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Zoology 305 Library Databases/Indexes Lab. Goals for session: 1) Meet your librarian Kevin Messner ( messnekr@muohio.edu ) 2) Understand tools for journal literature searches, as well as other library resources (e.g. the catalog) 3) Learn search techniques for 3 literature indexes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Zoology 305 Library Databases/Indexes Lab

  • Zoology 305 Library Databases/Indexes LabGoals for session:1) Meet your librarianKevin Messner (messnekr@muohio.edu)2) Understand tools for journal literature searches, as well as other library resources (e.g. the catalog)3) Learn search techniques for 3 literature indexesBiological Abstracts/BIOSISMEDLINE/PubMedScience Citation Index/Web of Science4) How to get to the articles you find in the indexes

  • Accessing these slides and other resourceswww.lib.muohio.edu -> Resources by Subject -> Biology or Zoology ->

    Click the Course Guides tab for these slides

  • Zoology 305Library Databases/Indexes LabCounts as a regular lab grade -- should be a straightforward assignmentComplete assignment sheet and turn in before you leaveGraded sheet will be returned to you

  • Concepts to look for todayHow to access our librarys databases and articlesSearch methods and tipscontents of a literature database recordinterpreting a citationsearching particular components of citationstruncationcombining setsfinding more like this

  • Whats an Index? Library Catalogs vs. IndexesLook for the title Genome variation in the symbiotic nitrogen-fixing bacterium Sinorhizobium meliloti in our catalog.What kind of catalog search to use?Do we have this?

  • Library Catalog vs IndexesCatalog -- a database of the titles the library has in its (print and electronic) collectionIncludes the titles of magazines and journals, but not the individual articles within those magazines and journalsIndex -- a database of literature, usually in a particular field like biology or medicineIncludes and allows searches for particular journal articlesMany items recorded in an index are not held in your library

  • Why these three indexes?Key tools for researching the literature of biology -- e.g., what other work has been done thats relevant to my research project? (or my patient, my grant, my business)Biological Abstracts/BIOSIS: principal life sciences index, especially for ecology, plant biology, other non-biomedical topicsMEDLINE/PubMed: principal index for health sciences and biomedical research. PubMed is FREE -- learn now, you still have access after graduation.Science Citation Index/Web of Science: covers journals across the sciences, links older articles to new ones through citation tracking

  • Biological Abstracts, BIOSISCovers ~6000 journals in life sciences, from molecular biology/biochemistry through ecosystem ecologyBIOSIS includes book chapters, meeting abstracts, other literature beyond journalsVery good database for searching for info on an organism or taxonomic groupFirst look at a sample record -- what exactly are we searching through in these indexes?Look over record for a paper titled Considerations for measuring genetic variation

  • www.lib.muohio.edu

  • Note truncation

  • Search history, combining sets with Boolean operators

  • - What additional synonyms for DNA fingerprinting might you also search on?

  • Searching TaxaI told you to use the term amphibia*. This captures the words amphibia, amphibian, amphibians.When you search for organisms, you should search for both common and scientific namesExample chimpanzeeWhere to find scientific names? Entrez Taxonomy; U Mich Animal Diversity Web, Wikipedia/Wikispecies

  • Entrez Taxonomy

    Access from www.lib.muohio.edu -> Resources by Subject -> Biology -> Web Sites -> Bioinformatics

  • PubMedPremier lit database for health sciences and biomedical research, including molecular biology, biochemistry, physiology, geneticsIncludes 16 million citations, currently going back to 1950sFREE -- Federal tax dollars at work -- learn now, take with you to your next jobYou may find PubMed records in Google searchesLinks to about 30 other informational databases like OMIM, Entrez Gene, GenBank

  • Entrez Journal Browser

  • Field-specific Searching in PubMedMost databases allow you to search not just for text anywhere, but also in specific database fields like author, journal title, address, etc.What if you want to find an article by someone named Silver, in the journal Cell?Use Advanced Search, or tagging.

  • Science Citation Index/Web of ScienceFor any given article, tracks both what other papers it cited, and what papers have cited itProvides quick and powerful way to find a body of related literatureCovers 3500 major journals across scientific/technical fieldsUseful in cross-disciplinary fields (like cognition or biomedical engineering)

  • You can now search BIOSIS, MEDLINE, and Web of Science simultaneously on the Web of Knowledge siteBe aware that youre searching different databases, as some appear to be missing things (e.g. MEDLINE doesnt haveTimes Cited data)Author searching is flaky at present because of different conventions