Page 1: Composition for etching aluminum alloys

tic such that the composition has higher vis- and nitrogen, which is chromium nitride at cosity when subjected to substantially no the portion of the coating in contact with the shear movement and lower viscosity when surface of the substrate and continuously in- the composition is subjected to movement creases in chromium content from the sub- having high shear rate; and a rust inhibitor. strate surface to the coating surface.

Composition for Etching Aluminum Alloys U.S. Patent 5,587,103. Dec. 24, 1996 TA. Dennis, ass&or to Hard.. Corn... Melbourne, F/a.

Nickel-Plated Steel Strip U.S. Patent 5,587,248. Dec. 24, 1996 H. Ohmura et a/., assignors to Toyo Kohan Co. Ltd., Tokyo

A method for removing aluminum alloy from a substrate comprising applying a composition of 5 to 10 parts by volume nitric acid, 4 to 10 parts by volume buff- ered oxide etch, 30 to 65 parts by volume phosphoric acid, and 21 to 30 parts by volume water.

A corrosion-resistant steel sheet or strip comprising a base sheet made of a cold-rolled steel sheet or strip and a diffusion layer consist- ing essentially of iron and nickel and having a thickness in the range of 0.3 to 10.9 pm on at least one surface of the base sheet as a top exposed layer, wherein the diffusion layer is formed by recrvstaUizing a nickel layer, which has been &ctrGplated on at least oneVsurface of the base sheet.

Replica Plating Device U.S. Patent 5,587,322. Dec. 24, 7996 G. L. Chrebef, assignor to Replica Tech Inc., Princeton, NJ.

A device for replica plating having a sheet material capable of transferring cel-

Chromium and Nitrogen Coating U.S. Patent 5,587,227. Dec. 24, 1996 M. Ooya, assignor to Kabushiki Kaisha Riken, Tokyo

A wear-resistant coating provided on a surface of a substrate of a slidable component and comprising a composition of chromium




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lular colonies from one medium to another medium.

Thermosetting Coating Composition U.S. Patent 5,587,418. Dec. 24, 1996 R. Sasaki and T: Ina, assignors to Nissan Motor Co. Ltd., Kanagawa and JBL Co. Lid., Osaka, both of Japan

A thermosetting coating composition com- prising a graft copolymer obtained by copoly- merizing acrylic monomers, unsaturated car- boxylic acids, acrylic monomers containing hydroxyl groups with chlorinated polyolefin containing anhydride in the presence of an or- ganic solvent phase, and melamine resin, which is available for use as a primerless colored base coat of a 2-cost, l-bake coating for a poly- olefinic substrate.

Solventless Coating Compositions U.S. Patent 5,587,428. Dec. 24, 1996 EN. Jones et a/., assignors to Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, Mich.

A polymeric vehicle having at least 88% solids, which is effective for providing a

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