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  • 1. Writing skills are an important part of communication. Good writingskills allow you to communicateyour message with clarity andease to a far larger audience

2. You might have to write a report, plan, strategy, story, article andother type of writing. So you have to befocused on Grammar, spelling andpunctuation. Writing activity is not onlyabout writing a paragraph or an essay. Itis about any activity required thinkingand writing 3. The purpose of the activitiesIncorporating the activitiesIt teach the studentto differentiateThe quize should bebetween the use ofgiven at the end of thepast perfect andclass for the last tensimple past minutes. After fullAlso teach them theuse of Punctuationunderstand of the past tense and thepunctuations mark 4. . By the time class was over this morning , the rain so I didnt need myumbrella anymoreStopped Have stop Has stop 5. When I ( get ) home , my husband ( make, already ) . Thedinner for usGot- have made Have gotten - made Have gotten- have made Got - made 6. I was late . The party bythe time I got thereHas started Started Have start 7. I the concert last time. I .. to a concert inlongtimeEnjoyed have not gotten Have enjoyed got Enjoyed got Have enjoyed have gotten 8. Choose punctuation marks wherethey belong:.1) What is the date of our class party( ) Mr. Hall askedthe studentsFull stopCommaExclamation markQuestion2 9. Sara likes reading( ) swimming and listening musicFull stopCommaExclamation markQuestion mark 10. 3)What a nice day ( )Full stopCommaExclamation markQuestion mark4) Tom said, would you like to eat cake ?Full stopCommaExclamation markQuotation mark