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She qualified in 1922 and practised with untiringzeal in the poorest districts of Poplar. She took a

deep interest in the many problems surrounding thehousing of her clientele, and with the assistance offriends became the owner of property which could beconverted into flats for poor families, her activitiesbeing later taken over by the Bethnal Green Housing

Association, on whose committee she served. Shewas a district medical officer to the London CountyCouncil, a prominent member of the Medical Women’sFederation, and had a valuable and self-sacrificingcareer.

MEDICAL NEWSMedical Society of LondonThe programme for the first half of the 164th session

of this society opens with the annual general meeting at8 P.M. on Monday, Oct. 12th, after which, at 8.30 P.M.,Sir William Willcox will give his presidential addressentitled Clinical Immunity. Dates and subjects for theMonday evening discussions are as follows : Oct. 26th,carcinoma of the cervix (to be introduced by Mr. MalcolmDonaldson); Nov. 9th, aetiology and treatment of

impacted wisdom teeth (Mr. Bowdler Henry); Dec. 14th,treatment of haematemesis (Dr. H. Letheby Tidy, Mr.G. Gordon-Taylor, Dr. G. de Bec Turtle). On Nov. 23rdthere will be a clinical evening. The Lettsomian lectures for1937 will be given by Sir Thomas Dunhill on Feb. 15th,24th, and March 1st, his subject being the surgery of thethyroid gland. Dr. R. A. Young will deliver the annualoration on May 10th, speaking on perspective and poisein practice, and Sir Robert McCarrison the Lloyd Robertslecture on adventures in research, on Nov. 19th, 1936.The address of the society is 11, Chandos-street, W.I.

Ministry of HealthThe Minister of Health and the President of the Board

of Education have jointly appointed Mr. E. R. Thompsonto be press officer in the public relations departments ofthe Ministry and the Board.A Conference PostponedThe tenth annual conference of the International Union

against Tuberculosis, which was to have been held inLisbon from Sept. 7th to 10th, has been postponed. Dateand particulars of the new arrangements for the con-

ference will be announced as soon as possible.Royal Infirmary, AberdeenThe Duke of York, accompanied by the Duchess, will

open the new Royal Infirmary next month.A Course on Venereal Disease

During the autumn Lieut.-Colonel E. T. Burke, directorof the London County Council (Whitechapel) Clinic, is togive a course of instruction on modern methods in thediagnosis and treatment of venereal diseases. The lecturesand demonstrations will be given on Monday, Wednesday,and Thursday afternoons from Oct. lst., but attendancefor practical tuition will also be required. Further

particulars may be found in our advertisement columns.

Royal Eastern Counties Institution for the MentallyDefectiveResearch in the heredity and causes of mental deficiency

has received a great impetus through the generosity ofthe Hon. Alexandrina Peckover, who has given 2200 forthe building of a laboratory and research offices at theRoyal Eastern Counties’ Institution at Colchester. Forthe last five years an important inquiry has been carriedon at the institution by Dr. Lionel Penrose and his assis-tants, and has been jointly financed by the MedicalResearch Council, the Darwin trustees, and the institution.It was felt that there should be far reaching results fromthis work and, since the research department had out-grown its previous temporary quarters, a new laboratorywas urgently required. In 1900 the late Lord Peck overpresented to the institution the Peckover schools andworkshops, and these have had a beneficial and lastinginfluence on the success of the training there.

Dunbar Hospital, ThursoSir Archibald Sinclair has opened a new wing to this

hospital.Central Middlesex HospitalThe Middlesex Council is spending 200,545 on exten-

sions to the Central Middlesex Hospital in North Acton.These include a new maternity ward block of 60 beds.

Medical DiaryInformation to be included in this column should reach us

in proper form on Tuesday, and cannot appear if it reachesus later than the first post on Wednesday morning.


BRITISH POSTGRADUATE MEDICAL SCHOOL, Ducane-road, W.THURSDAY, August 27th.-2.15 1’.1B1., Gynaecological Endo-

crinology.FRIDAY.-2.15 P.M., Department of Gynaecology : Patho-

logical Demonstration.Daily, 10 A.M. to 4 P.M. Medical Clinics. Surgical Clinics

or Operations. Obstetrical and Gynaecological Clinicsor Operations.

AppointmentsCROME, LEONARD, L.R.C.S., has been appointed Assistant

Medical Officer at Brockhall, near Blackburn.ELHS, MAXWELL, M.D. Lond., F.R.C.S. Eng., Hon. Surgeon

to the Golden-square Throat, Nose, and Ear Hospital,London.

LiviNGSTONE, GAVix, M.B. Lond., F.R.C.S. Eng., Hon. Surgeonto the Golden-square Throat, Nose, and Ear Hospital,London.

14W cDouGazL, I. A., M.R.C.S. Eng., Junior Medical Officer atMonsall Hospital, Manchester.

PmiBLETT, G. B. S., M.R.C.S. Eng., Medical Officer at RamptonState Institution for Mental Defectives.

Certifying Surgeons under the Factory and WorkshopActs : Dr. J. Pearson (Bonnybridge District, Stirlingshire) ;Dr. E. J. Jones (Pembroke District, Pembrokeshire); Dr. G.Burnet (Hemel Hempstead District, Hertford).

Births, Marriages, and DeathsBIRTHS

BLACEWOOD.—On August llth, at Newcastle-on-Tyne, thewife of Frederick A. Blackwood, F.R.C.S., Durham, ofa daughter.

GEAR.-On August 12th, at Pretoria, the wife of Dr. H. S.Gear, of a son.

LITTLE.-On August llth, 1936, at the Shearwood-roadNursing Home, Sheffield, to Megan (née Evans-George),wife of George S. R. Little, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., of Worksop,Notts-a son, David.

MARSDE.—On August 14tb, at Sidcup, the wife of Dr. J.Pickford Marsden, of a son.

PiNET.—On August 8th, at Devonshire-place, W., the wifeof Dr. A. Piney, of a son.

SCOTT.-On August 12th, at Devonshire-place, the wife ofPhilip G. Scott, F.R.C.S. Eng., of 130, Harley-street,of a daughter.

WiLMAMS.—On August 9th, at Devonshire-place, the wife ofGarth Williams, F.R.C.S., of a son.

MARRIAGESEERR—DREWITT.—On August 10th, at St. Stephen’s Church,

Twickenham, John Norman Kerr, M.D. Lond., to 1. V.Evelyn E. Drewitt, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Drewitt,of Twickenham Park, formerly of Bournemouth.


Ross—DANIELS.—On August 17th, 1886, at St. Peter’s ParishChurch of Brighton, Douglas M. Ross, M.D. Edin., toEmma Daniels.

DEATHSBATEMAN.-On August 13tb, at New Cross-road, London,

Percy J. Bateman, L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S. Edin., L.R.F.P.S.Glasg-.

CURL.-OnAugust 13th, in London, Sydney W. Curl, M.D. Camb.,F.R.C.P. Lond., of Colchester, aged 62.

GoI3F..--On August 12th, at Kingston, Folkestone, AlfredJoseph Gore, M.R.C.S. Eng., in his 74th year.

ROBB.-On August 10th, in Orkney Islands, Scotland, JamesJenkins Robb, O.B.E., M.D. Glasg., D.P.H. Birm., of King’sNorton, Birmingham.

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