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Your Wellness Medical Professionals DIrectory covering medical practices in Eden Prairie, Chanhassen, Chaska, Waconia, SHakopee, Prior Lake and Savage in the southwest Minneapolis metro region

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  • 2 Medical Directory | May 2012

    We treat families

    At Ridgeview Clinics, patients receive expert, lized care with the convenience of same-day ntments, and on-site laboratory services and

    X-ray at all primary care locations.



    Its a wonderful experience watching children I have cared for grow up.

    Michael Lano, MD, Family Medicine

    like family

    With locations in Chaska, Chanhassen, Delano, Excelsior, Howard Lake, Spring Park D

    (Westonka) and Winsted, Ridgeview Clinicsare part of Ridgeview Medical Centers

    regional health care network that includes primary and specialty care clinics,

    emergency services, specialty programs andTwo Twelve Medical Center in Chaska.

    For more information, visit

    or call (952) 442-8083.

    Family medicine Internal medicine BariatricsDermatology Endocrinology GastroenterologyNephrology Oncology/hematology

    Orthopaedics Otolaryngology Pediatric integrative medicinePodiatry Pulmonology Rheumatology

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    TABLE OF CONTENTSChoosing the Right DoctorConsider many factors, options ................................ 5

    Choosing a Senior Care FacilityThese tips can help with your decision ................... 18

    Health Care Trends 2012Wellness, prevention, consumer choice play greater

    roles ....................................................................... 4

    Your Legacy of GivingDiscuss your benefi ciary plans now ........................ 11

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    ABOUT THIS DIRECTORYWelcome to the 2012 edition of

    Medical Directory, your guide for fi nding helpful listings

    of health care providers serving the Southwest Metro

    region of the Twin Cities. Feel free to keep this guide

    handy as a resource all year. Use it to fi nd providers,

    clinics and specialists. In addition to this print version,

    which appears in your community newspaper today,

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    822 Yellow Brick RoadChaska, MN


    Our Specialties:

    Your Feet are Going Places Let us take care of them.

    Ankle pain treatments(both acute and chronic)

    Foot and ankle surgery

    Specialty orthotic fabrication

    Toenail problems Arthritis problems of

    the foot and ankle

    Skin and toenail diseases

    Bunions/Hammertoes Foot and ankle trauma Routine foot care for

    the elderly Pediatric foot and

    ankle problems Nerve problems of the

    foot and ankle

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    952-492-2300223 1st St E, Suite 100

    Jordan, MN

    By Angelo Gentile

    As a consumer of health care services in 2012, you can expect to fi nd employers, insurers and health care providers offering more health and wellness programs than ever before to encourage better health and prevention. Also, get ready: you will likely be asked this year to become a savvier consumer as the way health insurance is offered and sold changes.

    Wellness, Awareness, PreventionWe are entering a new era in health care, one which emphasizes health as much as care, Dr. Courtney Baechler, medical director of the Penny George Institute for Health and Healing, a part of Allina Health, said in a recent news release. She was referring to the Neighborhood Health Connection program that Allina recently launched in several of the neighborhoods the Minneapolis-based health system serves. We believe that we can truly help people

    to take control of their health by partnering with them at the neighborhood level.

    This new program, and Baechlers comment about a new era in health care, illustrate how health and wellness and preventing chronic illnesses are getting emphasized more than ever as health insurance organizations, in response to new federal legislation, begin to transfer the cost of reimbursement to a system thats based more on keeping people healthy. In the not-too-distant pastthe old era of health careproviders (clinics, hospitals, etc.) were paid for fi xing sick people.

    Health insurance organizations are wanting to transfer the cost risk to provider organizationsdoctors, hospitalsso now those entities have greater incentives to keep people healthy and out of expensive services such as hospitals and ERs, says Dr. Bob Wiegand, executive vice president, clinic and services, Allina Health.

    This trend will gain momentum in the next few years, Wiegand says, so look for health delivery systems to start beefi ng up health and wellness promotion and businessesemployer groupsto do the same, as they all move toward results-oriented wellness programs, Wiegand says. For instance, there could come a time, soon, in which your individual cholesterol levels, or blood pressure, body composition, or smoking status, could infl uence the health insurance premium you pay as an employee.

    Design your own benefi ts packageYoull need to become a savvier health care consumer to navigate the other major trend this year in health care. It is one, says Wiegand, thats likely to emerge in the next several months as companies offer open enrollment periods for insurance programs.

    In the past, your employer usually offered three or four options for health care insurance. Now, companies will make available a specifi c amount of money for employees and then you get to design a plan that fi ts your needs best. Maybe you would choose a lower or higher deductible, a health-savings account, a broader choice of doctors or a narrower network.

    As costs go up, the options are driven by the employer, explains Wiegand. So, for example, he says, an employer might say well contribute what we think we can afford, then you [the employee] decide what risk or choice or choice limitations you want to tolerate.

    Twin Cities-based Medica already has a program of this type, called My Plan. The companys website describes it as a defi ned contribution benefi ts program. So instead of buying one health plan for all employees, your employer is making available a defi ned amount of money in a My Plan account that you use to purchase a health plan that fi ts your own individual needs. My Plan was created specifi cally to do just thatgive you a plan that fi ts you.

    Will these types of plans work? Its probably too soon to tell. As Wiegand says, if the tools are well-designed for employees, then they probably will be accepted. Otherwise, employees may be overwhelmed by all the choices.

    Either way, Wiegand says, this new approach is defi nitely the biggest change thats coming to our health care market locally.

    Health Care Trends 2012Wellness, prevention, consumer

    choice play greater roles

  • Medical Directory | May 2012 5

    By Kristin Holtz

    A good doctor-patient relationship is one of the best things you can do for your health.But selecting a doctor isnt as easy as just picking one from the phone book. Personalities, convenience, styles, valuesa lot goes into the decision of who will care for you and your family.

    Choosing a doctor is all about fi nding one with whom youre comfortable and willing to share just about anything, says Dr. Sandra Morris, a family practitioner at Allina Medical Clinic-Crossroads Dean Lakes in Shakopee. Its important to have that sense of being comfortable with your provider. If youre not, you might not divulge information we need to know.

    Elizabeth Kennedy, a family medicine doctor at Ridgeview Excelsior Clinic,

    said its important patients clarify their own expectations and priorities when considering doctors. These issues could include questions such as:

    Does the doctors gender matter? Do have specifi c medical needs,

    such as heart disease or diabetes, that require particular care?

    Do you prefer an authoritative doctor or one with a more collaborative approach?

    Do you want an MD or are you open to physician assistants or nurse practitioners?

    Ridgeview Medical Center holds provider meet and greets where potential patients can sit down with primary care doctors for free 15-minute interviews to learn about a doctors style and practice.

    That [meeting] can really give the best sense of whether that relationship will be a good fi t, Kennedy says.

    Getting to know an MDMost providers have online bios that can help patients get a more complete picture of a doctor, Kennedy says. Many of her new patients come to her already familiar with her personal info, specialties and philosophy.

    The Internet also offers resources to research a doctors licensure and disciplinary history. More online sites, such as or, are popping up for patients to review doctors. However, doctors warn online reviews can be misleading since they typically are a small sample.

    Insurance plans have also started to develop physician rating systems. However, they are usually based on statistical data not personal reviews, Morris notes.

    Word of mouth, however, remains the most popular method of referral, doctors say.

    Advertising only tells you so much, Morris says, but a personal reference that I go to this clinic and the staff is always friendly and Ive always had good care can say a lot more than p