Yacht charters

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An introduction to crewed yacht charters.

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  • 1. Please allow us to introduce

2. the perfect Caribbean vacation 3. on a private yacht 4. with you as the only guests! 5. Let your private chef pamper your taste buds 6. while the captain shows you the wonders 7. above and below the waters. 8. You can anchor in your own bay 9. snorkel reef and caves 10. visit funky beach bars.. 11. and find a deserted island. 12. There is lots of activities 13. and total relaxation. 14. Take your partner by the hand 15. to a romantic getaway or 16. bring the whole family, 17. age doesnt matter! 18. Take friends on a gourmet charter 19. and guess who is coming to dinner! 20. Make it a diving experience 21. or play with bunkers and water hazards 22. any way you prefer, 23. You can also combine it all 24. in a masterpiece vacation! 25. Our experienced broker willguide you 26. in choosing your floating hotel 27. with great accommodations and 28. the perfect crew to pamper you! 29. We look forward to see you 30. in Paradise!!! 31. on an Amazing Charter! 32. For more information please go to www.amazingcharters.com

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  • DK + 4536 96 5166
  • Ulla Gotfredsen
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