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  • SCHEDULE o Who We Are o New Board of Directors o How We Got Here o Mission Statement/Value Statements o News and Updates o PT One Presentation o Open Discussion o WPTA Awards Dinner 6:30-8:30 o Join us at the bar at Ricks Restaurant following the Dinner for continued networking with WI PP PTs
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  • WHO WE ARE A Private Practice Special Interest Group of the Wisconsin Physical Therapy Association, Inc. Our Objective is to: Establish & work toward the goals of the Private Practice Special Interest Group, and the WPTA. Promote the development of Private Practice in Physical Therapy Stimulate, encourage, promote and establish goals and priorities, and be able to carry them out within a reasonable time, with professional consultants or with our own membership.
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  • BOARD OF DIRECTORS Tim Thorsen resigning from the chair position Bryan Cummings Brett Roberts Amy Snyder Maria Zanoni Darrin Schober Lori Webster Dahl John Hendrickson
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  • HOW WE GOT HERE o Petition to start the PP-SIG ~Fall 2009 o February 2010- Proposed to the WPTA Board of Directors to Start SIG, Voted & Approved o Spring 2010- General Membership Voted Approval o August 2010- Organizational meeting in Milwaukee o By-laws approved by the WPTA BOD in April 2011 o May 2011-Elections for PPSIG Board of Directors o Summer/Fall 2011 BOD Planning meetings o BOD Meetings Monthly May 2011- Present Onsite Business Meetings at Fall/Spring Conference o Working with the WPTA following 2012 Governance Review to re-establish a Policy and Procedure Manual as well as a Memorandum of Understanding between our groups
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  • MISSION STATEMENT To foster growth, economic viability, sound business and clinical practices of physical therapist owned PT services for the benefit of the public, and to promote exclusive ownership of PT services by PTs in the State of Wisconsin.
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  • VALUE STATEMENTS o We value business practices that promote the development of small business private practice. o We value the promotion of reimbursement for services commensurate with physical therapy as a doctoring profession that is patient centric. o We value collaboration and alliances among private practices that fosters growth, and continued advocacy of individual practices.
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  • VALUE STATEMENTS o We value business model innovation that continues to promote private practice physical therapy and physical therapy as a doctoring profession. o We value our ability to work together; leveraging our groups purchasing volume to negotiate better rates on goods and services for the benefit of our members. o We value direct access and the consumers right to choose their physical therapist as their preferred provider of neuromuscularskeletal care, without barriers.
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  • PRIMARY GOALS o Primary Goal: A Unified Voice for Physical Therapy Private Practices in the State of Wisconsin o Networking/Membership Drive o Marketing/Public Relations o Education o Reimbursement o Legislation
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  • NETWORKING AND MEMBERSHIP Linked-in Network for Members, transitioning to website members only discussion group Creating the first ever master list of PT PPs in WI help wanted! WPTA Conference and PPS AC Networking Events Website and Blog: www.wptappsig.com PPSIG Email: info@wptappsig.cominfo@wptappsig.com Goal 2013: Double our membership each member brings 1 additional member
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  • MARKETING AND PUBLIC RELATIONS o Research current PP-SIGs in other states and their marketing campaigns, partner w/PPS and their marketing campaigns o Tri-State PPSIG Networking Event at PPS 2012 in Las Vegas, sponsored by PT One o Goal 2015: 6 Figure Statewide Media Campaign to promote PT PP Services and Direct Access
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  • EDUCATION PPSIG Continuing Education to Date Lynn Steffes-Community Based Marketing Rich Larsen-ACOs-Pros, Cons, and Action Steps Gwen Simmons-Games Payers Play, Using the Law to Get Paid John Wallace Management Tools for Outpatient PT Rich Larsen Evidence Informed Treatment of Chronic Low Back pain
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  • EDUCATION o WPTA Fall Conference 2013 Jeff Hathaway Justin Moore o Look for more webinars too!
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  • REIMBURSEMENT ISSUES o Defending our current scope of practice from outside forces(ACOs, HOPTS, POPTS) o Explore unified contracting opportunities for improved reimbursement rates o Creating a members only directory to assist with insurance contracting and authorization issues o Immediate Saving to your clinic: Established Group Purchasing Contracts with vendors to save your clinic money o PT-One o Dynatronics
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  • LEGISLATIVE ISSUES o Working to protect our scope of practice o Researching RC-2 on direction and delegation of the profession of Physical Therapy, communication with our states delegates o In conjunction with the WPTA - exploring co-pay legislation similar to Kentuckys
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  • STRATEGIC PLAN Membership Grow double our membership every member brings a new member Comparative Value PPSIG will create a position statement on RC-2 Survey membership on their needs Member Benefit Package PP Tool Kit Sustainability Complete Operations Manual, Policy and Procedures, Memorandum of Understanding for our future leaders Set up key committees (conference, social media, etc)
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