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ZimbabweSurrounding Countries

ZambiaMozambiqueSouth AfricaBotswana

Capital: HarareTop Five Cities:HarareBulawayoMutareGwandaChinhoyi


LandformsMunyati RiverVictoria FallsZambezi RiverMatobo National ParkRunde RiverHistoric Landmarks

The Great Zimbabwe National Monument is located in Harare. It represents all of Zimbabwe's cultures, and is very important to the Country.

Victoria Falls is one of the Worlds Seven Wonders. Many people and tourists love to visit Victoria Falls each year.

The Hwange National Park located in Hwange, is a very popular landmark in Zimbabwe. There are safaris and parks located throughout.Recreation

Lake Chivero is located on the Manyame River. Many people visit this lake for its fishing, tours, and animals.

Cricket is the main sport in Zimbabwe. The National Zimbabwean Cricket team is from Harare.

The soapstone bird represents a statuette of a bird that was found at the ruins of Great Zimbabwe, and it represents the history of Zimbabwe. The red star symbolizes the revolutionary struggle for liberation and peace. The green represents the agriculture and rural areas of Zimbabwe. The yellow represents the wealth of the country. The black represents the heritage. And the white represents the peace.

Zimbabwe is located in the southeastern part of Africa. It is a landlocked country. And it borders four countries.

The climate in Zimbabwe varies from where you are. In the higher elevation areas of Zimbabwe the average temperature ranges from 50-55 degrees. If you are in the valleys, and lower elevation areas the temperature ranges from 90-100 degrees. Zimbabwe doesnt get very much rain, it gets its most in the summer.

--Transportation--Most people take trains in Zimbabwe, because it is the cheapest, easiest way of transportation. There are 2,799 kilometers of railway in Zimbabwe.

Most residents in Zimbabwe dont own a car. They rent cars when they need them, otherwise they just walk, ride a train, or bike.

Arts and CultureThe Gweru Museum, located in Gweru, is Zimbabwes National Military Museum.

The Mutare Museum, located in Mutare, has a large collection of Zimbabwean Antiques of Modern Technology.

Zimbabwe Food

Sadza, is Zimbabwes main dish. It looks like mashed potatoes, but its corn meal. They eat it with meat and vegetables typically.

If you wanted to get the best, most traditional Sadza, you would go to Bulawayo.Natural Hazards

Droughts are the main natural hazard in Zimbabwe.

Deforestation is starting to become a major natural hazard in Zimbabwe.

The top three languages:EnglishNdebeleShona

The life expectancy is 45.4 years old.The major religion is Hinduism.

Ethnic Groups in Zimbabwe: Shona: 71%Ndebele: 16%African: 11%White: 1&Asian: 1%

Imports and Exports!Exports:GoldPlatinumCottonImports:MachineryBreadChemicalsZimbabweThe end.


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