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jaypee institue pof information technology noida presents YP jiit128.

Text of Youth Parliament Newsletter



    ISSUE : 06th Nov, 2012


  • Parth Gargava (2nd Year)

    The second youth parliament of JIIT 128 got mixed reactions from the executive board, MPs andthe national press. On one side it was full of entertainment, and looked primarily like a face offbetween the MP of Vidisha and the MP of Solapur, and on the other hand, the council seemedfull of uninterested netas, except a few, not knowing what to do, and discussing topics far awayfrom the agenda given in hand (talk about being part of the Indian parliament!).

    The debate was started by the MP of Solapur, and the council then quickly gained momentum discussing on nuclear development and policies which were never discussed.

    the government should be of the people, by the people and for the people,

    which was the only piece of entertainment for tabal chees, who had no other job, but to bangtheir chairs to death.

    While some parliamentarians were busy getting there photographs clicked, most preferred tostay quiet and chit chat with their neighbors, which created a din (and thus, annoyed thespeaker even more).

    An interesting conversation took place between the respected Speaker and the MP of saran,where the MP repeatedly asked for a plea to get his question against the UPA gets answered. Alot of ruckus was made, resulting in the speaker telling the MP to not waste more time on this.

    The MP of Solapur talked about envisaging India as a super-power in 2030 and the need fornuclear development. (Maam, pehle itne ghotalon ki baat toh niptalo, fir jaake kuch super-power ka sochna). this was sharply followed by the MP of Vidisha putting forward a rhetoric byasking if nuclear reactors are actually how a country becomes a super-power! (Smart of you,Vidisha!)

    In the middle of the session, the MP from Alathur, woke up to propose a motion on aadhar orUID. Sir, all I can say is, you truly belong to the Indian parliament, no clue of where you are andwhat you are speaking. Amidst all the chaos,was a massive walk out by the 3rdfront whohad allthe valid reasons to leave the council (like check out the caf and the chicks (oh sorry, mybad!!), and have a samosa).

    At the end of the day, it was the executive board members who badly needed samosas (with dispirins) for the intolerable head-aches each one of them had!One funny instance was the delegate of Amritsar who spoke for the first time to raise a point ofpersonal privilege and fetch some water in the middle of a very heated argument, which brokethe council into a burst of laughter, while his fellow member of parliament (Rampur) wassending all kinds of Batman symbols through chits (you-know-who!).

    Last, but not the least, the press concluded that the parliamentarians had a good dressing sense(except a few disasters, like the Vice chairs who did not care to change the college uniform),most MPs were smartly dressed

    In case you feel offended by anything, we really dont give a damn! But we still sincerely apologize. Any kind of complaints or feedback will be entertained at http://www/ Waiting for your valuable comments.


    MPs of Patiala, Aonla and Bijnor seemed confidentenough on the topic, with the MP of Bijnor gettingmassive applauds whenever she spoke. MP fromAonla (NDA) also got great appreciation on herfamous dialogue,

    Kuch bola nahi toh kya, kam se kam ,ache kapdetoh pehne!



    pehle apne aapko dekhiye, fir hume kahiye

    Wise words from one of the MPs, in the JIIT128 Youth Parliament. Really we must learn a few witty retorts from them.

    The youth parliament started on a very sincere and a professional note with many MPs from the Third Front (read unprepared) leaving after half n hour only. However the session was saved by the MPs of UPA and NDA who were prepared with hardboiled facts. Another thing to note is that the MPs of UPA were almost double to that of NDA. (Hard Luck NDA!)

    The First Moderated Caucus started with the topic of Nuclear Power Plants and their contribution to India, with many MPs giving valid statements and of course unnecessary points of order (not surprised).

    The NDA MPs raised valid points by questioning the safety and rehabilitation of the people residing near Power plants, while the UPA MPs stressed about the significant contribution the power plants will make to Indias energy needs. The UPA MPs tried to assure the opposition of the effective safety and security of these plants, but then can you really assure anybody in the parliament?

    The UPA MPs were well armed with their arguments, listing the pros of nuclear plants and cons of thermal plants .The MPs from NDA on the other hand also stood their ground and kept questioning the UPA about the economic and safety issues of such plants. Predictably, the discussion turned into a blame game with table banging and terms like 2G scam, coal gate, and Petroleum scam cropping up. Finally the full of wisdom opening words of this article were heard which brought an end to this heated exchange. No wonder The Chair had to remind them twice of the topic.

    The Second and the Third Moderated Caucus were as eventful with as much chaos and confusion. The point of order's were being thrown by the rupee, whose value incidentally is decreasing by the second .But I guess the MPs have much more important witticisms to share than discuss these petty issues.

    However at the end of the day, this session would be called a Success as evidence based arguments were put up and thoughtful questions were asked. Of course, theproceedings, to put it delicately, were questionable .But what is Indian parliament without a few goof ups and one on one exchanges. The session ended with the aptly titled Press awards and the competitive awards being awarded. Few of the MPs were good; most of them were okay, while some of them didnt even try. I wish all of them, best of luck for all future endeavors.

    -Rachit SrivastavaII year


  • Session 1

    1:10- Empty seats everywherePeople were all confused and jostled up about where to sit.

    1:20- So finally, the wait was over. The youth parliament was about to begin!!!

    1:30- National Anthem followed by Roll Call.

    1:45- Seeing the blank expressions on the faces of half of the MPs, the chair decided to explain the laws and rules to be followed in the event.

    1:50- MP of Solahpur proposed the starting of the event with the moderated caucus having the topic- Contribution of Nuclear Power Plants in the development of the country. (However, she seemed more conscious of getting clicked!!)

    1:55- MP of Aonla raised points about the side effects of technology of nuclear power plants. Drew huge support in her favour.

    2:00- The Parliament was heading nowhere. The Manipulant MPs diverged the topic to health hazards regarding nuclear power plants for their convenience.

    2:05- Now this is called VVIP entry. Sleepy heads still arriving!

    2:07- Confusion between MP of Saran, Chair and the MP of Patiala.

    2:10- MP of Solhapur popped up again. She was at loggerheads with MP of Vidisha ( regarding technology of nuclear power plants.) also MP of Ponnani highlighted the details: how Nuclear Power Plants improve the political situation of India and help in nurturing its ties with other countries!

    2:15- MP of Amritsar was getting so bored, he kept raising point of privilege again and again.!!

    2:20- The Third Front walked out while the Finance minister was raising her point.

    2:25- MPs changed seats for better audibility. Yawn.!

    2:30- MP of Kalakucchi raised a good point- What we need is Awareness, not concern. Clapping! MP of Kanpur rightly summed up the coal industry.

    2:45-Quesation hour round begins.Sneaking glances in between, the MP of Patiala asked MP of Hisaar for a coffee after the event!!

    2:50-Half of the female MPs were more interested in complimenting each other for their dresses rather than concentrating on the work at hand.

    3:00- MP of Solhapur pointed out that all calamities are unpredictable and the government does its best to work for the welfare of the people. Her point gained a lot of appreciation.

    3:10-MP of Melgaon made quite a funny statement with his line-Saarakoela(coal)bechdoge to uski kamito mehsooshogina!! At this the crowd broke into a jitter of laughter.

    3:15- Voting was done and the topic of Moderated Caucus was changed to Thorium Scams.

    3:25-Cious all around!! MP of Saran actually claimed that UPA govt was incapable of ruling the people. This put the MPs of UPA in a rage and fuss was created.

    3:30-MPs were raising pla cards without any purpose.MP of Vidishawas told not to speak in Out of Order all the time.

    3:45-Question hour round endsBreak time finally!!

    Session 2

    4:10- Commencement of the session after the break.

    4:15-Gosh! Another heated debate between MP of Vidisha and MP of Solhapur regarding past scams. All the while, the rest of the MPs were sleeping like couch potatoes.

    4:20- MP of Vidisha was giving UPA members stern looks for asking the same old boring questions again.

    4:30- The poor Chair! He seemed so irritated with the MPs, for not showing keen interest in the youth parliament .

    4:45-Another argument between MP of Aonla,Solhapur and the MPof Vidisha.

    4:50-The much awaited Award Ceremony.

    5:00- The youth parliament comes to an end.

    Reported By:Priyanka AgrawalSanskriti ShrivastavaI year



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