You CAN Manage Your Diabetes - Get Help Here!

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Diabetics do not have the necessary amount of insu...


<ul><li><p>You CAN Manage Your Diabetes - Get Help Here! </p><p>Diabetes can be very serious and devastating. In order to ensure that they live long andhappy lives, it is critical for individuals diagnosed with the disease to educate themselves andlearn the best ways to preserve their health. This article has many great tips to cope withdiabetes. </p><p>Most people with diabetes develop foot problems. Be sure to care for your feet properly,because amputation can become necessary if care is not taken. If you follow thesesuggestions, you can maintain good health for your feet despite your diabetes. </p><p>Don't be alarmed by high blood sugar after treating a glucose reaction. This happensbecause your body is releasing hormones to tell your body to use more sugar thannecessary. The next time this happens, try cutting your normal meal in half and double checkyour glucose levels a half an hour later. </p><p>Keep any needed supplies readily available in one bag so that you always are within reach ofwhat you might need to respond to extreme glucose levels in both directions. Keep yoursyringe, meter hooks, and insulin in one bag so you can be ready for any situation. </p><p>When you have to deal with travel and diabetes at the same time, you had best get aninsulated bag to carry your insulin. Insulin should remain within a finite temperature rangeand this sort of bag will prevent it from getting too cold or too hot. </p><p>If you are diagnosed with diabetes, you need to stay calm, carefully listen to everything yourdoctor tells you, and change the areas of your life that need changing. You may need tomake some changes, but you'll still be able to enjoy life. </p><p>control diabetes If you are diabetic and want to reduce the chance of complications, get moreexercise. This helps manage your weight, and also keeps blood sugar at lower, healthylevels by increasing your body's insulin sensitivity. It is in your best interest to remain asactive as possible if you want to stay in control of your condition. </p><p>Urine ketone testing should not be your only way to test your sugar levels. Your urine'sketone level doesn't give you specific information about your blood sugar level; it only tellsyou that your sugar level is significantly higher than normal. Rather, the ADA recommendsthat people with diabetes use finger sticks or test strips to get the accurate readings theyneed. </p><p>Although there is some debate about if moderate amounts of alcohol can help lower yourchances of developing diabetes, research indicates that people who already have adiagnosis of diabetes should avoid alcohol because of its effects on blood sugar levels. Talkto your doctor about your alcohol consumption. </p></li><li><p> Do not be surprised if your blood sugar levels spike after treating a low glucose situation.Your body can react to a low glucose level by raising hormone levels, or you may have eatenmore than necessary while experiencing the low blood sugar. Try eating half as much nextthe time when your levels are low. Then check the level again in a half an hour. </p><p>There are many pieces of information that can help you in your battle against diabetes. It canbe a dark cloud that just looms over your head unless you take the steps to clear it up. Trythe tips in this article and work hard to live a safe and healthy lifestyle.</p></li></ul>


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