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Directory of physicians, dentists and other health care operators.

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    PLUS:Family HealthHealthy Agingand More

    Trends:Navigate the

    changes ahead

  • 2 Medical Guide | March 2013

    At Ridgeview Clinics, patients receive expert, personalized care with the convenience of same-day appointments, and on-site

    laboratory services and X-ray at all primary care locations.

    With locations in Chaska, Chanhassen, Delano, Excelsior, Howard Lake,

    Spring Park (Westonka) and Winsted, Ridgeview Clinics are part of Ridgeview

    Medical Centers regional health care network that includes primary and

    specialty care clinics, emergency services, specialty programs and

    Two Twelve Medical Center in Chaska.

    For more information, visit

    or call 952-442-8083.

    like familyWe treat families

    Beth Kennedy, DOFamily Medicine

  • Medical Guide | March 2013 3

    TABLE OF CONTENTSTRENDS 2013Health Care ReformNavigate the changes ahead .............................. 4

    YOUR HEALTHHealth Cares AlphabetSome common credentials identifi ed. ................. 6

    FAMILY HEALTHChilds Immunization ScheduleAsk your doctor ................................................ .7

    HEALTHY AGINGBe a Healthy BoomerTry these heart-healthy ideas .............................. 8

    ESTATE PLANNINGLeaving Your LegacyConsider these estate planning tips ................... 10

    HOSPITALS & URGENT CARE LISTING ................ 11

    SENIOR LIVINGTaking Care of the CaregiverHelp yourself and your loved one ...................... 20

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    the foot and ankle

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    ankle problems Nerve problems of the

    foot and ankle

  • 4 Medical Guide | March 2013

    By Staff

    The Affordable Health Care Act continues to change our countrys and our states health-care system. Since it was signed into law in 2010, some changes have already occurred, some will go into effect this year, and still others will take place next year. Here are some highlights.

    Young Adults and Health InsuranceThis change has already taken place and several sources say that this is one of the more popular reforms that emerged from the Affordable Health Care Act.

    All health plans must allow young adults to remain as dependents on their parents health plan until they turn 26, whether or not they live at home or can be declared as dependents on the parents income tax return.

    This is a highly popular feature of the Affordable Health Care Act, says Dr. Greg Kutcher, President and CEO of Mayo Clinic Health Systems Southwest Minnesota Region.

    Indeed, an estimated 6.6 million young adults nationwide who would otherwise be uninsured have gained coverage during the fi rst year of eligibility, according to a recent analysis by the Commonwealth Fund, a nonprofi t health policy think tank.

    As Kutcher points out, this change refl ects how our countrys culture has changed. There is a longer launch period for young adults to go from education into a life-career pathway.

    ExchangesConsumer Reports recently reported that, by this summer or fall, every state must have an insurance exchangean organized marketplace where individuals and small-business owners can view, compare and purchase qualifi ed private health plans. States have the option of setting up exchanges themselves or allowing the federal government to do the job.

    Minnesota may opt to create its own exchange and recently launched a new website to connect with more than 1 million Minnesotans who are expected to use the new marketplace to get coverage.

    As the St. Paul Pioneer Press recently reported, the new site is designed to provide Minnesotans with up-to-date information about how to take advantage of the exchange. It includes a video and a benefi ts calculator that will tell individuals if theyre eligible for tax credits. About 300,000 previously

    uninsured Minnesotans and 200,000 small-business employees will gain coverage through the exchange.

    However, the state legislature must fi rst pass a law to create the exchange.

    And, some are concerned about the cost. Senate Minority Leader David Hann, R-Eden Prairie, recently told the Star Tribune that he considers the exchanges expensive and unnecessary and would rather see Minnesota join the 30 other states that are refusing to come up with their own exchange plans

    Health Care ReformBe a savvy consumer to navigate changes ahead

    Dr. Greg Kutcher

    TRENDS 2013

  • Medical Guide | March 2013 5

    in protest. ...there are 30 states that elected not to [create their own exchanges] and I frankly think thats a better idea.

    Some state government projections estimate that the insurance exchange may cost about $54 million to operate.

    Visit the state health exchange website at

    Guaranteed IssueThis takes effect Jan. 1, 2014, and is one of the most visible pieces of recent health care reform: Health plans must sell coverage to everyone, regardless of pre-existing conditions, and cant charge more based on health or gender.

    However, how this reform will actually play out is still unknown. The proof will be in the pudding, says Mayos Dr. Kutcher. No longer will insurance companies be able to charge for health insurance based on things such as pre-existing conditions...the question, though, is whats it going to cost to buy insurance...we dont know what insurance will cost at this point for either high or low deductible plans.

    Individual MandateAlso beginning next year, everyone will be required to have health insurance or

    pay a penalty. According to Consumer Reports, almost any legitimate coverage will satisfy the mandate, such as private insurance obtained on your own or through a job, Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans Affairs, etc.

    Again, according to Dr. Kutcher, the actual cost is an unknown. The Individual Mandate is a big deal, but it will be hard for people to make decisions on how they will meet [the mandate] when they dont know what the costs will be. Those costs could include items such as the cost of individual insurance policies or the overall health care costs that individuals may need to pay for out of their own pocket.

    The Road AheadAs health care consumers navigate these and other changes, Dr. Kutcher advises keeping in mind the forces that brought us to these reforms. Health care in the United States has improved dramatically over the last couple of decades. The number of diseases and related issues we can help people with has improved dramatically. But the cost has become an issue.

    Indeed the cost issue is why health care reform is occurring. Further, a number of these recent changes may in fact be steps to somewhere else, and may be temporary and evolving, Dr. Kutcher says. Consumers have to understand that how we deliver health care is changing, and how they as consumers access care is changing, too.

    Premiums too high?

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    Gregory M OttInsurance Brokers of

  • 6 Medical Guide | March 2013

    How many times have you been to your doctors offi ce, clinic or a hospital, looked at someones name badge and wondered what all of the letters meant after the persons name?

    Indeed, medical professionals are often defi ned by these initials. The catalog of various credentials in medicine is quite long, but, here is a selected list of some of the more common credentials you may encounter.

    ANP Adult Nurse Practitioner

    BM Bachelor of Medicine

    CCNS Critical Care Nurse Specialist

    CNP Certifi ed Nurse Practitioner

    DC Doctor of Chiropractic

    DDS Doctor of Dental Surgery

    DM Doctor of Medicine

    DN Doctor of Nursing

    DO Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

    DSW Doctor of Social Work

    DVM Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

    EMT Emergency Medical Technician

    FNP Family Nurse Practitioner

    LCP Licensed Clinical Psychologist

    LICSW Licensed Clinical Social Worker

    LPN Licensed Practical Nurse

    MD Medical Doctor

    NP Nurse Practitioner

    PA Physicians Assistant

    PHN Public Health Nurse

    PT Physical Therapist

    RN Registered Nurse

    VT Veterinary Technician

    Sources: American Medical Association,


    Health Cares

    AlphabetSome common

    credentials identifi ed

    Gregory M OttInsurance Brokers of Minnesota

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  • Medical Guide | March 2013 7

    This immunization schedule, published online by, may vary depending upon where you live, your childs health, the ty