X410 IR Rework Station - Rework Without The Complications The PDR-X410 SMT/BGA rework system, using PDR™s patented Focused IR technology, has been specifically designed to

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<ul><li><p>X410 IR Rework Station</p><p>www.pdr-smt.com/x410</p></li><li><p>BGA Rework Without The Complications</p><p>The PDR-X410 SMT/BGA rework system, using PDRs patented Focused IR technology, has been</p><p>specifically designed to cope with the challenges of repairing todays PCB assemblies.</p><p>The system is tool free, gas free, instantly/precisely controllable, clean, modular, upgradeable and</p><p>produces 100% yield BGA rework without any complications. It provides the extremely high levels</p><p>of profiling and process control necessary for the effective rework of even the most advanced</p><p>packages, including SMDs, BGAs, CSPs, Flipchips and is ready for 0201 and lead-free applications.</p><p>The IR-X410 comes with a good range of standard features allowing the operator to quickly and</p><p>safely rework all types of components without overheating the component, adjacents or the PCB.</p><p>It uses all the proven attributes of PDRs Focused IR technology, first introduced in 1987 and now</p><p>used worldwide by over 3000 customers.</p><p>Advanced Features</p><p> Focused IR Component Heating</p><p>PDRs patented technology</p><p> IR PCB Preheater</p><p>Large area 1200w system</p><p> Precision Component Placement </p><p>Low Force Landing and Rotation</p><p> Component Nest and Paste</p><p>Application Facility</p><p>Print Frame</p><p> X/Y Table</p><p>Macro-Micro Movement and</p><p>Micrometer Adjustment</p><p> Non-Contact IR Sensor</p><p>For Measuring Component Temperature</p><p> PC Control Package</p><p>With PDR ThermoActive Software Suite</p><p> Optional BGA/Micro-BGA</p><p>Alignment</p><p>CCTV/Prism Based System</p><p>X410 IR Rework Station</p><p>www.pdr-smt.com/x410</p></li><li><p>PDR Offices</p><p>Europe and Asia</p><p>PDR</p><p>Unit 3 Stanley Centre, Kelvin Way</p><p>Crawley, West Sussex, RH10 9SE</p><p>England</p><p>Sales</p><p>Phone: +44 1293 846 000</p><p>Fax: +44 1293 613 600</p><p>Email: sales@pdr-smt.com</p><p>North America</p><p>PDR America</p><p>6320 Belleau Wood Lane, Suite 3</p><p>Sacramento, CA 95822</p><p>USA</p><p>Sales</p><p>Phone: (916) 395 5595</p><p>Toll Free: (877) 700 6085</p><p>Fax: (916) 395 5597</p><p>Email: sales@pdr-america.com</p><p>A full list of PDR distributors offering</p><p>professional sales and support can be</p><p>found at www.pdr-smt.com/contacts.</p><p>Major Advantages</p><p> No nozzles, focus hoods or shieldsAny shape or size component covered</p><p> Low cost of ownershipNearly zero follow-on costs</p><p> Fully modular and upgradeableEasily configured to meet any requirements</p><p> Precise, focused component heatingIR, with no effect on adjacent components</p><p> Excellent control software and mechanicsWith non-contact, component temperature sensing</p><p> Easy to set up and useClean, simple, 100% yield process</p><p>For full detailed features and specifications on the PDR IR-X410 visitwww.pdr-smt.com/x410</p><p>Simple BGA Rework Procedure</p><p>BGA rework poses the problem of accessing hidden</p><p>interconnects in a high density environment. Consequently, it</p><p>requires a system that is able to access the hidden joints</p><p>without affecting neighbouring components. A system that is</p><p>safe, gentle, adaptable and, above all, simple to operate.</p><p>The IR-X410 is such a system. It is so easy to operate that</p><p>technicians are able to instantly achieve excellent process</p><p>control for BGA/SMT rework without the complexities and</p><p>frustrations normally associated with high end rework</p><p>systems.</p><p>With the aid of excellent mechanics, optics and control,</p><p>operators can simply pick up the BGA from the nest, align it,</p><p>place it into fluxed pads and reflow with the systems accurate</p><p>PC based, closed-loop component and PCB temperature</p><p>control.</p><p>BGA Alignment</p><p>Placement</p><p>Reflow</p><p>PDR ThermoActive Software</p><p>Authorised Distributor</p></li><li><p>Detailed Features and Specifications</p><p> Advanced Focused IR Component HeatingLens Based Focused IR heating with adjustable image systemPDR lens attachments with IR image from 4 to 70mm diameterReworks all SMDs/ BGAs including 0201s + lead free applications</p><p> Large Area IR PCB Preheater System</p><p>medium wave IR PCB preheating1200W (2 x 600W switchable)2 zones (inner - 120mm x 300mm area) and (inner+outer - 240mm x 300mm area)</p><p> PDR Lens AttachmentsF150 (4 -18mm spotsize) optionalF200 (10 -28mm ) optionalF400 (12 -35mm ) optionalF700 (25 -70mm ) standard</p><p> Precision Component Placement SystemVacuum operated pick and place with precise macro-micro Z axis movementMicrometer control for soft component landing360 component rotationComponent nest and print frame facility for paste application</p><p> Macro-Micro X/Y PCB TablePrecision micrometer (Micro) control+/- 10 microns (.0004) movement in X/Y directionsMacro override facility in all directionsUp to 17 X 20 (420mm X 500mm) capacity with lockable XY axis</p><p> Non-contact, IR Sensor for measuring component temperatureManually adjustable, K-type non-contact IR sensorRealtime monitoring of component temperature throughout process </p><p> K-Type, contact probe for measuring PCB temperature</p><p>Manually attached, K-type thermocouple contact probeRealtime monitoring of PCB temperature throughout process </p><p> PC Control Package with PDR ThermoActive V3 Software SuiteType 5, Digital controller with multi functional featuresMulti K-type thermocouple (x4) capacity for temp/time testingAdvanced, Windows 98/me/XP/NT ThermoActive V3 software suiteRealtime, closed loop component/PCB temperature controlDrag and drop profile settingTemperature profiling and data logging</p><p> Optional - Prism based BGA/micro-BGA alignment system</p><p>Split beam prism system for simultaneous PCB/component viewingBGA, CSP and leadless component alignmentIntegral LED lighting system with illumination level controlFull colour 1/2 CCTV camera and 15 TFT/LCD Flatscreen colour monitorComputar zoom lens with up to X50 magnificationPrecise X/Y axis mounting system</p><p>Benchtop Requirements</p><p>Topheat power - 150 watts IRBackheater power - 600W or 1200 watts IRVoltage/frequency - 110/240 volts 50/60HzTypical components - CSPs, BGAs, micro-BGAs, QFPs, PLCCs, SOICs, small SMDs Bench area required - 1400mm x 600mmWeight - 65 Kg</p><p>PDR reserves the right to improve or change specifications without giving notice.</p><p>X410 Technical Specifications</p></li></ul>