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Biological Psychiatry-Manuscript Submission Form-

This form should be completed by every author and accompany every new manuscript submission. It must be fully complete and accurate, with signatures from ALL authors, before a manuscript can be finalized. Please scan the completed form(s) and attach them electronically during the submission process. If you are unable to do so, fax the completed form(s) to the Editorial Office at (214) 645-9208.

By providing my signature below, I acknowledge my acceptance to and/or certification of the following information:

➢ Approval of the Submitted Work and Acknowledgment of Corresponding Author. I have personally reviewed and given final approval of the version submitted, and with the exception of previously published work or data which is clearly acknowledged in the manuscript and for which appropriate written permission has been obtained, to my knowledge, neither the manuscript nor its data have been previously published (except in abstract) or are currently under consideration for publication by any other publication. I agree that the named corresponding author shall be the sole correspondent with the Editorial Office on all matters related to this submission. In the event of acceptance, I designate the corresponding author as the responsible party for all communications with the Journal’s publisher related to this work, including review and correction of the typeset proof. I understand that once a manuscript is accepted, no substantial changes to the content will be allowed.

➢ Authorship Contribution. I have participated sufficiently in the work to take public responsibility for all or part of the content, AND have made substantive intellectual contributions to the submitted work in the form of: 1) conception and design, and/or acquisition of data, and/or analysis of data; AND 2) drafting the article, and/or revising it critically for important intellectual content.

➢ Financial and Material Support. All sources of grant or other financial support, as well as any material support, are listed in the Acknowledgments section of this manuscript.

➢ Conflicts of Interest and Financial Disclosures. To the best of my knowledge, I and my co-authors have provided full disclosure of any and all biomedical financial interests, and have specified the nature of all potential conflicts of interest, financial or otherwise, in the manuscript. This disclosure includes direct or indirect financial or personal relationships, interests, and affiliations relevant to the subject matter of the manuscript that have occurred over the last two years, or that are expected in the foreseeable future. This disclosure includes, but is not limited to, grants or funding, employment, affiliations, patents (in preparation, filed, or granted), inventions, honoraria, consultancies, royalties, stock options/ownership, or expert testimony. For authors that have nothing to declare, this has been explicitly stated.

➢ Transfer of Copyright. Except in cases where copyright cannot be transferred (e.g., the work was performed by U.S. government employees), I understand that copyright will be transferred to the Society of Biological Psychiatry upon acceptance of this submission for publication in the Journal. I authorize the corresponding author to execute the Journal Publishing Agreement on my behalf.

➢ Corresponding Author. If I am named as the corresponding author (below), I additionally acknowledge/certify that (1) all individuals who meet criteria for authorship are included as authors, (2) the version submitted is the version that all authors have approved, and (3) written permission has been received by all individuals named in the Acknowledgments section.

Each Author Must Fully Complete This Section:

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