Year 3 Mid Year Exam

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year 3 sjkt mid year exam papers.


<p> SJK(T) JALAN HAJI MANAN</p> <p> YEAR THREE ENGLISH LANGUAGE</p> <p> MID YEAR EXAM 2014</p> <p> TIME : 60 MINUTES</p> <p>NAME : ________________________ CLASS : _______________________</p> <p>SECTION AQUESTION 1 10Fill in the missing letters with the correct spelling. 1. p __ __ y 2. cl__ __ d 3. t__ __ 4. l __ __ f</p> <p> 5. __ o __</p> <p> 6. __ ys __ er 7. __ ea __ 8. p __ __</p> <p>9. mo__ t __ </p> <p>10. p __ __</p> <p>SECTION B.</p> <p>Rewrite the paragraphs. Use capital letter for proper nouns</p> <p>1. My neighbour, raju, is an Indian boy. He goes to sk megah ria. His class is 3 bijak._______________________________________________________</p> <p>________________________________________________________</p> <p>________________________________________________________</p> <p>2. encik ahmad is a doctor in johor. He drives a Mercedes to work. He goes to melaka every sunday.</p> <p>__________________________________________________________</p> <p>______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________</p> <p> 3. It is fathers birthday. brian goes to empire stationery. He wants to buy a pen for his father, mr john.</p> <p>_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ </p> <p>SECTION CQUESTION 1 -4 .Read the sentences below and underline the correct answers.1. ( This , These ) are my brothers shoes.</p> <p>2. ( This , These ) is my pencil.</p> <p>3. ( That , Those ) girl is my cousin.</p> <p>4. ( That , Those ) boys are playing football.</p> <p>QUESTION 5 8.Read the sentence below and underline the correct answers.</p> <p>1. He ( play , plays ) the guitar.</p> <p>2. We ( walk , walks ) to school.</p> <p>3. The goat ( eat , eats ) grass.</p> <p>4. Sheila ( dance , dances ) happily. </p> <p>SECTION D</p> <p>Rewrite the sentences by replacing the pictures with words. </p> <p> pond shed coop fish goat pen cow chicken</p> <p>1. A lives in a </p> <p>____________________________________________________________________</p> <p>2. A lives in a </p> <p>____________________________________________________________________</p> <p>3. A lives in a </p> <p>______________________________________________________________________</p> <p>4. A lives in a </p> <p>______________________________________________________________________</p> <p>SECTION E. Rearrange and number the story. Then , rewrite in one paragraph.</p> <p>______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________</p> <p>SECTION FRead and fill in the blanks.</p> <p>1. The gotong royong is held on ________________________________.2. The gotong royong begins at _______________________________ and ends at _____________________________.</p> <p>3. The activities for the gotong royong are ___________________________ , _____________________________ , ________________________________ and ________________________________________________________.</p> <p>4. If you want to know more information of the gotong royong , you should contact __________________________________ at ___________________ .</p> <p> 4</p> <p>4</p> <p>The king was angry. He wanted to kill the eagle.</p> <p>A giant eagle swooped down. It carried him and dropped him on the grass.</p> <p>One day, a king went hunting in the jungle.</p> <p>Suddenly, he saw a big rock rolling down the hill. He was grateful to the eagle.</p> <p>He was so tired, so he sat on a rock at the foot of the hill.</p> <p>GOTONG ROYONG</p> <p>Do your part for Mutiara Playgroud</p> <p>Lets us make our playground clean and beautiful</p> <p>Date : 6th May 2014</p> <p>Time : 8.00 a.m. 1.00 p.m.</p> <p>Place : Mutiara Playground</p> <p>Activities : a) Cutting the grass</p> <p>b) Painting the benches</p> <p>c) Cleaning and repairing the playground equipment.</p> <p>For more information, please contact Mr Jayanesh 018 894 1668</p>