World Cup Betting - Will Portugal win the World Cup?

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The FIFA World Cup celebration has kicked off and soccer fans are out in full force, screaming themselves hoarse as they cheer their favorite team.


  • Will Portugal win the World Cup?

    The FIFA World Cup celebration has kicked off and soccer fans are out in full force,screaming themselves hoarse as they cheer their favorite team. Well, dont expect thePortuguese fans to be lagging behind! Theyve thrown all their support behind their hometeam and are expecting great things from them this year. But is the Portuguese soccer teamcapable of winning the coveted trophy this year all World Cup betting fans want to know- or are fans expectations bound to meet disappointmentagain? Lets spend a little timeanalyzing the team to find out what its chances really are, for World Cup betting sakes!Though Portugal has been participating in the FIFA World cups since 1966, they areunfortunately yet to take the much desired cup home. Their best position was achieved in thesame year as their premier appearance when they made it to the semifinal stage and lost 2-1to England who went on to claim the cup that year. Portugal thus secured the third position.In the subsequent years, it only made it to the FIFA World Cup three times in 1986, 2002and 2006. They only managed a poor 17th and 24th position in 1986 and 2002 though theydid climb up to the 4th spot in 2006.Portugals attempt to qualify for this years World Cup got off to a poor start earning coachQueiroz more than his share of criticism. Portugals defeat to Denmark on home ground wasbad enough without the three draws that followed in their qualifying path. But, the teamrallied to notch up three consecutive wins in Albania followed by a victory over Bosnia (2-0)to book their spot in the much anticipated event. Theyve ended up with a spot in Group Gwith Brazil, Ivory Coast and South Korea.The Portuguese World Cup 2010 team under coach Carlos Queiroz consists of goal keepers,Beto, Daniel Fernandes and Eduardo; defenders Bruno Alves, Duda, Fabio Coentrao,Miguel, Paulo Ferreira, Pepe and Ricardo Carvalho, Ricardo Costa, and Rolando; Deco,Miguel Veloso, Pedro Mendes, Raul Meireles and Tiago as midfielders; Cristiano Ronaldo,Danny, Hugo Almeida, Nani, Liedson and Simao Sabrosa as strikers.The key stars in this lineup, without a doubt, include Ronaldo, Liedson and Pepe. Muchis expected of Ronaldo who failed to make it to the last three team matches on accountof injury. It might be recalled though, that Ronaldo wasnt successful at scoring in any ofthe qualifying matches that he did play. Having said that, Ronaldo isnt the worlds mostexpensive player for nothing! If he does what hes known for (read stunning free-kicks andmesmerizing goalscoring, coupled with skillful runs), theres much for their opponents tofear.

  • Liedson, now officially Portuguese, can be best remembered for the essential goal he scoredin the match against Denmark during the qualifying run-up. Liedson, who plays in theforward position, is looked upon as a scorer that Portugal can depend upon to deliver.Pepe, fellow team-mate of Ronaldo on the Real Madrid team, will be in the midfieldersposition. His importance cant be underestimated in terms of safe-guarding the back four, ashe so brilliantly showed in the teams qualifying match against Bosnia.While experts cant ignore the fact that Portugal has managed to qualify for all the WorldCups since 2002 as well as the Euro Cup events in 2000, 2004 and 2008, - France, Germany,Italy and Spain being the other countries however, their less than convincing path to theWorld Cup has given them enough reason to allow doubts to creep in. What almost allexperts seem to agree upon World Cup betting fans take heed - is the fact that Portugal isan underdog. In keeping with that and despite the fact that Portugal is ranked third, the oddsof their winning the World Cup are set at 25/1.Portuguese soccer fans can take heart however, from past experiences which show thatunderdogs have just as much of a chance to strike the right note and scale the pinnacles offame and glory as any other team.Where do you do your World Cup betting? Head over to the home ofWorld Cup betting.