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  • Workbook answer key

    Unit1 All about youLesson A Hello and good-bye pp 2 - 3 A1. a. Hi2. a. Hello, Ted Nice to meet you.3. b. I m fine, thanks.4. a. See you later5. b. Bye. See you tomorrow.6. a. Good, thanks. How are you?

    B1. Jack Hello.

    Anna Hj,Jack Nice to meet you

    2. Julie How are you?Sonia 1 m fine

    3 . Mike Have a good evening.4 Joan Good night.

    Mary See you

    CJenny Good morning

    Sandra How Jenny Im fine / Fine / Good; How are you?

    Sandra Have Jenny You

    Lesson B Names pp. 4 - 5 Exercise 1namelastmiddlespellMrs.

    Exercise 2Answers will vary.

    Exercise 3 AReceptionist Are

    Mi Young am Receptionist re

    Sergio Am Receptionist are

    Sergio re Receptionist Are

    Sergio m Receptionist re: re

    BDavid Aie you Maria I'm not Maria Are vou David I am; Are we Maria we are

    Exercise 4Answers will vary. Possible answers may include1. Yes, I am / No, Im not.

    2. Yes, 1 am. I No. I m not.3. 1 m fine, thanks. / Fine, thanks / Good, thanks4. Yes, we are. / No. were not.5. Yes, I am. / No, I m not. / No, Im single.

    Lesson C Personal information pp 6 - 7 Exercise 1 Azero; one: two; three; four; five; six; seven; eight; nine: ten


    Exercise 2T O U C H S T O N E

    Exercise 3Its Brokaw. / Brokaw. / My last names Brokaw.My first name is Mark. I Its Mark / Mark.My middle initial is A / Its A. / A.My e- mail address is / Its / (tele)phone number is 740 555 2968. 1 Its 740-555-

    2968. / 740 555-2968.Yes. Im an English student. / Yes, I am. / Yes.My (English) teachers name is Mrs. Roberts. / Her name is

    Mrs. Roberts. / Its Mrs Roberts. / Mrs. Roberts

    Exercise 4Answers to the questions will vary. Possible answers may include1. A What s your name?

    B My name is Elizabeth Ramos. / Its Elizabeth Ramos. / Elizabeth Ramos.

    2. A Whats your telephone number?B My telephone number is 555-8422.! Its 555-8422 /

    555 8422. / My phone number is 555-8422. / My number is 555-8422.

    3. A Whats youi e-mail address?B My e mail address is / Its / A What's your English teachers name?

    B My lEnglish) teachers name is Mr, Gold / It's Mr Gold. / Mi. Gold

    Lesson D Are you here for the concert? pp 8-9 Exercise 11. Ali Hi; How are you doing?

    All Pretty good.

    T-242 Workbook answer key

  • Ali Yeah Ali thanks

    2. Clerk Good evening.Joe Thank you.

    3. Kate Hello.; Nice to meet you.Sally Yes: How about you?Sally Good bye.

    Exercise 2 AA Hi. How are you doing?B Fine, thanks. / Good, thanks. / Pretty good, thanks. I

    OK, thanks.A Fine / Good. I OK. I Pretty good B Yeah

    A YeahB Thanks. Bye. / Thanks. See you / Thanks See you later. A Bye. / See you later. / See you.

    B2,7, 4, 5, 3, 1,6A Hello.B Hi.A How aie you doing?B OK.A Are you here for the concert?B Yeah. I am How about you?A Yeah me toe.

    Unit 2Jn classLesson A Classmates pp. 10-11Exercise 1A1. is; Hes 4.2. are; They re 5.3. is; Shes 6.

    B1. A Is

    B No, hes not.2. A Are

    B Yes, they are.3. A Is

    B No. she s not4. A Is

    B Yes, he is.5. A Are

    B No, theyre not.6. A Is

    B Yes, she is.

    Exercise 2Silvia areSilvia IsJason s not ; 'sSilvia IsSilvia Are

    8. A Luis, AnaB Yes, they are / No, theyre not.

    Jason re not; re: re Silvia s; s; s

    Exercise 3Answers will vary Possible answers may include:

    Lesson B Whats in your bag? pp 12- 3 Exercise 1I a pen2. a textbook3. a snack4. a wallet5. a dictionary6. an umbrella7. a bag8. a pair of glasses9. an address book

    Exercise 21 This is a bag2. These are pens3. This is a cell phone.4. These are glasses.

    Exercise 31. Ms. Simms Whats

    Clerk its Clerk this

    2. Erica this; IsJim it Jim What

    Erica thevre3. Bob these

    Jill they re Bob they

    10. a credit card11. keys12. a notebook13. an eraser14. a watch15. a pencil16. an MP3 player17. a cell phone

    5. This is an umbrella.6. This is a notebook.7. These are dictionaries.8. This is an eraser

    1. A Paul Jill IsB Yes. he is. Bob it

    2. A Joseph. Paula Jill theseB Yes, they arc / No, they're not.

    3. A Sam Lesson C In the classroom pp 14-15B Yes, he is. / No, he's not Exercise 1

    4. A Claudia, Ines AB Yes. they are / No. theyre not 1 aboard 7. some videos

    5. A la son. Lisa 2 some posters 8 a wastebasketB Yes. they are. / No. theyre not 3 a CD player 9 some chairs

    6. A Margaret 4 a clock 10. a deskB Yes, she is. / No, shes not. 5. a computer 11 a map

    7. A Connie 6. a TV 12 a calendarB Yes, she is. / No, shes not.

    Workbook answer key T-243

  • B

    Exercise 2 A1. on 5. in2. on 6. on3. under 7. in front of4. in 8. next to

    B1. Where's the teachers desk?2. Where's the closet? / Where is the closet?3. Where are the dictionaries?4. Where s the CD player? / Where is the CD player?5. Where are the students papers?6. Wheres the calendar? / Where is the calendar?

    Exercise 31. Whats your English teacher's name?2. What are your friends names?3. What s on the wall in your classroom?4 Wheres your teacher now?

    Answers to the questions will vary. Possible answers may include:1. My English teachers name is Mr. Sachs. / Its Mr.

    Sachs. / Mr. Sachs.2. My friends names are Felix, Sylvia, and Sam. I Theyre

    Felix, Sylvia, and Sam. / Felix, Sylvia, and Sam.3. Some posters are on the wall vin my classroom,. / Some

    posters.4. Shes I He's in class fnow). / Hes I Shes at home 'now,.

    Lesson D Whats the word for this in English? pp. 16-17Exercise 11. Callie Excuse me

    Callie Can I borrowBob Here you go.Bob You're welcome.

    2. Ruby pleaseMillie Sure.; Sorry.Ruby Thanks anyway

    Millie Whats the word for this in English?3. Yuri How do you spell

    Yuri Thanks.

    Exercise 21. 2, 1, 3

    A You're late.B Im sorry.A Thats OK.

    2. 2,3, 1,4A Can I borrow your pen, please? B Sure.A Thank you.B Youre welcome.

    3. 4. 5. 3, 2. 1A Whats the word for this?B Im sorry I dont know.A Thats OK. What about this?B I don't know.A Thats OK. Thanks anyway.

    Unit 3 Mvorik peopleLesson A Celebrities pp 18-19 Exercise 1 A1. singer 7. show2. actor 8. sport3. writer 9. fan4. team 10. movie5. player 11. artist6. band


    .1s 1

    s U 03 W P "T.....

    V 04

    s I V\ 3 e V5.

    c \ F F c \ w

    &Y> V e 0B

    C \ c F

  • Exercise 21. Shes; Her 4. My; your2. We re; our 5. Theyre; their3. Hes; His 6. She s; Her

    Exercise 3Alicia 's Norah m: is Norah re Alicia are is; s

    Lesson B People we know pp. 20-21 Exercise 11. quiet, shy2. strict3. smart 4 busy5. tired6. lazy7. friendly / outgoing; outgoing / friendly8. fun / interesting; interesting / fun

    Exercise 2Carrie Am

    Josh re not; re Carrie Are

    Josh am; is, s not Josh are. Are

    Carrie are; re; re Josh Are

    Carrie re not; is Josh Is

    Carrie s not; s not. s

    Exercise 31. My neighbors aren't very nice.2. My best friend isn't a student.3. I 'm not very shy.4. The students in my class aren t very smart.5. My English class isnt easy.6. My teacher isnt very quiet.

    Exercise 41. Are

    Yes. I am I m very outgoing. / No. I m not. Im not outgoing.

    2. IsYes, he / she is. Hes / Shes very lazy, / No, hes / she's not. Hes / Shes not lazy.

    3. IsYes. it is. Its very hard. / No, it's not Its not hard.

    4. AreYes. they are Theyre very smart. / No, theyre not They le not smart

    5. IsYes, she / he is. Shes / Hes a lot of fun. / No, shes / he's not Shes / Hes not fun.

    6. AreYes, they are. Theyre very nice. / No. they're not.They re not nice.

    7. AreYes. I am Im very tired todav. / No. I m not. Im not tired today.

    8. AreYes, we are. Were very busy after class. / No, we're not. Were not busy after class.

    Lesson C Family pp 22-23 Exercise 11. son 7. parents2. father 8. mother3. wife 9. husband4 children 10. daughter5 sister 11. grandmother6 brother 12. grandfather

    Exercise 21. sixty-five 5 sixteen2. eleven 6. ninety-one3. twenty-four 7. fifty-six4. fifteen 8. seventy-seven

    Exercise 31 How are your children?2 What are your parents names?3 How old is your grandfather?4 Whats your mother like?5. Wheres your father from?6. How old is your best friend?Answers to the questions will vary. Possible answers include:1 They're OK2 Maria and Pedio.3. Hes 57.4 Shes very friendly and outgoing.5. Hes from New York.6. Hes / Shes 22.

    Exercise 41. How is Kate?2. Whos 1 Who is her mother?3. What are her parents like (at home)?4. Whats / What is her favorite band?

    Lesson D This is a friend of mine, pp 2 4 - 2 5Exercise 11. What are they like?

    Where are they from?Are they good?Are they friendly?

    2. Where is she from?From Chile?How old is she?An actor? Is she good?

    Exercise 2Answers will vary. Possible answers may include1 Really? What s she like?2 Really? A singer? Is he good?3. Really? How old is he?4 Alaska? Wow' What s Alaska like?5. Oh, interesting. Is she a good teacher?6. Really? Is it interesting?7. Really? Is she a painter?8. Really? Where are you from?

    Workbook answer key T-245

  • Unit I E v e r y dLesson A In the morning pp. 2 6 - 2 7 Exercise 1 A1. gets up; gets up2. exercises; plays3. listens

    B1. Kathys son doesnt get up early.2. Kathy doesn t check her e-mail before breakfast.3. Kathy and her son dont talk a lot in the morning.4. Kathy's son doesnt do his homework.5. Kathy and her boss don't eat breakfast together.6. Kathys boss doesnt play computer games.

    Exercise 2have; get up. work; studies; does; help; doesnt talk; listens, sings,