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Zuni Indians Reagan Domeier

Zuni Indians

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Zuni IndiansReagan Domeier

About My LifeHi, my name is Chepi. It is the year 1623. Im part of the Zuni Tribe. My village or pueblo, as it is called, in the Zuni language is very large. My tribe has been thriving for over 4000 years and has grown very big. This pretty much my every day life.

About My LifeHave you ever been outside on a hot summer day? You have never been truly hot then. For me most days it is 90 degrees!! Today I am really glad that I have my manta( white knee length cotton dress). My brother is upset because he has to go out to work in only a short kilt, talk about sweaty. One day I hope it will be much cooler.

About My LifeToday we go out and harvest. YEEP!!! In my tribe we have meals of deer, antelope, corn, beans, squash, small game, nuts, fruit, herbs, and a variety of corn bread and soups. That means a lot of cooking and gathering. Wish me luck!

About My LifeToday is the winter solstice which means party time!! My tribe has three main gods known as Earth Sun Father, Mother, and Moonlight Giving Mother. My tribe celebrates the festival of Shakalako today which is dedicated to those gods. You put your left hand in, you put your left hand out

About My LifeToday we go to look for buffalo! In my tribe we have many relationships with buffalo. Even though we eat them we treat them as if they are animal gods. I wish there was a way to get what we need from the buffalo and not have to kill it at all. Alas.


I live in Colorado whereas my grandmother lives in New Mexico. It takes a very long time to get to her for the family reunion. There are quite a few plateaus here. We build houses calls pueblos into the plateaus.

GeographyWhere I live there is a decent amount of grass and corn and beans and squash plants. That is our main source of vegetables. Sometimes we are able to grow sugar snap peas!

GeographyIn my tribal region we mostly have buffaloes and an assortment of small game for animals. Sometimes you catch sight of birds. One time I saw a baby bird and it was so adorable! It also tasted really good.

GeographyRight now it is summer time which means time to harvest the crops and plant new ones!!!!! It also means we get to have a feast in honor of our crops.

Climate and WeatherTo me we have excellent weather. Most of the time it is hot and sunny but every once in a while it rains. I love to jump in the pond after it rains because there is more water. The only bad part is a lot of people use the water for cooking and taking baths.

Climate and WeatherThose times are my most favorite because that means no work and playtime. Tag, your it!

Climate and WeatherFor my tribes plants to survive it means that we have to water the plants twice every day or else they will wither up and die. Also we have to put up a kind of tent to keep the crops from tearing or getting holes in a storm.

20 years laterNow that everything is more modernized I dont know If I like it. I'm not saying that I hate it, Im just saying its unusual. A lot of people that are left in my tribe have these things called covered wagons. It all is so strange.

20 years laterSome of these new ways I am fond of and if I came up with this idea it would have definitely helped my village. Like the covered wagons are good for transporting things to trade instead of on foot.

20 years laterI wish I could have spent more time enjoying my life instead of wishing work time would go quicker. I miss the old times when my mother and I would have girl time while washing clothes.

ReflectionI think that on this project I would get an A because I think that I included all of the information that I needed. The hardest part of this project was finding the information about Zuni Indians because they are not really a well known tribe. The easiest part was the typing all the information.ReflectionThe most annoying part of this project is when Mr. Barber told me to put different topics on different pages. It took so long to do that!!!!! I would like to do this project again but on different Indians. BibliographyPixabay"Pueblo Of Zuni ." Web. 22 Oct. 2013. ."Zuni Indians." Zuni Indians. Web. 22 Oct. 2013. .Zuni Indian Fact Sheet." Zuni Indian Fact Sheet. Web. 22 Oct. 2013. .Social Studies Book