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  • Yard Sale Volunteer Notes for Donation Days


    No pets allowed in the warehouse This is per order of Chartwell Properties, the owner of the warehouse

    Remember: The donations coming into the warehouse will be sold to raise much needed funds for the thousands of pets who will spend time at HSFN this year as they wait for their forever homes.

    Always be kind and courteous to people bringing donations and fellow volunteers. We are all here together for the animals.

    Before you arrive

    Please make sure you understand the volunteer shopping policy.

    Review the list of items we accept and do not accept.

    Be aware that all volunteer activity for this fundraiser will be conducted inside a dusty, damp, cool warehouse. These working conditions can become uncomfortable for those individuals with upper respiratory conditions such as asthma and allergies.

    What to wear

    This job is dusty and dirty, especially during donation week.

    Wear comfortable shoes – preferably sneakers as we handle a LOT of glass items.

    Wear layers, the warehouse is NOT heated

    Bring gloves, your hands will get cold and dirty

    What to bring with you

    A good attitude! Please be flexible as you may be asked to take on different tasks depending on the needs / tasks to be accomplished for the day.

    If you own something with wheels (wagon, dolly, cart) that you think would be useful for moving items around a 25,000 square-foot warehouse, please bring it with you. Make sure you properly label it as your personal property and ‘not for sale’. We will not be responsible for lost items.

    You are welcome to bring in your own yard sale donations during your volunteer shift. You don’t need to wait until official public donation times.

    Your checkbook! Best way to pay for the treasures you may find while volunteering.

    Something to eat for lunch and/or snack.

    Something to drink. Water will be provided onsite by HSFN.

    You are welcome to donate snacks and baked goods to share with other volunteers during the week however food donations will not be reimbursed.

    When you arrive

    Please park along the driveway in order to keep the garage area free for donation vehicles. Upon your arrival at the warehouse, please sign in at the desk to ensure your paperwork is complete and to receive your daily assignment from your volunteer day captain. Familiarize yourself with the layout of the warehouse so you know what goes where.

  • Yard Sale Volunteer Notes for Donation Days


    Keep hydrated! Even in cold weather you can dehydrate.

    Prepare for incoming donations

    During incoming donation times, it is all hands on deck. All volunteers will be called to the receiving area to help unload and sort donations.

    If a long line forms for incoming donations do what you can to keep the line moving. Greet donors, ask them if they are familiar with items we do and don’t accept which may trigger them to think about items they might not need to take out of their car.

    Be cheerful with difficult people. Some get cranky if they have to wait in a long line to drop off items. This yard sale is 100% volunteer staffed, is very labor intensive and we move as fast yet safely as possible.

    Please be kind to donors when non-acceptable items have been identified in their donations (refer them to the yard sale WILL NOT accept list for these items). Make sure to tell them that it is costly to the shelter to dispose of such items which defeats the purpose of the yard sale. Offer them a sheet containing suggested places that may accept these particular donations.

    Your volunteer day captain is always available to assist if you if you need help with offering alternatives to someone whose donations don’t meet our criteria.

    Every donor should be offered a tax donation receipt which they complete. We do not asses a value of the items they donated for their tax documentation. The donor places the value on their items and documents this on the tax receipt we provide.

    Who can help

    If there is anything questionable about a donation or the pricing of an item, please consult with the Volunteer Day Captain (identified by wearing a flower lei)

    Before you leave for the day

    Sign out at desk where you signed in

    Check your schedule for the remainder of the week. Inform the day captain on duty if there are any corrections to make to your schedule.

    Make sure to take home any items you purchased at the end of your volunteer shift or else they run the risk of being put back out on the sale floor for someone else to purchase. We are not responsible should an unattended purchased item go missing.

  • Yard Sale Volunteer Shopping Policy


    As a thank you to our Yard Sale volunteers, we are happy to have you purchase items prior to the sale weekend. We kindly ask that you shop only on the days you volunteer.

    From the start of donation week up until 3:00PM on Friday before Sale Saturday volunteers may purchase donated items under the following guidelines:

    Buy it the day you see it! Items will not be held for you to think about purchasing the next time you volunteer.

    Purchases are to be made at the END of your volunteer shift. Once an item is purchased we strongly suggest the item is removed from the warehouse and placed in your vehicle. We are not responsible should an unattended purchased item go missing.

    We accept cash or check. No “IOUs” No “I’ll bring you the money tomorrow.”

    Grab a box, clearly write your name on the box and place the box up front by the captain’s table. Place any items you wish to purchase in that box.

     If you leave without purchasing the items in your box, those items will be returned to the sale floor at the end of the day.

    Do not remove items you wish to purchase from the collectable area without speaking to Thomas or Diane first.

    Do not pile up items you wish to purchase in the breakroom or other ‘corners’ of the warehouse. These will be mistaken as misplaced items and be put back on the appropriate department tables.

    The daily volunteer captain is the designated cashier for volunteer purchases and has final say on any questionable prices.

    All yard sale purchases will be full price*

    o All non-collectible items with a price sticker on them may be purchased immediately.

    o All COLLECTIBLE ITEMS must be purchased directly from Thomas or Diane – lead volunteers for collectibles.

    o * If you see an item (non-furniture) you want that is not yet priced, add it to your collection of items you want to purchase and the Volunteer Day Captain and pricing volunteer will price it at the time of purchase. If you choose not to purchase it once the price has been determined, the day captain or pricing volunteer will return it to the sale floor. There is no negotiating price once the price has been determined by the day captain.

    * Large furniture will not be priced or available for presale until 4:00 PM Thursday. Volunteers interested in purchasing furniture may purchase pieces between 4:00 PM Thursday

  • Yard Sale Volunteer Shopping Policy


    and 3:00 PM on Friday. Any pieces purchased by volunteers MUST be removed from the warehouse on Friday as we cannot have sold pieces of furniture out on the sale floor on Saturday morning.

    At 3:00 PM on Friday before the sale, the entire warehouse will be swept for anything left behind (accidently or on purpose) and items will go back onto the floor for sale on Saturday morning. No exceptions.

    Saturday volunteers may purchase donated items under the following guidelines:


    On Sale Saturday from 1:00-2:00 PM there will be a volunteer shopping time for those who volunteer Saturday or Sunday of sale weekend. Bargain Sunday prices will be honored during this time.

    If you wish to purchase anything BEFORE 1:00 PM on Saturday (for example your shift ends at noon and you aren’t staying til 1:00 PM) you will be charged list price like a regular shopper.

  • 19th 19th 19th AnnualAnnualAnnual

    Yard SaleYard SaleYard Sale TO BENEFIT

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    Donations being accepted on April 9, 10, 12, 13 at 5 Hudson Park Drive.

    List of accepted donations and directions to warehouse on reverse.

    SATURDAY 8:00am - 1:00pm

    $20 early bird admission from 7:00am - 8:00am

    SUNDAY 8:00am - Noon


    From Nashua and points North and West

    Take Rte. 111 to Hudson; Follow Rte. 111 past the Burger King and the

    old Bensons Animal Farm. Go straight at traffic lights. At blinking yellow

    light turn right on to Hudson Park Dr. First warehouse on the right. Follow

    signs for parking. [Note: Hudson Park Dr. is approximately 3 miles from

    the bridge as you cross over from Nashua into Hudson]

    From points South

    Take Everett Turnpike/Rte 3 exit 2 toward Lowell Rd/Rte 3A. Turn left

    onto Lowell Road (go approx. 2.5 miles). Turn righ