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    Congratulations on your selection of a Boondock Camper! You probably have visions of crystal clear trout fishing streams, blazing autumn campfires, and soothing Gulf shelling shores. But are you ready to get out there?

    Ready to Hit the Road?What about a bed? How about a battery? Did you remember the spare tire? Do you know the littlein's and out's of the trade, like that a true memory foam mattress turns rock-hard in winter, or thatcheap lead-acid batteries can produce toxic gases like charging and discharging?

    It's a fact of life that camping requires gear. And with 15 choices of camp stoves, two dozen cooler options, and RV accessories you've never head of, it's hard work choosing.

    Let Us Help!We're happy to outfit your camper with just about anything. We'll help you choose anything from a mosquito lamp to an inverter generator!

    Feel free to request these items at ANY time before or during the construction of your camper!

    If you want an accessory not listed on the Ready2Roll brochure, let us know where to find it, and we'll install it.

    Only Pay What You OweAlmost all ready-to-camp accessories are sourced and installed with a $5 to $15 sourcing and installation fee. Everything else you pay is market value. No hidden mark-ups.

    Housekeeping NotesPrices and availability subject to change. Boondock Campers reserves the right to substitute items of equal or superior quality.

    This list does not stylistic options such as exterior colors, flooring patterns, cabinetry finishes, etc. For that, please refer to the Camper Style Guide.

    Also, this list does not show structural and integral options available on campers, such as sinks, cabinets, electrical systems, etc. For that, please refer to the Original Options Master List.

    *Orange items (or their upgraded versions) are recommended for all campers!

  • 690-8652

    Item Image Purpose Price Yes?ELECTRICAL

    Universal 50-AH AGMDeep-Cycle Battery

    A lightweight, spillproof, interior-safe battery suited for LED lights and small ceiling fans. Used when saving weight is critical.


    Universal 75-AH AGMDeep-Cycle Battery

    A medium-weight, spillproof, interior-safe battery suited for LED lights, small ceiling fans, and 12v appliance charging for shorter periods. Used for short camping trips.


    Universal 100-AH AGM Deep-Cycle Battery

    A standard spillproof, interior-safe battery suited for LED lights, small ceiling fans, and 12v appliance charging for extended periods. Recommended size.


    Universal 200-AH AGM Deep-Cycle Battery

    A heavyweight spillproof, interior-safe battery suited for all electrical needs, including 12v electric refrigerators and DC-AC inversion. Used for longer camping trips.


    Note: Campers who demand the ultimate in battery durability and reliability should upgrade to premium USA-made Lifeline AGM deep-cycle batteries, estimated 60% more cost.

    NOCO Genius G3500 Battery Charger

    An affordable state-of-the-art battery charger and maintainer. Has integrated LED charge indicator. Compatible with dozens of NOCO X-Connect accessories. Charges at speeds up to 3.5 amps for batteries up to 100 amp/hours. IP65 rating. Charges 6- and 12-volt batteries.


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    NOCO Genius G7200 UltraSafe Battery Charger

    A user-friendly battery charger with integrated LED charge indicator. Compatible with dozens of NOCO X-Connect accessories. Charges at speeds up to 7.2 amps for batteries up to 200 amp/hours. IP65 rating. Charges 12- and 24-volt batteries.


    NOCO Genius GEN1 10-Amp Smart Marine Onboard Battery Charger

    A rough n' tough marine battery charger recommended for all batteries up to 200 amp/hours. IP68 rating. commended for all batteries 120 amp/hours and larger and smaller batteries requiring quick charges. Designed in the USA.


    Bestek 12v Plug-In 300-Watt Portable Inverter

    Plugs into your 12v "cigarette lighter" receptacle to charge small-sized AC appliances. Features two 3-prong AC outlets and two 4.8-Amp USB outlets.


    Bestek 12v 1000-Watt Portable Inverter

    Connects directly to your battery or 12v outlet to charge medium-sized AC appliances. Recommended only for use with batteries larger than 100AH.


    Goal Zero Sherpa 100 Solar Kit

    A portable 4.4-lb solar charging kit that charges from the sun, 12v car charger, or wall outlet. Includes one Nomad 20 solar panel and detachable inverter.


    30-amp Twist-Lock Female to 15-Amp Standard Male RV Adaptor

    Allows you to plug your 30-amp power inlet into standard 15-amp household service.


    Champion 2,000-Watt Inverter Generator

    A quiet, efficient, USA-designed gas-powered generator to charge your batteryand power your A/C and large appliances off-grid. Unbeatable value.


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    Honda 2,000-Watt Inverter Generator

    The industry-leading inverter generator for durability, consistency and quietness. Holds up to regular, daily use.


    TRAILERWheel Chocks (Pair) Prevents a wheel from rolling. Each pair

    contains two plastic, stackable, nesting chocks for wheels up to 15 inches.


    Keyed Wheel Lock Heavy-duty theft deterrent. Prevents tire from rolling. Has pick-resistant lock cylinder with three keys.


    Coupler Lock Medium-duty theft deterrent. Comes with set of keys.


    Stabilizer Jack Stabilizes and levels a camper on uneven ground and during windy conditions. Priced per stabilizer jack. Maximum of four per camper.


    Economy Spare Tire Carrier

    Optional: With Lock.

    A simple U-bolt spare tire carrier that mounts a spare tire to the trailer tongue. Can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Spare tire sold separately.



    Offset Spare Tire Mount

    A bolt-on spare tire carrier that mounts a spare tire to a cantilevered plate off the trailer tongue. With a little ingenuity, can also be bolted through solid plywood trailer wall. Spare tire sold separately.


  • 690-8652

    Spare Tire Vinyl Cover

    A strong vinyl cover to prevent UV and rock damage to your spare tires. Also used to protect camper tires during storage.


    Sliding Steel Entry Step

    A 24-inch wide, 350-lb capacity sliding pull-out entry step to faciliate entry into Caravan campers and extra-tall models.


    Curt Tongue/Hitch Cargo Carrier

    This 20x6-inch cargo carrier slides into a standard 2-inch rear receiver and can hold up to 500 pounds. Cargo carrier can be slid into rear reciever tube (sold separately) with adapter, or attached to trailer tongue with custom mounts (included in price).


    Redline Polyethylene A-Frame Tongue Box

    This lightweight, rust-proof tongue box features a stainless steel lockable hasp (padlock not included) and UV- and impact-resistant molded polyethylene constrution.


    Deezee Aluminum A-Frame Tongue Box

    This low-maintenance 3.71-cubic-feet aluminum tongue box features stainless steel keyed locks and hardware, a weldedaluminum frame, and clear powder coat finish.


    Pro Rack Roof Rack Powder-coated roof rack compatible withmany after market accessories. Fits teardrop models 4, 5 and 6 feet wide.


    Curt Roof Basket

    Measuring 42x37x4-inches, this 150-lb capacity roof basket is available on many teardrops. Requires Pro Rack roof rack.


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    1-1/4-inch Rear Receiver Tube

    A Class I Curt rear receiver tube (not for towing) for use with an aftermarket cargotray, hitch step or bike carrier.


    5x10 Pahaque Portable Awning

    Available in your choice of colors, this awning folds into a nifty tote bag when not in use. Installs in minutes using a 9mm keder awning rail (included in price). Note: Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.


    KITCHEN & COOKINGColeman PerfectFlow 2-Burner Camp Stove

    A simple portable propane stove with manual ignition and wind shields. Can fit12- and 10-inch pans side by side.


    Camp Chef Mountain Series Everest 2-BurnerCamp Stove

    A powerful 2-burner camp stove with windscreens, matchless ignition, and two 20,000-BTU burners.


    Partner Steel 22-Inch 2-Burner Propane Stove

    The ultimate in camp stoves. A heavy-duty aluminum camp stove designed andmade in Idaho, USA, for outfitters and campers who use and abuse their stoves every day.


    Coleman Steel Belted Ice Chest

    The classic accessory for a teardrop camper! A 54-quart vintage reproduction steel cooler. Shown in stainless steel. Alsoavailable in red, turquoise, black, green, silver and rose. Prices may vary by color.


    Engel MT45-U1 AC/DC Fridge/Freezer

    For long-term, hassle-free food storage. Draws very little power; can be run from your standard deep-cycle battery or 115-volt AC power. Premium brand; unbeatable performance.



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    4-Inch Conventional Polyurethane Foam Mattress (Soft or Firm)

    A plush foam mattress for camper who desire coziness and support. Add 20% forQueen.


    Hypoallergenic, Waterproof, Bugproof Mattress Encasement

    A six-sided encasement to protect your mattess from water, bugs and mildew during camping and storage.


    ACCESSORIESMarine Folding Cup Holders

    Rust-proof folding cup holders with adjustable holding arms. Available in white or black.


    Stainless Steel Folding Cup Holders

    Premium heavy-duty marine cup holdersthat accommodate bottles up to 3 inches in diameter.


    Cell Phone Net PocketHolder

    A simple wall pocket to secure your cell phone or small papers. Securely adhered and/or fastened to the wall.


    Collapsible Clothes Hanger

    A small hideaway hanger that gives you ahome for assorted clothes hangers.


    Wall-Mounted Trash Can

    White vinyl Camco wall-mounted mini trash can. The cutest trash can you ever saw!


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    Stainless Steel Trash Can

    Beautiful and durable Simple Human foot-activated floor mini trash can.


    Economy Curtain Rod Light-duty economy adjustable curtain rod.


    Wraparound Curtain Rod

    Heavy-duty adjusatble stainless steel curtain rod designed so you can completely darken a room.


    Stainless Steel Paper Towel Holder

    Allows for one-handed operation due to a racheting mechanism.


    Trash Bag Holder Transforms a trash bag into a handy, niftytrash receptacle. Mounts on the top edge of your 3/4-inch cabinet door. Portable.


    Boondock Campers Interior 12x18 Folding Table

    Clad in aluminum to match your camper.Painted and aluminum hardware. Indoor.