done right! To get the best deal on the system sized perfectly for your shop andnumber of tools, callBill at (21 S) 676-7606 x16. PennStateIndustries Top Quality, Great Prices andExpert Advice! 1-800-377-7297www.pennstateind.com Turn Your Single Stage Dust Collector into a Super Cvclonic Collector! The New Super DuSI DepUlvr No moreclogged filters! IntroductoryPrice (JS169.00 Cyclone Only Reg. $199.00 99%+ of waste endsup in drum. Newinnovativecyclonedesignseparates 99%+ of wood wastebeforethe filter.Helpsmaintainconsistent airflow. Retrofitsto single stage1/2hp to3hp dust collectors. Compact size:Approx.27"H x18"Dia. Inlet- 5" I Outlet - 6"- StaticDissipative Plastic Mode in USA Dust DeputvDeluxe t4$89.00 Tur your wet / d vacuum into a super cyclonic collector! Retrofits to any vac! See the entire fomily of Dust Deputy's on our website. Like Dust Collection Systems ond Components Since 1993. Call Today for FREE Catalog! 1.800.132A065 wn.oneido-oir.com Shop Tips Corner guards make cheap, slick slides Smalldrawersdon'tusuallyneedtosupport much weight, sowhymountexpensivesliding hardwaretothem?Instead, tryacrylic corner guardsused toprotectdrywall.Use high-strengthsprayadhesivetoattachthemto thecabinet's insides.Theyprovideaslippery,long-wearingsurface for thedrawerstorideon. Plastic wall corner guards -BillSeitz, LaPorte,Ind. Divide andconquer drawer clutter with magnetic organizers Whenbuildingdrawersformyworkbench,Iwantedto outfitthemwithdividersthatwouldholdthingsinplace andkeepcontentstidy,yetletmereconfigurethelayout easily.Mysolutionwastoinlaytwoparallel piecesofI;''key stock. Then,Ibuiltdividersbyepoxying rare-earth magnets intohardwoodstripsthesamedistanceapartasthekey stock.Now,Ican keep my toolsandsuppliesorganized in thedrawer regardlessoftheirsizeorshape. 12 -Kenneth Kokkeler, Eugene, Ore . Rare-earth magnets epoxied into hardwood divider WOOD magazineJuly 2013 I0 HD lK 0GIwDlK -ockedawayw|thapi|eofsawdust,thewoodworkerten stobeaso|itarycreature.Butwheredoyouturnwhenit'stimeto|earn,share,and]ustta|kshop/Woodworkersoftentellme,"I don'tknow anyotherwoodworkers inmyarea."It'sa commonproblembecausepart ofthe hobby'sappealisescapingfromtherest oftheworld.Butas ourskillsgrow,so doesthe desire toincrease ourknowledge.Althoughjust beinginthe shop provides muchtrial-and-errorexperience,mostof our"lessonslearned" havealreadybeendiscoveredmany times overby other woodworkers. Sohowdoyou find thoseelusive, solitarysouls,likeyourself?Chances are good there'ssomeone just downthe streetaskingthesamething.Toferret them out,trythesetips: Start online.Thethrivingcommunity ofwoodworkers engaged inforums, blogs,and social-media platforms(such asTwitter,Pacebook,andGoogle+) numbersomanythatyousimplycan't keepupwithall ofthem.Sofind a forumortwowhere youfeelcomfortable.Youmayrunintowoodworkers fromyour ownarea;ifnot,forum memberscanstillofferadviceand point youtocontacts. Connect through woodworking classes. Seekthem outata local trade school, woodworkingsupplystores,orany numberof woodworkingshowsaround thecountrytofind themosteager kindredspirits.