ZS063-Ceramic BB Grease Bearing (English-20090113) v0
ZS063-Ceramic BB Grease Bearing (English-20090113) v0
ZS063-Ceramic BB Grease Bearing (English-20090113) v0

ZS063-Ceramic BB Grease Bearing (English-20090113) v0

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Ceramic BB Grease Bearing Service Instructions2

Service Instructions

Congratulations on your Full Speed Ahead product. Please read these instructions and follow them for correct use. Since specific tools and experience are necessary for proper installation, it is3 4

recommended that the crankset be installed by a qualified bicycle technician. These instructions and instructions for other FSA products are available for download at





Silicon Grease and Injector (ME084) apply to Ceramic Bearings Bottom Brackets as below models: Item Number / Model Name BB-8010, 8200 / Road MegaExo Ceramic BB Bearings Item Number / Model Name BB-9010, 9200 / MTB MegaExo Ceramic BB Bearings


Follow the assembly order in the illustration: Bottom Bracket (BB) cup Bearing Cover Bearing Seal Silicon Grease Injector Ceramic Bearing Warranty Full Speed Ahead (FSA) warrants all FSA, Gravity, Vision and RPM products to be free Revision Date 13-Jan-09 Contact If you have questions, please visit our web site contact page at : ZS063-v0 Page 1 of 2


from defects in materials or workmanship for a period of two years after original purchase unless otherwise stated in the full warranty policy. The warranty is nontransferable and valid to the original purchaser of the product only. Full warranty policy is available at www.fullspeedahead.com Grease bearing installation


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Use the correct tools to carefully remove the crank arms from bottom bracket assembly. Follow the below steps to grease the ceramic bearings . Carefully remove bearing cover from bearing using a flat blade. Carefully remove bearing seal from bearing using a flat blade. Use silicon grease injector to apply grease over the balls of the bearing . Ensure bearing is clean and free of debris. Note: Approximately one loop of grease will fill the bearing completely. Rotate the bearing to allow the grease to settle in between the bearings. Carefully reinstall bearing seal to original position. Ensure the seal is flat and evenly placed between bearing races. Carefully press bearing cover to original position.

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