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christmas giveaways 2011

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    XMAS 2011Giveaways

    Aloe Up pro Sport SpF 30 SUnScreen lotion

    Aloe based dry lotion, non-greasy, Very water resistant - will not run into your


    This issue we have some fantastic giveaways from The Body Shop, Icebreaker, Sony and more. Go to www.curl.co.nz for all the details on how to enter. Good luck!

    bodeze downUnder complete pAck

    We have six of these to give away valued at $19.90 each.


    the body Shop body bUtterPaige Harebs favourite body butter is

    The Body Shop Mango! We have five to give away each valued at $36.00. facebook.com/TheBodyShopNZ

    inSpire by girloSophyWe have two of these great books

    to giveaway.

    h2cocoWe have loads of these gorgeous

    H2COCO Pineapple and Pomegranate & Acai Coconut

    waters to give away. www.icecubebeverages.co.nz or contact the NZ H2COCO crew on


    hAppy dAyS diAry2012 diary geared for surfers, artists

    and nature lovers. We have three copies to giveaway.


    icebreAker crUiSe dreSSCurl is giving you the chance to enjoy the feel of lightweight premium merino this summer, by giving away two Icebreaker Cruise Dresses in Black (RRP $159.95).


    mAtUnAS orgAnic wAxOur wax is non-toxic, biodegradable, and our wrappers are printed with

    recycled ink on 100% recycled paper. Support Matunas 100% Natural and

    Organic eco-surf wax www.hydrosurf.co.nz


    opi mUppetteSWe have one pack of these limited-

    edition Nail Lacquers by OPI.www.opi.com

    new pUre Fiji lemongrASS inSect repellent body SprAy


    new Simple SpotleSS rAngeCleansing Wipes, Foaming Facial

    Wash, Blackhead Eliminating Scrub, Moisturiser and Spot ZAPPER! We have

    5 packs to give away.

    Sony ericSSon xperiA ActiveBe into win one of these smartphones to give away. RRP$399

    exclusively with Telecom.

    SoUl SUrFer dvdThe incredible true strory of Bethany

    Hamilton. We have five of these inspiring DVDs for you to win.

    the SUrF girl hAndbookAn essential guide for surf chicks

    everywhere. We have two of these great books to giveaway

    SUrFmonk ShortieThis great robe for over your

    bikini. www.chillorilla.com.au/shop/junior-robe-bamboo-cotton-87

    rAdieSSence preSSed powder bronzer compAct with brUShWe have six of these to give away!

    Valued at $39.90 each.www.radiessence.com

    nAtUrAl glow body Shimmer pUFFWe have six of these to give away,

    valued at $38.00 each.www.naturalglow.co.nz

    the big dAy oUtWe have two single tickets to the

    undisputed king of summer music festivals, the Big Day Out on January

    20th 2012!

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