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<ul><li><p>WORLD GEOGRAPHY 3200/3202 Unit 5 REVIEW</p><p>1. Activities that are associated with the extraction of raw materials are called</p><p>__PRIMARY INDUSTRIES____</p><p>2. The processing of natural materials into a usable form is called ___SECONDARY</p><p>PROCESSING____</p><p>3. This sector supports the primary and secondary sectors of the economy and is called</p><p>____TERTIARY SECTOR____</p><p>4. This sector is involved in highly specialized services such as research and software</p><p>development and is called ___QUATERNARY SECTOR____</p><p>5. A minimal change in a natural resource to make it saleable is called __CONDITIONING</p><p>PROCESS____</p><p>6. When a single resource is made into a number of different products, the manufacturing</p><p>process is known as __ANALYTIC PROCESS__</p><p>7. When a number of parts or materials are combined to create a product, this is called a</p><p>__SYNTHETIC PROCESS___</p><p>8. A type of manufacturing where humans are used more than machinery is called</p><p>__LABOUR INTENSIVE___</p><p>9. A set of statistics that indicate how many people are employed in each sector of the</p><p>economy and is a good indicator of development of a country is called</p><p>__EMPLOYMENT STRUCTURE___</p><p>10. A type of manufacturing where automation and large amounts of money are used for</p><p>equipment is called ____CAPITAL INTENSIVE___</p><p>11. A type of manufacturing that is based on outputs that are bulky and not intended for</p><p>consumer use is called __HEAVY INDUSTRY__</p><p>12. A type of manufacturing that where the outputs are not large in size and are developed for</p><p>the general consumer ___LIGHT INDUSTRY__</p><p>13. The increase in the value of a product brought about by the production process is called</p><p>__VALUE ADDED__ </p><p>14. An industry that tends to locate near their source of materials because there is a weight</p><p>loss in the production phase is called ___RESOURCE ORIENTED INDUSTRY_</p><p>15. An industry that locates itself near their markets because there is a weight gain in the</p><p>production of the goods is called ___MARKET ORIENTED INDUSTRY___</p><p>16. A pattern in which factories producing related products tend to locate close to each other</p><p>for mutual benefit is called ___AGGLOMERATING TENDENCY_</p><p>17. An indicator of development that uses the total production of all goods and divides by the</p><p>number of people in the country is called ____GNP PER CAPITA____</p><p>18. The age at which people in a given country are expected to live to is called ____LIFE</p><p>EXPECTANCY____</p><p>19. The ability of people to read is called ___LITERACY_____________</p></li><li><p>20. Classify the following as either light industry or heavy industry and capital or labour</p><p>intensive</p><p>Industry Labour intensive Capital intensive Light industry Heavy industry</p><p>making</p><p>shoes</p><p>X X</p><p>making</p><p>snowmobiles</p><p>X X</p><p>making</p><p>trains</p><p>X X</p><p>making</p><p>furniture</p><p>X X</p><p>making</p><p>trawlers</p><p>X X</p><p>making</p><p>clothing</p><p>X X</p><p>making</p><p>watches</p><p>X X</p><p>making steel X X</p><p>making</p><p>automobiles</p><p>X X</p><p>21. Indicate whether the following are made by a synthetic or analytic process</p><p>Product(s) Analytic Synthetic</p><p>making a light bulb X</p><p>making lumber and toothpicks from a tree X</p><p>making a computer X</p><p>making a desk X</p><p>building a house X</p><p>making mashed potatoes and french fries from</p><p>potatoes</p><p>X</p><p>making a motorcycle X</p></li><li><p>22. Refer to the following as either primary production, secondary production, tertiary sector</p><p>or quaternary sector</p><p>Activity Primary Secondary Tertiary Quaternary</p><p>cod nuggets X</p><p>french fries X</p><p>investment X</p><p>software design X</p><p>forestry X</p><p>paper X</p><p>research X</p><p>banking X</p><p>sales X</p><p>fishing X</p><p>gold X</p><p>mining X</p><p>information</p><p>technology</p><p>X</p><p>insurance X</p><p>farming X</p><p>23. Label the following as market or resource oriented industries</p><p>Product/activity Market oriented Resource oriented</p><p>soft drinks X</p><p>steel X</p><p>paper X</p><p>lumber X</p><p>beer X</p><p>poultry farm X</p><p>asphalt plant X</p><p>produce X</p></li><li><p>24. From the following stats indicate whether the country would be more developed or less</p><p>developed</p><p>country</p><p>(more or less</p><p>developed)</p><p>primary</p><p>sector</p><p>employment</p><p>per capita</p><p>GNP</p><p>life</p><p>expectancy</p><p>literacy persons per</p><p>telephone</p><p>LESS 80 % 1,100 52.6 56.6 % 753.9</p><p>MORE 6.6 % 18,700 78.1 97 % 2.2</p><p>MORE 3.4 % 20,100 78.1 99 % 1.1</p><p>LESS 89 % 4,000 49.9 64.2 % 350</p><p>LESS 79 % 8,000 56.5 71.2 % 212</p><p>MORE 9.1 % 16,200 71.2 85.3 % 11</p><p>MORE 4.2 % 19,300 76.4 89.9 % 3.2</p><p>LESS 88.3 % 7,212 53.2 42.3 % 156</p><p>LESS 65 % 12,325 59.2 71.1 % 64</p></li></ul>


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