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Technic Inc., Cranston, R.I. COATINGS

Technic supplies a complete range of electroless nickel products for a variety of general metal- finishing applications with features such as auto- matic pH regulation and easy 1:l component re- plenishment. Stable, economical formulations exhibit long bath life even in difficult, nonferrous substrates such as aluminum and zinc die-casts. High-phosphorus and Teflon options are available for corrosion resistance and specific lubricity re- quirements.

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Wear-Cote International Inc., Rock Island, Ill.

Electroless nickel fluorocarbon composite coatings provide a self-replenishing layer of hard, low co- efficient of friction submicron particles in an elec- troless nickel matrix. Patented Wear-Cote Plus CF, is an electroless composite incorporating elec- troless nickel and exclusive submicron particles exhibiting excellent coefficient of friction and wear resistance properties. Extensive comparative evaluations against other coatings are available from Wear-Cote International Inc.

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They don’t seem threatening, but they’ll bite into maintenance

budgets real fast with corrosion and replacement costs. +GF+ CALORPLAST Heat Exchangers last virtually forever

and offer superior corrosion resistance to the most severe fluids.

They’re ideally suited for heating or cooling most corrosive acids in metal finishing. Available in PVDF, polyethylene

and polypropylene. Customized

styles conform to any vessel ‘. ,,_ geometry. Visit our website for ,:’ ..,

complete details.

l New tubular design increases surface area 66%

l Thin (2.2”) profile occupies minimum tank space

l PVDF rated for 35 psig steam

l Custom configurations without added costs

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