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  • 1. WordPress Themes for Beginners (non-programmers) Bonnie Vasko VaskoInteractive.com @vaskointeractv

2. Bonnie Vasko UI Developer at Comcast (until recently, that is) Developer at NetReach (maker of cmScribe cms) Freelance web developer @vaskointeractv 3. About this Talk: High Level Overview Not a code review Walk away with an understanding of Where to nd themes Paid vs. Free Parent / Child Themes Theme Frameworks Theme Structure 4. What is a theme? Its a way to your skin your site How your site looks How your site works Keeps the functionality separate from the core wordpress les 5. 3 Ways to Install a Theme 1 - Search and Install from the admin panel 2 - Upload a zip le from your computer, let wordpress decompress, and install 3 - FTP your theme to wp-content/themes 6. How to choose a theme Plan your site layout before choosing Not choose the theme, and follow that Think about what functionality you will need Have your site content planned Will you be using pages or posts Categories or tags social media integration 7. PAGES CATEGORIES JQUERY SLIDER WITH CUSTOM HTML RECENT POSTS SOCIAL MEDIA FEATURED CONTENT AREA PHOTO FEED 8. Where to get themes The WordPress Repository (Free) Smashing Magazine (free, updated annually) Woo Themes : High Quality Paid Themes: Woo Themes Theme Forest Many more.... 9. Parent / Child Themes A child theme inherits the functionality of the parent theme You can create a child of any theme Upgrade the parent theme without losing your changes Live Demo Child Theme Basics 10. Setting up a child theme (in 4 easy steps) Create a new folder, and add a style.css le Modify the child themes style.css header Import & override parent styles Optional step: Override parent theme templates 11. Theme Frameworks What is a framework? Gives you a starting point - styles and layout that are common to all themes are already set up 3 free frameworks: Hybrid, Thematic & Sandbox Advantages: Large community, widely used, open Paid frameworks: Thesis & Genesis 12. Template Files Template les are the building blocks of your WordPress site. They t together like the pieces of a puzzle to generate the web pages on your site. Some templates (the header and footer template les for example) are used on all the web pages, while others are used only under specic conditions. Header this is a template tag Footer Content The Loop Sidebar 13. REPRODUCED (WITH PERMISSION) FROM DIG INTO WORDPRESS BY CHRIS COYIER AND JEFF STARR 14. Theme Files REPRODUCED (WITH PERMISSION) FROM DIG INTO WORDPRESS BY CHRIS COYIER AND JEFF STARR 15. The Loop The Loop is used by WordPress to display each of your posts. Using The Loop, WordPress processes each of the posts to be displayed on the current page and formats them according to how they match specied criteria within The Loop tags. Any HTML or PHP code placed in the Loop will be repeated on each post. When WordPress documentation states "This tag must be within The Loop", such as for specic Template Tag or plugins, the tag will be repeated for each post. HTTP://CODEX.WORDPRESS.ORG/THE_LOOP