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  • 1. This poster looks as if it was released in the easily stages of promotion, this is because there is no release date on the poster for the film. This is done to inform their target audience that there is a movie coming out and to get people couscous about what the film may be about, whos acting in it and when its coming out. I think this poster has done this which has made it effective. At the top of the poster there is a quote which gives us information on what the film may is about. Aside from the title name this quote is the main piece of information which tells the audience about the film and the genre. The quote used is very effective because it makes the reader start to question, who is they and why are they being killed and why are they so afraid. The quote works well with the image underneath. The image of the eye underneath corresponds with the quote. Although we cant see the rest of the face you can see that they is fear in the eye. This corresponds with theyre not afraid. They will never, ever be afraid.. This suggest that people are in danger, I'm aware that its more than one person (which I would I assumed because of the one eye in the middle of the page) because the pupil is a picture of the world. This shows that the whole world is in danger. The background is very plain and is a deep blood red colour but starts to get lighter as it gets closer to the eye. This gives like a halo effect around the eye which highlights the eye and makes it the centre point attracting the reader to the eye straight away when you look at the poster. The eye is the only image used on the poster and is very simple but detailed. It only uses two colours of red and black keeping with the colour scheme of the poster. Overall, the poster is very simple and is effective, it makes the reader ask question and want to find out more making them interested in the film. The colour scheme is black and red which has connotations of darkness, blood, death and love. The darkness of the red goes well with the black. Key information such as the title and the quote above are the thing which is in a different colour and also the only piece of writing on the poster. These pieces of information are in a off white colour which has a red tint to it which contrasts with the background

2. This poster would have been released a bit more closer to the time, such as around a months ahead. Im aware of this because it has the month of when the film will be released but does not have the actually day. The colour scheme of black and white is very basic and does not really tell me much about the film and doesnt draw my attention to it straight away. The title is placed at the darkest point of the image which makes the title stand out. The title is in white which stands out against the black and the Z is in red. This is the only thing on the poster which is not black or white so it stands out straight away. The colour red has connotations of danger and blood. Brad Pitt is the only actor which is mentioned on the poster and although we cant see an image of him it makes the reader aware that he is acting in the film. This is placed at the top of the poster to make the name clear. Having such a well established actor can attract people to want to watch the film because they are a fan of the actor or because they are known for acting in good films so people will assume that this film will also be good. The month of the film is put on the poster however the date is not there, this makes the reader look out for other adverts about the film in order to find out the date of when it comes out or research into the film to find out more. The title world war z gives the reader information on what the film may be about, its important to chose a suitable name for a film because it can tell the audience a lot about what the film may be about. From the name we can tell that the film is about a war which is shown in the image on the poster and it also informs the reader that war effects the world. The image shows the reader about what the film is about but it doesnt give away too much due of the simple image and the dark colour. It looks like a lot people are trying to run away from something by getting onto the military helicopter. There are so many people climbing on cars which have crashed that it doesnt look like humans but a hill until you look close. The background is a plain white colour so the reader cant see where the scene is set, leading the reader wondering. The image corresponds with the title, such as the word war which is reflected with the military helicopter. There are what looks like people dropping from the helicopter and trying to jump onto it. Although the image is in black and white we can still a lot of detail which allows the reader to see what may be going on. However, in this image you can not tell that in fact what looks like normal people trying to escape from something is in fact zombies which are trying to get on to the helicopter. The fact that what the image looks like is not actually what it is, is a good and a bad thing. It could be a good thing because the reader will be surprised when they watch the trailer/film and find out what it actually is about. But it could be a bad thing and lead to disappointment because the reader may have expectations of what the film is about and when they see the trailer be disappointed or confused. 3. This poster was likely to be released in the same month the film is set to be released, I'm aware of this because on the poster the month and date of when the film is going to be released is put on the poster and because of the amount od detail on the poster. The name of the main actor who is well known and has a good fan base is placed at the top of the poster to inform the reader that he is in the film. His name is in white to stand out against the blue sky. This encourage fans of the actor to want to watch the film to support him. The main actor who is Bard Pitt is also featured on the front cover, this is where the audience start to get an visual idea of the type of character he will be playing in the film. This poster is very detail and is very busy because the image fills the whole of the poster. This is because the poster needs to inform the readers as much as possible about the film to get their target audience to watch the film. The title is placed at the top instead of the bottom to contrast against the smoke coming from the building. This makes the title eye catching and emphasise the importance of the title. In this image it tells us a lot about the film and whats its about. This image shows the audience that the film may be about a family who is in danger and Brad Pitt plays the father who tries to protect or save them. I know this because of the way hes holding one of the girls who looks to be his daughter out of the way. You can also see that he is going to be the main character because his name is placed on the poster and he is also on the poster showing his importance in the film. In the far background behind the family there is disruption such as burning buildings and burning cars showing that there may be a war going on relating to the title. At the bottom of the poster are credits and more information about the film. There is also the iconic Facebook and Twitter logo which has the name of the page on that social networking site next to it so that the reader can find out more information on what's going on with film. Its important to be available on social sites like these because people are using these sites much more and this can help get the word out easier and it is also a free form of advertising At the bottom of the poster it says that the film is available to be watched in 3D and in 2D which widens the target audience to attract both those who prefer to watch their films in 3D and those who dont. 3D films have become very popular and is great for action films such as this. 4. Comparing all three of the posters together I can see a big different between all of them and I think this is because they were all released on different dates leading up to the film coming out in cinemas. The earlier the poster is released the less information put on the poster through images and text, this is to make sure that they keep the attention of their audience and build suspense. The amount of detail on the poster increases as it comes closer to the film release and builds up to the film, this keeps the audience interested. The first poster is very simple and you can barely tell what the film may be about, then with the second poster we start to see more detail and we start to see what the storyline may be about and when we get to the third one there is much more detail and we see the character in the film and see what the scene looks like. Its important to make sure each posters are completely different to keep the audience interested and wondering. Each poster has a completely different colour scheme and image used which builds an image of what the film is about. I think all three posters are effective and achieve what a film poster should do, such as inform and interest the reader. Although each poster clearly shows us that the film is about war, you cant actually tell that it has to do with zombies which I think they wanted to do to leave some information to be a surprise so the whole storyline is not told through the posters.