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<ul><li><p>PRE-PAID METER DEALER</p><p> Vend tokens via our Licence Free Software System set-up, training and ongoing support - free All products SABS &amp; STS compliant Access to database of potential clients countrywide (landlords, tenants, estate agents, contractors etc.)</p><p>Unique anti-tamper detection</p><p>EXCELLENT ON-GOING INCOME OPPORTUNITY</p><p>MANAGE PROPERTY COMPLEXESBody-Corporate Management or </p><p>VEND directly to PROPERTY OWNERS</p><p>Contact Head Office on 0861 468880079 205 0135 (JHB) | email:</p><p></p><p>Licence Free Vending SystemNo agency fees</p><p>No franchise fees</p><p>DOWNLOADFROM GOOGLE</p><p>PLAY STORE NOW! RECHARGER TOKEN</p><p>MOBILE APP</p><p>prepaid water meter</p><p>CLOUD-BASED VENDING SYSTEM</p></li></ul>