ESTABLISHMENTS. Royal Army Medical College, Major Rarold B. Fawcus, M.B., Royal Army Medical

    Corps, to be an Assistant Professor, vice Major C. F. Wanhill, whose tenure of that appointment has expired, dated January 1,1912.

    ROYAL ARMY MEDICAL CORPS. Supernumerary Lieutenant-Colonel Charles C. Reilly is restored to the establishment,

    vice R. C. Thurston, C.M.G., supernumerary, dated December 20, 1911. The undermentioned Majors to be Lieutenant-Colonels: Stephen F. Clark, M.B.,

    vice T. W. O'H. Hamilton, C.M.G., M.B., retired, dated November 4,1911. Edward M. Hassard, vice W. W. Pike, D.S.O., M.B., promoted, dated November 9, 1911. Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Sir William B. Leishman, Kt., F.R.S., M.B., vice J. M. Irwin, promoted, dated December 11, 1911. James Thomson, M.B., vice Sir W. B. Leish-man, Kt., F.R.S., M.B., Supernumerary, dated December 11, 1911. Gerald T. Rawnsley, vice F. S. Reuston, C.M.G., retired, dated January 22, 1912. Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel A. P. Blenkinsop, vice G. T. Rawnsley, Supernumerary, dated January 22, 1912. Robert J. Copeland, M.B., vice Robert G. Hanley, deceased, dated January 30, 1912. John Girvin, vice F. P. Nichols, M.B., retired, dated February 9, 1912.

    The undermentioned Captains to be Majors: dated January 25, 1912. William L. Baker, Frederick W. Cotton, Frank M. Parry, M.B., Bertram R. Dennis, M.B., William J. P. Adye-Curran, John Powell, M.B., William Bennett, M.B., Thomas Biggam, M.B., Basil S. Bartlett, Dermot O. Hyde, M.B., Albert E. Hamerton, D.S.O., George J. Roughton, John- G. Churton, Arthur D. Waring, M.B., Alfred F. Weston, James Dorgan, M.B., Charles H. Furnivall, aud FitzGerald G. FitzGerald.

    The undermentioned Officers are placed on retired pay: Lieutenant-Colonel Frederick S. Heuston, C.M.G., dated January 22, 1912. Major Ernest C. Anderson, D.S.O., dated January 30, 1912. Lieutenant-Colonel Frederick P. Nichols, M.B., dated February 9, 1912. .

    Lieutenant-ColOnel Heuston entered the Service as a Surgeon, Army Medical Department, on February 2, 1884; became Surgeon-Major, Army Medical Staff, on February 2, 1896; Lieutenaut-Colonel,. Royal Army Medical Corps, on February 2, 1904, and L~eutenant-Colonel with increased pay on July 2, 1910. He was seconded for service under the Chinese Government from February 4, 1894, to January 31, 1898 ; and also whilst Surgeon and Physician for the Royal Infirmary, Kilmainham, from October 1, 1902, to September 30, 1907. Ris war service is: Razara .Expedition, 1888 -Medal with clasp. South African War, 1899-1902-Relief of Ladysmith, including action at Colenso. Operatious of January 17 to 24, 1900, and action at Spion Kop. Operations of February 5 to 7, 1900, and action at Vaal Kranz. Operatious on Tugela Heights (February 14 to 27, 1900), and action at Pieter's Hill. Operations in Natal, March to June 1900, including action ;1t Laings Nek (June 6 to 9). Despatches, London Gazette, February 8, 1901 (Sir R. R. Buller, March 30 to November 9, 1900), and London Gazette, April 16, 1901. Queen's medal with six clasps. King's medal with two clasps. C. M. G. The Emperor of China conferred upon him the Insignia of the Imperial Order of the Double Dragon (Third Class) in recognition of his services to the wounded during the war between China and Japan.

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    y Med C

    orps: first published as 10.1136/jramc-18-03-19 on 1 M

    arch 1912. Dow

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  • 58

    Major Anderson entered the Service as a Surgeon.Lieutenant, Medical Staff, on January 30, 1892; became Surgeon-Oaptain, Army Medical Staff, on January 30, 1895, and Major, Royal Army Medical Oorps, on January 30, 1904. His war service is: South African War, 1899·1902-Relief of Kimberley. Operations in the Orange Free State, February to May, 1900, including operations at Paardeberg, February 17 to 26, actions at Poplar Grove and Dreifontein. Despatches, London Gazette, February 8, 1901. Queen's medal with four clasps. King's medal witb two clasps. D.S.O.

    Lieutenant-Oolonel Nichols entered the Service as a Surgeon, Army Medical Depart-ment, on July 30, 1881; became Surgeon-Major, Army Medical Staff, on July 30, 1893 ; Lieutenant-Oolonel, Royal Army Medical Oorps, on July 30, 1901, and Lieutenant-Oolonel with increased pay on September 18, 1907.

    Major Arthur E. Thorp retires receiving a gratuity, dated January 20, 1912. He entered the Service as a Lieutenant, Royal Army Medical Oorps, on July 27, 1898; became Oaptain, July 27,1901, and Major, April 27, 1910.

    Oaptain Oarlisle Kelly is placed temporarily on the half· pay list on account of ill-health, dated January 5; 1912.

    Oaptain Herbert O. M. Beadnell, from the half· pay list, is restored to the establishment, dated January 17, 1912.

    Lieutenant James R. Hill, M.B., is transferred to the Reserve of Officers under the provisions of Article 632, Royal Warrant for Pay and Promotion, 1909, dated January 30, 1912. Lieutenant Thomas A. Weston, from the seconded list, is restored to the establishment, dated December 1, 1911.

    The undermentioned I,ieutenants are confirmed in their rank: Hugh G. Monteith, John S. Levack, M.B.,. Tom O. ,R. Archer, Basil H. H. Spence, M.B., Edward S. Calthrop, M.B., Robert Davidson, M.B., Herbert S. Blackmore, James M. Elliott, M.B., Douglas W. Bruce, M.B., Richard T. Vivian, Edward G. H. Cowen, M.B., Leonard Buckley, M.B., William L. Webster, M.B., Stanley P. Sykes, lYI.B., Henry J. G. Wells, M.B., Ernest C. Deane, Frank S. Tamplin, Ivor R. Hudleston, WilliamStewart,M.B., Alexander G. J. MacIlwaine, and Arthur S. Heale.

    The undermentioned Quartermasters arid Honorary Lieutenants are granted the hOliorary rank of Oaptain: John Gillman, Royal Army Medical Corps, dated January 11, 1912. Thomas Francis Cope, Royal Army Medical Oorps, dated January 11, 1912.

    MEMORANDUM,-Surgeon.General Arthur T. Sloggett" O.B., C.M.G., to be an Honorary Surgeon to the King, vice Surgeon. General Sir F. W. Trevor, K.C.S.L, C.B., M.B., who has been placed on retired pay, dated January 1, 1912.

    Colonel William G. Macpherson, C.M.G., M.B., to be an Honorary Physician to the King, vice Surgeon-General Sir J. A. Woolfryes, K.C.B., C.M.G., deceased, dated January 13, 1912.

    Lieutenant-Colonel Oharles H. Melville, M.B., R.A.M.C., to be Brevet-Oolonel. Dated February 24, 1912.

    HIGHER RATE OF PAY.-Lieutenant·Colonels R. H. Hall, G. Cree, and S. C. Philson have been selected for the higher rate of pay under Article 317, Royal Warrant.

    ARRIVALS HOME FOR DUTY.-From India, on January 17: Major J. Hennessy, Captains M. Reane, and O. F. White; on February 1: Lieutenant·Oolonel W. A. Morris, Captains R. E. Humfrey, \V. Benson, and W. C. Nimmo.

    From Mauritius, on January 21: Major P. Mackessack, Captain G. B. Edwards. From Hong Kong, on January 21: Captain W. J. E. Bell. From South Africa, on January 21: Captain E. T. Potts. From Jamaica, on January 22: Major F. G. Richards. From Bermuda, on February 2: Major P. H. Falkner, Captain J. A. B. Sim. ARRIVALS HOME ON LEAVE.-Oaptains C. M. Drew, P. S. Stewart, and H. L.


    TRANSFERS.-Major J. J. W. Prescott, D.S.O., from the Northern to the Southern Command.

    TRANSFERS TO THE HOME ESTABLISHMENT.-From South Africa, on February 22, Captain F. O. Sampson. From Malta, on March 22, Captain P. J. Marett.

    POSTINGS.-Captains F, C. Sampson and J. A. B. Sim to the Scottish Oommand. Major P. Mackessack, Oaptains W. O. Nimmo, M. Keane, P. J. Marett, to the Eastern Oommand. Major J. Hennessy, Oaptains C. F. White, G. B. Edwards, W. J. E. Bell, to the Southern Command. Major F. G. Richards, Captains R. E. Humfrey, W.

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    orps: first published as 10.1136/jramc-18-03-19 on 1 M

    arch 1912. Dow

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  • 59

    Benson, E. T. Potts, to the Irish Command. Major P. H. Falkner, to the London District (temporarily).

    APPOINTMENTS.-Major P. Mackessack, to be a Sanitary Officer, Eastern Command. Captain C. E. Fleming, to be Specialist in Ophthalmology, South Africa.

    RETIRED PAY APPOINTMENTS.-Lieutemtnt-Colonel F. P. Nichols, Medical Charge at Bodmin. Major G. B. Russell, Medical Charge at Netheravon.

    ROSTER FOR SERVICE ABROAD.-Majors W. E. Hardy and F. W. Begbie have exchanged to higher positions on the roster with Majors'R. S. H. Fuhr, D.S.O., and E. T. F. Birrell respectively.

    EMBARKATIONS.-For India.-On January 27, Lieutenant-Colonel J. Donaldson, Majors L. Way and C. S. Smith, Captain H. T. Stack, Lieutenants S. S. Dykes and C. T. V. Benson. On February 14, Lieutenant-Colonel C. C. Reilly, Major F. J. W. Porter, D.S.O., Major A. A. Seeds, Captain A. W. Sampey, Lieutenant W. H. O'Riordan.

    For Egypt.-On January 27, Captain T. J. Potter. For South Africa.-On January 31, Major C. H. Straton, Captain J. P. J. Murphy,

    Lieutenants G. P. Taylor, H. R. Edwards, R. M. Davies, and R. C. G. M. Kinhead.

    F01' West Africa.-On February 3, Major B. B. Burke, Captains G. B. Baillie and H. B. ConneIl, Lieutenant G. H. Stack.

    For Jamaica.-On February 14, Lieutenant-Colonel J. B. Wilson.


    The following promotions, to complete Establishment, will take effect from the dates specified :-

    To be Serfeant-Mafors.

    No. I Rank and Name I Date I Section

    9737 Qmr.-Serjt. Bennett, E . .. 23.10.11

    10009 "

    Genese, J. D ... 7.12.11

    To be Q1tartel'master-Serjeants.

    11214 S.-Serjt. .. Squire, W. E. ; . 23.10.11 9890

    " Perry, C. 7.12.11

    To be Staif-Serfeants. 8968 Serjeant.. Keefe, C. R. W. 22.10.11

    11089 Flint, F. S. 23.10.11

    16473 George, W. 23.10.11

    17229 Hutchens, W ... 28.10.11

    11528 Bannist~r, J. 3.11.11

    10830 Davidson, A. 3.11.11

    15808 Primer, C. 7.12.11






    W. Deans, to pension.

    J. Ritchie, to pension.

    E. Bennett, promoted.

    J. D. Genese, promoted.

    Under para. 353 King's Regulations, Supernumerary wi th Territorial Forces.

    Vice W. E. Squire, promoted.

    F. S. Flint, Supernumerary with Colonial Government.

    " T. Clement, to pension.

    J. Sallis, to pension.

    " A. Gibbons, to Colonial Gov-ernment.

    " C. Perry, pro-moted.

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    y Med C

    orps: first published as 10.1136/jramc-18-03-19 on 1 M

    arch 1912. Dow

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  • 60

    To be Serjeants.


    I Rank and Name Date Section Remarks

    11275 Lce.-Serjt. Breewood, A ... 23.10.11 Cooking Vice W. George, pro-moted.

    17278 8erjeant .. McLennan, J ... 26.10.11 Nursing From C oIoni al Government, vice W. Hutchens, pro-moted.

    10425 Lce.-Serjt. Tollafield, A. .. 31.10.11 Cooking 3pecial as High Class Cook, vice A. Ha r r i s, to Territorial Forces.

    14706 .. Cairns, J. 1.11.11 General Duty as Musketry Instructor,vice A. E. Macklen, to Egyptian

    14334 .. Rose, S. 2.11.11 Cooking Army. Vice A. E. Garbett-Burbidge, r to Territorial Forces.

    16304 "

    Langley, A. 3.11.11 Nursing "


    12669 "

    Grinham, C. W. 3.11.11 Cooking "

    A. Davidson, promoted.

    16130 "

    Lacey, W. 8.11.11 T. Giachardi, discharged.

    11440 Farmer, W. 15.11.11 General Duty A. H. Godfrey,

    to Colonial Government.

    1624.7 "

    Freeman, E. S. 7.12.11 "

    C. Primer, pro-moted.

    12547 Triggs, A. 31.12.11 Nursing H. E. Hart, dis-charged.

    To be Oorporals. 12627 Lce.-Corpl. Borland, H. General Duty , 12751 Carter, T. B.


    Q.A.I.M.N.S. 13004 Leishman, R. .. Nursing 13067 Lewis, T. General Duty 14337 Sadler, G. Q.A.I.M.N.S. 16155 Clarke, G. Cooking 17699 Morral!, C. Nursing 17965 Thompson,I.J.J. General Duty 18061 Cairns, W. Q.A.I.M.N.S. 18380 Bodger, E. Clerical 18427

    " Barber, P. Q.A.I.M.N.S. To complete 18893 Hazell, J. 1.1.12 General Duty Establishment. 18627 Cockburn. B.

    18648 Haley, J. 'B. Nu;~ing 18656 Maywood, H. G.

    Gen'~ral Duty 18689 "

    Appleton, C. .. 18725 Loweth, I. Q.A.I.M.N.S. 18739 Bradford, R. C. Nursing 18737 Stovold,W. T ...

    " 18763 Smith, F. J. .. General Duty J8805

    " Oharlton, W ...

    Cooking 18808 Steels, W. 18821

    " West an, G. Nursing

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    y Med C

    orps: first published as 10.1136/jramc-18-03-19 on 1 M

    arch 1912. Dow

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  • 61


    The following appointments, to complete Establishment, will take effect from the dates specified:--

    To be Lance-Serjeants.

    No. Rank and Name Date Section Remarks

    10861 Corporal Cleare, G. Nursing 10808 Burden, H. S ... General Duty I A, Dm 12557 Harvey, P. pensers 18133 Shaw, J. A.

    Q. A'.I.M.N. S. 17427 Higgins, L. ~ '" p

    12195 Joyce, A. Cooking {SpeCial as 4-"'" 1.1.12 High Class ~S 13310 West, S. "'" Cook S·;!.l 16756 Brown,N. W ... Q.A.I.M.N.S.

    }Mlli' 8~

    17409 Kimberley, H. Nursing 0"'" 12485 Nicholas, E. 8'"

    " p;:j

    12592 Fraser, J. G; "

    pensers 14797 Cooke, J. E.

    " 12496 "

    McKay, J. General Duty

    To be Lance-Oorporals.

    756' Private Pateman, G. .. 15.11.11 General Duty 1848' Martins, A. V. 15.11.11 Nursing

    19863' Mattison, W. H. 28.11'.11 " 19827" Baxter, J. W ... 5.12.11 " 19884* Hart, F. E. 5.12.11 ..

    19446* Davies, D. 21.12.11 Gen'~ral Duty 19478' Pollitt, A. 21.12.11

    19792* Baigent, H. A. 21.12.11 Nursing 935' Griffith Williams, 21.12.11

    H.M. 1032* Mean, E. 21.12.11

    " 2147' Hampson, W.C. 21.12.11 1st Class Clerk 4882' -Summers, F. G. 21.12.11

    " 14452 Godfrey, F. " 15835 Blavis, W. Nursing

    17123 Sawyer, W. H. Q.A'.I.M.N.S.

    To complete 1'7208 Bailey, J. Establishment. 17275 Wheeler, G. H. Superintend-

    ing Cook 17401 Wright, H. J ... Nursing 18289 Tweed, L. Cooking 18379 White, A.

    " 18675 Partridge, A. C. 1.112 " 19038 .. Floyd, H. W ... General Duty

    19128 Burr, W. G. .. Nursing "1 19179 Mirams, V. R. General Duty 19211 Bowen, G. Nursing "1 19234 Thurgar, E. .. General Duty 19249 Caste, J. Nursing "I 19409 Hutchinson, A.

    1st Class Cle~k 19391 Walker, G. W. 19401 Harland, A. E. General Duty i


    * Special under para. 281 Standing Orders.


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    y Med C

    orps: first published as 10.1136/jramc-18-03-19 on 1 M

    arch 1912. Dow

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  • 62


    The undermentioned non·commissioned officers have been selected for admission into Q.A.1.M.N.S., with increased pay at sixpence (6d.) a day, from the dates specified :-

    No. I

    Rank and Name Date Station

    16756 Corporal Brown, N. W. 31.5.11 Edinburgh. 48725 Lce.·Cpl. Loweth,1. 12.9.11 London. 18427

    " Barber, P. 6.10.11 Jamaica.


    The undermentioned have been awarded A.F. C 344, on the dates specified:-

    No. 1 Rank and Name 1 Date 11 No. 1 Rank and Name Date

    19814 Private .• 19464 Lce.·Cpl.

    Croker, A. G. 22.9.10 Chamberlain, 22.9.10


    19605 19484

    84 844 189

    223 17541 19481 17818

    1946 1~004 1094

    19806 1644

    19646 16710

    Private .• Taylor, G. A. 15.4.11 .. .. Peake, W. 26.4.11

    Corporal McConn, P... 9.5.11 1425 Private.. Mills, A. W. V. 9.5.11 904

    . . Horsnell, J. 10.10.11 1344 " .. Jane, E. .. 10.10.11 19871

    Lce.·Cpl. Leishman, R. 16.10.11 18610 Private.. Alloway, H. B. 16.10.11 18577

    .. Deans, W. 16.10.11 2027

    .. Flavell, C. W. 16.10.11 '118950

    .. Gosling.H.T.S. 16.10.11119093

    .. King, H. S ..• 16.10.11 I 2186

    Private.. Nairn, M. . .116.10.11 .. .. Posner, W. T. 16.10.11

    .. Richardson, J. 16.10.11

    .. Johnstone, B. 17.10.11 .. ..


    .. .. Evamy, W... 17.10.11 .. Dunn, J. J... 23.10.11 .. Shelley, W. C. 23.10.11 .. Brash, R. H. 28.10.11

    Serj'i. :: Private ..

    Lce:~Cpi: Private ..

    Hassard,H. W. 31.10.11 Read, F. L... 31.10.11 Coney, E. H. 7.12.11 Fielder, A. J. 30.10.11 Lane, A. . . 31.10.11 Jenkins, H. E. 22.11.11

    NURSING SECTION. The following appointments to the Nursing Section of the Corps will take effect

    from the dates specified:-

    12129 Serjt ... Barnes, S. M ... 18.9.11 1363 Pte. "1 Green, H. .. 13.11.11 5261 Pte. .. Scott, L. lVr. 2.10.11 1574 .. .. Price, H. .. 13.11.11 1359

    " .. Collier, W. N ... 2.10.11 12819 Serjt... Riches, W. H. 20.11.11

    5222 "

    .. Mogg, A. W. .. 11.10.11 18216 " "I Leggett, R. G. 28.11.11 5358

    " .. Fenn, G. D. 11.10.11 17736

    Pt~. .. Keeble, J. D ... 30.11.11

    5362 "

    .. Grantham, A ... 11.10.11 4491 •. Montague, G. E. 6.12.11 4318

    " .. Hayes, W. .. 11.10.11 5137

    " "1 ",",kw,n, A ... 6.12.11

    4435 "

    .. Hunter, J. G ... 11.10.11 5147 "

    .. Mullen, J. .. 6.12.11 4841

    " .. Clarke, A. E. .. 11.10.11 5250 .. .. King, H. T ... 6.12.11

    5277 " .. Hewson, J. .. 11.10.11 5353

    " .. Harris, J. 6.12.11

    5423 "

    .. Byrne, P. .. 11.10.11 5367 .. .. Weston, A. J ... 6.12.11 5463

    " .. Taylor, H. E. .. 11.10.11 5~74

    " .. Co'x, J. W. .. 6.12.11

    5628 "

    .. Garwood, A. .. 25.10.11 5386 "

    .. Gray, F. A. .. 6.12.11 5202 .. .. Roughley, J. . . 25.10.11 5387 " .. Lee, T ... .. 6.12.11 5390 .. " Tait, D. C. .. 25.10.11 18673 " .. Bidgood, C. W. 18.12.11 5105

    " .. Pawson, F. .. 31.10.11 5290

    " .. Hadfield, E. .. 18,12.11

    5224 "

    .. Barnard, J. F. 31.10.11 5368 .. .. Bowden, R. J . 18.12.11 5281

    " .~ Jerred, A. .. 31.10.11 5361

    " .. Orr, R ... .. 18.12.11

    5843 .. .. Fraser, J. .. 4.11.11 5371 " .. Dunne, D. .. 18.12.11 5231 "

    .. Maylor, F. .. 6.11.11 5482 "

    .. Laird, A. G. .. 18.12.11 5330

    " .. Stretch, T. W. 6.11.11 5487

    " .. lUorris, C. O ... 18.12.11

    5036 " . '[ Garland, J. E. 9.11.111

    5307 "

    .. Garley, S. W ... 22.12.11 5253

    " .. KeIsey, J. A. .. 9.11.11 5312

    " .. Slater, R. G ..• 22.12.11

    5260 "

    .. Bew, A. J. .. 9.11.11 I

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    y Med C

    orps: first published as 10.1136/jramc-18-03-19 on 1 M

    arch 1912. Dow

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  • 63

    ADVANCEMENT OF PRIVATES (CORPS PAY). The following advancements in rate of Corps Pay will take effect from January 1,

    1912:-To be Advanced to the Third Rate (at 8d.).

    No. I Name

    15176 Boyd, T. 18344 Hayden, A.

    186 Fream, W. G. 296 Wilson, F. G.

    19604 I Pollock, R. 19611 Morris, F.

    9252 \ Parkinson, W. A'II 18331 Waters, H. 19946 Hillier, H. J.

    As Orderlies.

    No. Name

    1302 Jack, J. 1514 Harrod, S. W. 1710 Hudson, J. R. 1715 Rogers, H. G.

    'As Clerks. 19963 I Goreham, E. As Superintending Cooks.


    I I

    22 I Church, W. R. \1 39 Webb, C. E. 443 Guggenheim,

    ,G. J. J.

    No. Name

    1869 Brason, R. 1919 Vyse, F. H. 2226 Chatting, F. J. 2279 MacMillan, T.

    1276 i Cooper, H,

    1605 I ]'irth, G. 4319 Grimley, R.

    To be Advanced to the Fourth Rate (at 6d.). As Ordet'Zies.

    608 1520 1600 2200 4363 4505

    Oldreiv€l, S. F. Spalding, A. J. Godden, F. T. H. Preece, A. La Roche, H. Weighill, W. H.

    19997 \ Tilby, R. J. 298 Bentley, A. W.

    5052 Jepp, J. W. 4863 Haines, H. G.

    14482 Willianis, F. C. 19284 Pierce, J. 19340 Warman, E. J. 19355 James, E. J.

    248 Burgess, W. H.

    .1 I

    4552 Leat, J. T. 4904 4651 Duncan, J. 5020 4692 Dale, J. E. 5023 4747 Booth, W. 5025 4875 Stainton, W. R. 5108 4890 Tumilty, J. 5122

    4924 5086 4928 4999

    939 1622 2144 4314 4588

    As Clrrks. Kelly, A. B. Wickers, C. W. F. Mack, H. R. Bridson, A. R. As Cooks. Simpkins, G. Yeam, M. B. Tasker, H. . Finlayson, G. Wallace, J. J.


    '5102 5015 5042 5168

    4646 4898 4968 5001 5148

    Lawson, J. Randall, F. Grist, R. Parsons, E. Westwood, C. Slocombe, H,


    'Randle, J. O. Beisly, R. J. Bell, R. Y. Gregory, H.

    Taylor, H. Wicken, W. H. Talbot, W. J. Alexander, H. Leonard, D.

    SANITARY ORDERLIES (CORPS PAY). The following Privates are advanced to the Fourth Rate of Corps Pay at 6d., as·

    Sanitary Orderlies, from the dates specified:- .

    No. 1 Name 1 Date 11 No. Name Date

    4627 Mist, G. L. .. .. 7;9.11 4768 Wright, E. . . .. 7.11.11 1522 Luttrell, E. .. .. 15.9.11 19162 Smith, F. . . .. 7.11.11 1268 Gray, J. .. .. 26.9.11 5064 Horrocks, T. .. .. 7.11.11 4717 Ainsley, J. .. .. 1.10.11 2063 Crofts, C. .. .. 9.11.11. 4735 Ellarby, R. H. .. 4.10.11 2032 Wood, R. R. .. .. 9.11.11 992 Killigrew, H ... . , 6.10.11 5159 Strugnell, W. W. .. 10.11.11

    1606 Farren, P. .. .. 7.10.11 5435 Bebrouth, J. H. .. 12.11.11 4913 Nordstroom, R. J. .. 10.10.11 1800 Dunnage, W. E. .. 13.11.11 1949 Smith, B. .. .. 21.10.11 4987 Kelly, T. .. . . 18.11.11 2010 Merriman, P ... .. 28.10.11 19501 Hahner, W. .. .. 20.11.11 4669 Deacon, F.G. .. 1.11.11 18697 Shenton, R. .. ., 20.11.11 5407 Rausom, A. G. .. 5.11.11 19462 Duun, S. E. .. . . 1.12.11 443.4 Graham,.R. .. .. 5.11.11 5209 Stockley; E. .. .. 30.12.11 4763 Watson, E. R. .. 7.11.11

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    y Med C

    orps: first published as 10.1136/jramc-18-03-19 on 1 M

    arch 1912. Dow

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  • BUGLERS. The following boys are appointed Buglers from the dates specified ;-

    Ko. Name Date 11

    No. Name Date

    5204/ Barter, H. J. 118.10.11


    5558 ! Vickers, J. C. 23.12.11 53131 Crowther, A. W. 123.12.11 I

    AMENDMENT-CORPS ORDERS. The date on which the undermentioned N.C.O.s were appointed to the Nursing

    Section is 3.8.11 and not 28.8.11. No. 18576, Serjeant Lamkin, W. ; No. 15698, Corporal Collier, H. C. F. In the column for "Section" opposite the name of No. 19563, Corporal Harrington, H.,

    for" General Duty" read" Clerical."

    APPOINTMENT CANCELLED. The appointment to Lance-Corporal of the undermentioned, is hereby cancelled ;-No. 19291, Private Lauraine, G.

    TRANSFER SECTIONS. The following Lance-Corporal is transferred from the "General Duty Section" to

    the" Clerical Section" from the date specified ;-No. 19007, Dare, J. R., 21.11.11.

    ARMY FORM C 344 (CERTIFICATE OF TRAINING AS A NURSE). (1) It is notified for general information that an examination for this certificate will

    be held on Monday, May 13, 1912, and following day.


    9097 S.-Serjt. Quixley, A. T. 5. 2.12 Termination of second period. 16507 Martin, G ... 12. 2.12 " " " 8233 Burn, H. E. 15. 2.12 At his own request after 3

    months' notice. 9121 Serjeant Barter, S. .. 12. 2.12 Termination of second period.

    18122 "

    Kirby, J. A. 13. 2.12 Medically unfit. 9804 Corporal Lunney, J ... 31. 1.12

    " 17275 Lce-CorpI. Wheeler, G. H. 2. 2.12 " " 5836 Private Clark, J. 16. 1.12 Payment of £10.

    5861 Bushell, H ... 16. 1.12 Term'ination ~l first period. 13022

    " McCormack, H. C. 23. 1.12

    13014 Blows, .W. .. 23. 1.12 s~~ond p~riod . 9085 Best, W. J ... 30. 1.12

    16877 MacColl, E. N. 2. 2.12 " first period.

    10192 London, E ... 8. 2.12 At his own request after 18 years' service with a view to pension.

    6985 Steer, H. 15. 2.12 At his own request after 3 I months' notice 13232 Wayte, J. 18. 2.12 Termination of first period.

    5514 Harrop, O. W. 13. 2.12 Medically unfit.


    19525 Pte. Thomason, H. J. 12. 1.12


    2208 Pte. Lake, S. H. .. 24. 1.12 2204

    " Farr, C ... .. 14. 1.12 2209

    " Carr, C. R. .. 25. 1.12

    2243 "

    Herby, G. W. .. 25. 1.12 2211 "

    Sharp, W. E. .. 1. 2.12 2205

    " Lewis, A. R. .. 17. 1.12 I 2212 " Wilkin, W. .. 4. 2.12 19541

    " May, F ... .. 18. 1.12 19578

    " Webster, G. F ... 5. 2.12

    2206 "

    Ede, S. C. .. 18. 1.12 18996 "

    Bigg, A .•. .. 10. 2.12 10

    " Cushing, G. .. 16. 1.12 18995

    " Hayes, E. .. 8. 2.12

    19813 "

    Phillips, H. .. 25.12.11 19579 "

    Ball, F ... ... 6. 2.12 19549

    " Chambers, A. H. 22. 1.12

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    /J R


    y Med C

    orps: first published as 10.1136/jramc-18-03-19 on 1 M

    arch 1912. Dow

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  • 65


    7001 Sjt.-Major Downing, R N. " 5. 1.12 From Egyptian Army. 15955 Serjeant .. Miller, A. G. " 9 . 1.12 " Northern Nigeria. 6088

    " .. Unwin, F. .- " 31. 1.12 " 1st Batt. E. Surrey Regt.;

    6089 Private .. Vidler, O. E. " As. Sq. Tailor

    30. 1.12 "

    4th Middlesex Regt.


    141231 Serjeant ;.1 Winn, H. .. . . 116. 2.12 I Instructor to RA.M.O.! Terr. . I School of Instruction, Derby.

    2192 5338

    I Private I Boy


    1 Hayes, E. J. A. J. IHill,W.H.E.

    17.12.11 17. 1.12

    l'Elected to remain Bugler.


    15771 Bglr., Burnett, G. A. 123. 1.12 11

    DEATH .

    . . 115. 1.12 I Broncho-pneumonia.



    130271 S.-Serjeant 1 Oantrell, J. B. 15619 " Preston, E.

    II 14926 1 S.-Serjeant 1 Hunt, W. H. G.


    15980 \ Serjeant .. \ Anderton, A. G. 19021 " . . Dell, A. A.

    11136641 Serjeant .. I Dunn, J. O. FOR SERJEANT.

    134691 Lce.-Serjt. I Rogers, F. 16110 " Wellham, J. 11

    14580 I Oorporal .. I Gurnsey, S. R 17598 " .. Sparks, W.


    19859 2225 4356 5192

    19581 2159


    " Hicks, L. A. Paterson, M. Woodman, R. Turner, F. Oannon, H. G. Dixon, A.


    11894 19814 4330 5372 5543

    Private Snow, R. Oroker, A. G.' Morman, H. R. O'Flaherty, J. Docherty, J.

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    /J R


    y Med C

    orps: first published as 10.1136/jramc-18-03-19 on 1 M

    arch 1912. Dow

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  • 66


    To SOUTH AFRICA, PER S.S. "SOMALI," JANUARY 31, 1912. 18518 Corporal Darlington, J. W. 4875 Private Stain ton, W. R. 12913 Plant, J. 5441 Durno, L. M. 18447

    Pri~~te Fakes, J. E. 5117 Watts, A. T.

    19711 Horstead, S. C. 5272 Knight, E. A. 4356 Woodman, R. 4656 Mathieson, G. 5231 Maylor, F. 4685 Bear, W. 5037 Sykes, W. J. 4786 Squires, R. T. 5014 Bitten, G. J. 4403 Privett, B. J. 2169 Hayward, B. W. 19254 Scales, G. A. 2193 Williams, J. 19900 Banham, B. 4391 Smith, G. 4829 Cheers, C. 5026 Humphreys, Wo. 11848 East, A. 4866 Smyth, R. 2175 Hazzard, W. C. 2139 Slade, C. F. 2157 Newell, C. W.

    19791 "

    Hassock, F. G. 5631 Shaw, R. J. 4776 Wood, W. 4383 Davies, J. T. 4735 Ellarby, R. H. 4747 Booth, W. 2022 Wallace, G. A. 4538 West, J. B. T. 5031 Aston, W. 4523 Winrow, J. 4357 Harding, T. H. 5226 Griffin, P.- F. 4378 Butler, J. 4894 Crossman, W. G. 1876 McDonald, R. 2229 Shrimpton, C. B. 1911 Turnhull, V. W. J. 4748 Cockle, G. L. 5019 "1 Tuckwell, F. J. 1734 Dixon, W.

    18981 "

    .. Turner, P. 4514 Tocock, J. H. 5268 .. J ones, L. H. 5096 Beattie, H. 4431 .. Lumley, R. C.


    12892 I Serjeant .. [ Dixon, H. 18255/ " • . Suter, J._ 17964 "Corporal.. Bowler, W.

    " OLENDA," FEBRUARY 3, 1912.

    795 " . . Hunt, H. H.


    19432[ Private .. [ Parker, W. T.


    18137\ Lce.-corpl.l Jones, J. W. 111898 I Private .. , Daly, M. DISEMBARKATIONS FROM ABROAD.

    FI\OM MAURITIUS, PER H.T. "SOMALI," JANUARY 21, 1912. 10188 12352 17057 15814 19894

    Qmr.-Serjt. Manwaring, R. E. Serjeant Curtis, J. H.

    Corp~ral Private

    Ward, M. Casey, J. J. Cook, C. A.


    8913 I Sjt.-Major 1 Giddings, W. H. 125471 Lce.-Serjt. Trigg, A. 11594 qorporal .. I Ryan, C.

    9815 218 224 296


    Private 1 Leaf, A. Dale, L. A.


    Nott, W. Wilson, F. G.

    19897 Private Freeman, V. H. 19760 Head, E. G.

    242 James, S. H. 19936 Meadows, A. R.

    5 Meller, G. P.

    "MONTROSE," FEBRUARY 7, 1912.

    "117711 I Corporal .. 1 Holland, D. C. 158351 Private " Beavis, W. 19930 " .• I Pickard, A.

    "DONGOLA," JANUARY 17,1912.


    ' 7431 Private 1 Coles; F. C. 880 " Grace, D.

    198581" 1 Quickenden, G.

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    /J R


    y Med C

    orps: first published as 10.1136/jramc-18-03-19 on 1 M

    arch 1912. Dow

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  • 67


    193221 Corporal .. 1 Elliott, H. 15861 " . . Hindle, J.

    8.8. "OROTAVA," JAXUARY 22,1912.

    261 Private " 1 Bax, F.


    7001-Sjt.-Major I Downing, R. M. I I

    14082 15698 14017 19107 19753 19123 19768


    Serjeant Corporal Private

    Prince, G. Collier, H. C. F. Adamson, 'I-'. Maser, H. C. Haines, A. H. Smith, A. G. Chubb, W.E. A.

    " SOMALI," JANUARY 21, 1912.

    19682 Private Gill, S. G. 10192 London, E. 19830 Barrett, T. 19777 Harland, F.

    , 19815 " Smith, A. : 19593 Verey, W. H.

    1818 " Whitehead, J.


    . 'I Reed, S. 105731 Qmr.-Serjt.\ Chudleigh, W. H. 19916 Private .. Carroll, H. J.

    678 1 Private


    18801 1 Serjeant "1 Wolfe, G. H.

    1-10. 18977 Serjeant C. M. Pickup and No. 12053 Serjeant W. Ross have been selected for service with the Medical Department of Northern Nigeria.

    NOTES FROM ALDERSHOT.-Serjeant-Major Roberts writes: "It is with the sincere regret of all ranks of the Corps here that I chronicle the Ideath of Mr. G. P. Robertson, Bandmaster of the Royal Army Medical Corps Band.

    "Mr. Robertson had been ill' for some time in a London Institution, and was recently admitted to the Cambridge Hospital, where his death occurred on February 5. He was in his 51st year.

    "The late Mr. Robertson was born at Stirling in 1860. In 1874 he emerged from that famous nursery of soldiers, the Hibernian School, after five years' residence, and entered on his Army career with the 55th Brigade. He served in the 71st Highland Light Infantry for six years, and in 1884 became a student at Kneller Hall. From this famous school he received his appointment as Bandmaster in the 2nd Battalion, Middlesex Regiment, holding it for twenty-one years, when he was given charge of the Royal Army Medical Corps Band, in January, 1908. '

    "He was an enthusiastic Esperantist, and a prominent member of the British Esperanto Association, and was one of the founders of the Farnham and Aldershot Esperanto Group. ,

    " The funeral cortege formed up at the mortuary of the Cambridge Hospital. The procession was headed by the Army Service Corps'band, under Bandmaster H. J. Cook, and then came the band of the 2nd Middlesex Regiment, under Bandmaster R. A. Cooke. The gun carriage, lent by the Army Service Corps, bearing the coffin draped with the Union Jack, followed. It was attended by Colour,Serjeants Clifford, Crombie, Cox, and Smith, of the 2nd Middlesex Regiment, who acted as bearers. On the coffin rested the family wreaths. Three mourning coaches followed, containing the chief mourners. Then followed the Bandmasters of the Aldershot Command, and Mr. T. W. Bennet~, the late Bandmaster, Royal Army Medical Corps. The Royal Army Medical Corps Band was represented by two bandsmen carrying a wreath. Then followed the Royal Army Medical Corps Band, bearing all the wreaths sent; they were followed by detachments from Nos. 1 and 2 Companies, and the Depot, Royal Army Medical Corps, Captain L. Cotterill in command. The other officers present were: Lieutenant-Oolonel G. D. Hunter, D.S.O., Major N. H. Ross, Major G. G. Delap, D.S.O., Oaptain G. A. K. Reed; Captain J. Gillman; representatives of nearly every regiment in the Oommand followed in the rear. The Army Service Corps Band commenced the journey to the cemetery by playing Sommer's funeral march entitled' The Song of Death,' and on nearing the cemetery the Band of the 2nd Middlesex Regiment played the weird but beautiful march by Panne, entitled' Regrets.' At the gate the cortege was met by the Rev. E. E. Smith, who preceded the coffin to the Ohurch, where the first part of

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    y Med C

    orps: first published as 10.1136/jramc-18-03-19 on 1 M

    arch 1912. Dow

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  • 68

    the burial service was conducted. At the grave side the Band of the Middlesex Regi. ment was form"ed up, imd played the accompaniment to the responses, and after corn· mittal they sang the hymn, 'Days and moments quickly flying.' The sad ceremony was brought to a close by the sounding of the' Last Post' by the ·trumpeters of the Army Service Oorps, in charge of Trumpet.Major Sullivan. The coffin was of polished oak, with brass fittings, and the plate bore the following inscription; 'George Pringle . Robertson, died February 5, 1912, aged 51 years.'

    "Besides the wreath sent by the widow, which was buried with the coffin, there were numerous other family wreaths, and a very large number sent by friends, by officers, N.O.O.s, and men of the Royal Army Medical Oorps, Aldershot and London, as well as by mauy other units. "

    " The experimental mobilization of a Oavalry Field Ambulance recently took place in this Oommand--the total period lasting five days. Major O. K. Morgan, RA.M.O., was in command of the unit. The knowledge gained by all ranks was not only theoretical bnt practical to"a degree. On the last day of mobilization, the unit entrained for Southampton, where it embarked and disembarked all vehicles, horses and personnel on the Atlantic Liner' Minneapolis,' and again entrained for Aldershot.

    " The personnel of the unit wa~ as following; Major O. K. Morgan in command; Oaptains G. S. Wall ace, R. P. Lewis and A. M. Rose; Lieutenants J. D. Bowie and W. L. E. Fretz; Serjeant-Major G. H. Roberts; N.O.O.s.and men from Nos. 1, 2 and 3 Oompanies, Aldershot.

    "The following "members of the Oorps have recently undergone their annual , Refresher' course of twenty-four days at the depot, Royal Army Medical Corps ;-

    "Acting Serjeant-Major 10011, J. H. Taylor, of the Notts and Derby Mounted Brigade Field Ambulance, Nottingham; Acting Serjeant-Major 7679, E. Warner, of the School of Instruction, Wessex Division, Exeter·; Acting Serjeant-Major 7564, W. Ward, of the 2nd Wessex Field Ambulance, Plymouth."

    NOTES FROM. WOOLWICH.--,Major T. McDermott writes January 23, 1912: "Not many events of general interest have occurred here since my last.

    " On November 7, the mess had the honour of entertaining to dinner Sir Launcelotte Gubbins, K.C.B., Oolonel M. W. O'Keefe, Colonel S. K. Ray (RP.), and Lieutenant-Colonel O. H. Burtchaell. After his health had been proposed by Colonel R W. Ford, D.S.O., Sir Launcelotte, in the course of his reply, remarked on the 'great advantage of officers' messes for our Oorps, contrasting present conditions at Woolwich with those which existed when he was Registrar at the Royal Herbert Hospital. "The evening was an unqualified success. .

    "On January 3 we had our New'Year's gathering at the mess, including the ladies of the Oorps and of the Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service. This, being the first occasion on which ladies were officially invited into the mess, had been eagerly looked forward to. Not a little excitement was caused by the ballot to decide which officers shOUld take the ladies in to dinner., We all enjoyed ourselves, the event fully coming up to our expectations. Let us hope that having been so successfully started, our New Year's dinner may not in future years be allowed to lapse .

    • , The want of an up-to-date professional library had long been felt at the Royal Herbert Hospital. At the suggestion of Oolonel Ford one is now being formed. The bound Corps Journals and several reyent reference books will form a nucleus which can be gradually expanded. Oolonel R J. S. Simpson, O.M.G., has kindly promised some valuable books and reports.

    "Oaptains H. A. Bransbury, A. J. Williamson and Lieutenant H. R. Edwards before leaving on Foreign Service presented the mess with an artist-proof engraving of • The Remnant of an Army.' Not satisfied with this, the last-named officer has recently got married. We wish him good luok.

    " Major A. Bruce has lately been transferred to Oolohester after seven years' work, during the re-organization of the Army Medical Stores.

    "We ought to be very learned at Woolwich, as the result of a succession of War Games, Special War Games and lectures. Not the least interesting of the latter was the lecture recently given by Lieutenant-Colonel J. F. Donegan, on the • Clearing Hospital.' His suggestion for the sub-division of the unit into small groups seems sound considering the many and varied duties it will be called on to undertake. This led up to an interesting and animated discussion, in which Colonels Ford and Edmonds (Ohief Staff Officer, 4th Division) joined. Oolonel Ford more especially discussed the need for· the sub-division or • building-up' of medical units and the paucity of cooks and nursing orderlies in the Clearing Hospital. With such a wealth of suggestions

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    y Med C

    orps: first published as 10.1136/jramc-18-03-19 on 1 M

    arch 1912. Dow

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  • 69

    and varying opinions, many of us wondered if "Conf~sion' Hospital would not be a more suitable name than Clearing' Hospital, or even 'Clearing Ambulance, the name suggested by the lecturer." - ,

    Serjeant-Major R. H. Green wriFes February 18, 1912 :-

    "BLACKHEATH FOOTBALL LEAG1JE. " 12th Company Team still pursues its victorious~areer in this competition and

    heads the table, with the following results: Played 14, won 8, lost 1, drawn 5, points 21. The team has scored 46 goals against 13 in this coni petition, 17 to 2 in the H~rwood Cup competition, and 22 to 8 ih the Charlton Charity Cup competition and fnen~ly matches, or. a total of 85 goals to 23, fn twenty-four matches played. The team IS bent on cappmg the 100 goals befMe the season is out.


    " Results to Date, First Round. No. 12 Company Woolwich beat No. 10 Company Chatham 9-0

    " 3 " Aldershot" ,,' B " " ' Aldershot 5-0 " 21 Netley No. 6 Netley.. 4-0 " 11 Dover 35 London 3"":' 0

    " A" Aldershot 1 Aldershot 4 ~ 1 No. 20 Tidworth 6 Portsmouth 2-0

    (After a drawn game) 2 Aldershot " ,,6 Portsmouth 3-1

    4Company Netley Bye

    " Second Rottnd. No. 2 Company Aldershot 'beat No. 3 Company Aldershot 2-0

    (After ~ ,drawn game) 12 Woolwich" 11 Dover.. 2-1 20 Tidworth " A " Aldershot 3-1 21 Netley No. 4 Netley . . 3-1

    " Semi-Final Round. No, 12 Company Woolwich beat No. 21 Company Netley ..

    " 20 Tid worth 2 Aldershot

    " Final. No. 20 Company Tidworth v. No. 12 Company Woolwich (drawn)

    " The Final Round.

    6-0 1-0

    "The contest for the Cup is still of interest and full of possibilities. Although 12th and 20th Companies met on February 7, at Tidworth, and played an excellent game, lasting the full two hours, neither team can yet claim the right to the Cup. The two teams played an entirely different style of football, with equal effect as the result showed. At half-time Woolwich led by the odd goal, at full time the score was one all, and the extra fifteen minutes each way was played without any further score. There was plenty of good football in the game and several anxious moments for both sides. The replay will take place at Woolwich probably on-Ma,rch 2, when another good game may be expected.

    "Relative' Position of Competitors in 'Final Round. Played Won Drawn Goals for

    No. 12 Company Woolwich .. 4 3 1 17 " 20 Tidworth .. 6 3 2 7

    Goals against 2 2

    NOTES FROM TIDWORTH.-Serjeant-Major Lowe writes, dated February 13, 1912: "In continuation of the notes of last month regarding. the anticipations that our team in the Harwood Cup Competition would turn the tables upon our vanquishers in last year's Semi-final, tbe team is to be congratulated on its hopes being realized. This m,atch proved a -thoroughly sporting game which showed the abilities of both sides; the result being a win for Tidworth, by the narrow margin of one goal to nil, the point being scored twenty-five minutes from the kick-off by'Private Parker. No. 2 Company (the holders) showed themselves to be much more- scientific players than our men, but the bustling tactics of our defence, especially those of Captain R. V. Cowey at centre half, quite upset their calculations: Our team-was as follows: Private

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    y Med C

    orps: first published as 10.1136/jramc-18-03-19 on 1 M

    arch 1912. Dow

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  • 70

    Pheasant, goal; Privates Wilkin and Biggs, backs; Private Walker, Captain Cowey, and Private Boxall, half-backs; PrivatescJ.VIarshall, Parker, Howarth, Corporal Cowx (Captain) and Lieutenant Jones, forwards.

    "After the match No. 20 Company was entertained to tea and a smoking concert, the chair being taken by Serjeant-Major Roberts, who ma,de a neat speech on the sporting spirit of the match; this was responded to by Serjeant-Major Lowe.

    "The departure of Private Wilkin to the Army Reserve on the 4th inst. rather crippled our defence for the final game against No. 12 Company, Woolwich, which was played at Tidworth on the 7th inst. However, the best had to be made of the matter, so the team was arranged as follows: Private Pheasant, goal; Privates Biggs and Walker, backs; Private Howarth, Captain Cowey and Private Boxall, half-backs; Privates Marshall, Parker, Corporal Cowx, Private Emerson, and Lieutenant Jones, forwards.

    "This proved a very tough fight as the result will show; each side scoring once, and after extra time the result still remained a draw, so now we have to journey to Woolwich to fight our battles over again. Our hopes of lifting the' Coop' still run high, although our side will be further crippled by the loss of Private Biggs, another grand defender. However, we are not disheartened yet. On the entire run of the play a draw seemed a very fair result, although I must say each set of forwards missed golden opportunities, which may be attributed to the heavy state of the ground. Quite a large number of followers came down with their favourites from Woolwich, to see the duel, and after the match was over were right royally entertained.

    "An enjoyable smoking concert was held in the evening by kind permission of the Officer Commanding. The arrangements were made by Serjeant.Major Lowe and Corporal Cowx, R.A,M.C., under whose very able dir:ectorship the event passed off without a hitch. Promptly at 7 p.m. the entertainment began, by which hour over 200 friends were in their places. This number included Serjeant.Major Green, Serjeants Dunn and Court, and Corporals Hearn, Buchanan and Ward and thirty other ranks from Woolwich. Parties from Aldershot, Salisbury, and Bulford were present, besides the Warrant Officer, Non-commissioned Officers and men of Head-quarters, No. 20 Company; practically every Regiment and Corps in the Garrison was represented. Appended is the programme :-


    Song Song (Comic) Song (Comic) Song

    Speech Song (Comic) Song (Comic)

    Song (Comic)


    Song (Comic) Sung

    , The Desert' ~Encore-' The Wolf.'

    , My Old Shako' Parody-' Home, Sweet Home'

    , Murphy's Supper Party' 'Sailor's Warning'

    Mr. GLOVER.

    .. Br. MARSHALL, R.F.A. Pte. HALEY, 18th Hussars .

    .. Pte. NEwMAN, A.O.C. Pte . .!

  • 71

    NOTES FROM GIBRALTAR.-Lieutenant-Colonel S. G. Alien writes, February 4, 1912 ;-" Their Majesties the King and Queen arrived here from Malta at 10 a.m. on January 30. Owing to the lamented death of the Duke of Fife, the visit was shorn of much of its eclat, and the reception at Government House, to which many (especially among the ladies) had been looking forward, was cancelled. The weather on the day of the arrival, was wet and inclement, and the presentation of colours to the South Staffordshire Regiment was postponed till the following day. On Wednesday, January 31, the weather cleared up and no rain fell, but the sky remained dull and it was by no means a good specimen of our usnal winter climate. The chief matter of interest to the Royal Army Medical Corps, stationed at Gibraltar, was the visit of the King and Queen to the Military Hospital. The following is the account of the visit which appeared in the Gibraltar Chronicle of the following day ;-


    " Their Majesties honoured the Military Hospital with a visit which lasted an hour yesterday afternoon. They were received by a Guard of Honour of. the Royal Engineers, of which His Majesty is Honorary Colonel. The King and Queen were attended by H.H. the Duke of Teck, His Excellency the Governor and Lady Hunter, the Earl and Countess of Shaftesbury, Lord Crewe, Minister in attendance; General Sir H. Smith-Dorrien, Colonel Sir R. Havelock Charles, Major-General T. Perrott, C.B., and the Staff of the Gibraltar Oommand.

    " On arrival at the Military Hospital Their Majesties were received by Colonel H. H. J ohnston, C. B., Principal Medical Officer, and Lieutenant-Colonel S. G. Allen, R.A.M.C., the officer in charge of the hospital. His Excellency having presented Oolonel J ohnston and Lieutenant-Colonel Allen, the Royal party proceeded to the Entrance Hall, where Lieutenant-Colonel Allen presented to Their Majesties, the officers of the Royal Army Medical Corps, the matron and members of the Q.A.I.M.N.S. doing duty at the hospital; a handsomfl bouquet was presented to Her Majesty the Queen by Staff Nurse Tawney. A visit was then made to the kitchen, where His Majesty inspected the different arrangements for the preparation of the patients' food, and examined a diet chart. .

    " Ascending by the main staircase to the first floor, the dining hall and reading room were next visited. The partition dividing these rooms is movable, so that they can be thrown into one, making a large apartment over 70 ft. long. There is a stage fitted up at one end, aud it was explained that frequent concerts and entertainments were given here during the year for the patients iu hospital. Their Majesties expressed great satisfaction at the brightness, cleanliness and cheerfulness of this room.

    "The next visit was paid to C 1 ward; this is used as. the enteric fever ward; happily there was only one man still in hospital out of the 47 who were treated there during last year. The king inquired of the officer in charge the number of men who suffered from enteric fever, on what date the last case had been admitted, and the cause of the outbreak last summer.

    "Proceeding next to South Block, South 6 (surgical) ward, the X-ray room (Their Majesties taking much interest in the different skiagrams shown them) and operating room were inspected, His Majesty putting some questions which showed his knowledge of the proper fitting up of rooms for operation purposes.

    "South 3 (medical) ward and South 1 (light case) ward were also visited. The Royal party then passed along the corridor to the officers' block, where they conversed with and inquired sympathetically after an officer who is suffering from pleurisy.

    " Before leaving Their Majesties were graciously pleased, on the request of the officer in charge, to iuscribe their names iu the visitors' book. This book already contains the names of Queen Alexandra, the Germau Emperor, the Duke of Connaught, the Princess Royal, and other illustrious and distinguished visitors to the hospital. .

    " Their Majesties showed a gracious interest in all the patients, conversing WIth them and expressing hopes for their speedy recovery, while the Queen also presen~ed each patient in turn with a small bunch of violets, a mark of kindly attention wh.lCh was highly appreciated by the.patients. On returning from the wards Their MajestIes, accompanied I by General Perrott, made a close inspection of the Detachment, No: 'T Oompany R.G.A. (drawn up on the inner square of the hospital), and the life-saVIng apparatus which did such good service under Lieutenant W. C. Downing, R.G.A., at the wreck of the' Delhi.' .

    " Proceeding once more to the entrance of the hospital, His Majesty was pleased to plant a tree in front of the hospital in commemoration of his visit; whIle

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    y Med C

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    arch 1912. Dow

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  • doing so His Majesty specially remarked on the spade handed him for the purpose by Lieutenant-Colonel S. G. Alien, the blade of which had been handsomely painted with ·a Union Jack by a lady of the Royal Army Medical Corps .. To this lady great credit is also due forthe preparation of the bouquet presented to the Queen and for the supply .and arrangement of beautiful flowers which decorated the entrance hall, as well as for the large part she took in the decoration of the gateway and approaches to the hospital.

    "Great credit is also due to Oaptain and Quartermaster E. P~ Offord, R.A.IVLO., for the erection of the arch over the gateway, and the preparation of the site for the planting of the tree, up to which steps had to be specially cut, and also for the general -decoration of the exterior of the hospital.

    " The Royal Army Medical Oorps barracks and Institute opposite the hospital had also ,been profusely decorated with flags, the Oorps Badge, ~c., by Serjeant-Major W. J. Dudman and the N.O.O.s and men of No. 28 Company Royal Army Medical Oorps, in honour of tbe occasion.

    " All the wards visited had been beautifully denorated with flowers and plants by Miss G. M. Richards, the matron, and the sisters and staff nurses, and excited great ,admiration on the part of the Royal visitors.

    " On their rounds through the wards Their Majesties were accompanied by their personal Staff, His Excellency the Governor and Lady Hunter, Oolonel H. H. J ohnston, O.B., and Lieutenant-Oolonel S. G. Allen, and the matron. The officers, sisters, ,and staff nurses were also present in their several wards.

    "At the termination of the visit to the hospital, all the staff and commanding ,officers who were in attendance were presented by his Excellency the Governor, and before taking their departure Their Majesties were graciously pleased to express to the ,officer in charge and to the Principal Medical Officer their entire satisfaction with all they had seen, Her Majesty remarking that she considered it a ' beautiful hospital.' . " From the balcony of the hospital the Royal visit was witnessed by the wives and families of the Royal Army Medical Oorps officers, warrant officers, N.O.O.s and men and their friends, and also by the Royal Army Medical Oorps officers not doing ,duty in the Military Hospital."

    NOTES FROM MALTA.-Serjeant-Major F. E. Ooliard writes, February 10, 1912 : "The notable event of the month was the visit to the Island by Their Majesties on the return journey from India. The account of this visit has already been graphically described in the London dailies.

    "January 24, the day of landing here, the Oorps was sent out to various points of the procession, forming First Aid Posts, supplemented by the Malta Oentre of the St. John Ambulance Association.

    " Extract from Malta Daily Chronicle. " , Visit to Cottonera Hospital.-The city of Vittoriosa was en fete on January 25, in

    anticipation of the opportunity afforded of welcoming His Majesty the King, on his visit to the Military Hospital, Oottonera. The arrangements were very favourable to the inhabitants of that historic city, who were assembled in immense numbers, in the neighbourhood of San Lorenzo Steps, where His Majesty was timed to arrive at 11 a.m. The steps were gaily decorated with flags and devices, and carpeted to the water's edge. Shortly aft"r 11 a.m. a Oustoms launch and several launches from the ships of the Fleet arrived and took up position off the steps, while the Royal launch came alongside. Nothing could have exceeded the order and regularity maintained amidst the immense gathering. The landing of His Majesty, who was accompanied by His Excellency the Governor, was the signal for the playing of "God save the King," followed by tumultuous cheers from the multitude. Arriving at the hospital shortly after 11.30 a.m., His Majesty was received by Oolonel R. Porter, Principal Medical Officer, and Lieutenant·Oolonel H. M. Sloggett, in charge of the hospital, officers and the matron. The grounds, from the North Gate, were lined by the Royal Army Medical Oorps, the senior N.O.O.s occupying the steps at the main entrance to the hospital, under the command of Major Babington. His Majesty, accompanied by His Excellency the Governor, General Sir H. Smith-Dorrien, Colonel Porter, Lieutenant-Colonel Sloggett, several officers and the matron, was conducted to the wards. His Majesty was pleased to notice the Albert Medal worn by Major H. O. French, R.A;M.O., awarded for gallantry in saving life, by jumping overboard at Singapore, His Majesty complimented him very warmly. During a tour of the wards, His Majesty spoke to several of the patients, inquiring after their condition and wishing them a speedy recovery, being ~specially solicitous .of the long service men. In the surgical ward,

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    y Med C

    orps: first published as 10.1136/jramc-18-03-19 on 1 M

    arch 1912. Dow

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  • 7,3

    His Ma.jesty evinced par~icul3r interest in the cond ition of the two mon belonging to the Royal }l~ngiueers who were injured iu the bridge accident last Kovcmbcr. Addres>!· ing Sapper Terry. who i8 being trco.Lcd for a. fractured thigh, he refl~ned t.o the cireum-stances of simila.r injury having beell '"usta.ined by Lord Kitchener, who made rapid and complet.e recovery. His )fajesty hoped tha.t Sapper Terry would be none the WOTfle for th~ accident, and especiully that his leg would not; be sbortcucd. IIe conversed a.t length WIth the Principal :Mcdicul Officer on the subject of cholera. and otberdiseases, inquiring the !louree of their iutroduction, &0 .• and expressing himself highly sMisfied with tho replies given. The visit of His Majesty left no doubi. "hat he was \'ery well sn.Lisficd with tho order, cleanliness and genera.l arrangement of t·he hospit..'\l. His hli~jcsty left at noon.'

    "Golf match 'between H.M.S. 'Orontcs' and Destroyer FloLilla and Rova.l Arnw Medical Corps 00 January 21, under hand ica.p conditions, reSUlting in a. win for the Royal Army Medical Corps by 1- of.a. point.

    II.M.S. Oronfes alld Destl'uye'·8. RA.,V. C01pS. Lieuh. U. S. Scott 1; ::\Iajor H. S. ThursLou 0 Lieut . . F. B. Coppin 1 ).lajor A. H. Morris 0 Lieut. R. T. Amedroz 1 W. L. Baker 1 Asst . . Payror. W. H. Hughcs 1 Major R. C. }~vl\n" 0 Lieut. H. D. C. Stanistreet 0 ::.\Iajor H. L. 'rV. NorritlgLou 1 Sub.LieUL. E. C. '1'horutou 0 Capt. R. \V. D. Leslie 1 Lieut. R. St. John .. 0 Capt. H. G. Gibson 1t Commdr. H. W. Osburu 0 Lieut. C. Clarke . . 1

    lJiel1t. G. A. Scott \ Lieut, F. B. Coppin i Lieut. R. T. Amcdro:.:: I As.'!t .. Pnymr. W. H. Hugbc~ r .. Lieut. H. D. e. Stlmistrcetl Su b. ·J.Jicut. E. e. Thornton f Lieut. R. St. John ! Commdr. H. W. Osburnf


    I, 1


    5a ,

    ).lajor H. S. 'I'hurston ) Major .J\.!H. :?I lorris , CI~Pt. W. L . B:1.ker I Mujor C. R. }

  • 74

    H W. E. C. T .... unn, RA.M,C., six months ex India., from March 12, 1912, or duto of M·ailing himself of it.

  • o


    NOTES FROM PIETERMARITZBURG.-Serjeant-Major W. W. Wilson writes, December 30, 1911: "Christmas was celebrated here in the good old style, both by the Royal Army Medical Corps and the patients iu hospital. Those of the latter who were able, dined sumptuously ou Christmas fare in the diuing hall, which had beeu taste-fully decorated for the cicCltsion, their wants being attended to by the officers, sisters, and orderlies. . '

    " In the afternoon a special tea, presided over by the ladies of the Q.A.I.M.N.S., further consoled them for their bad luck in being laid up during the festive season.

    "The patients' dinner over, the Royal Army Medical Corps were able to turn their attention to their' own wants, and together with their comrades of the Army Service Corps, at the call of the bugle, assembled in the mess-room prepared to do justice to the good things set before them.

    "The toast of 'The King' having been honoured, our Commanding Officer, Major Smithson, RA.M.C., and Captain Mears, A.S.C., in turn suitfLbly responded to' The Compliments of the Season,' and the white clad Committee were soon busy in the role of amateur waiters. . ' .

    "In the evening the Royal Army Medical Corps and Army Service Corps gave a soiree in the Camp Theatre, which had been amazingly well decorated by 2nd Corporal Moody, Dr. Melville, and Dr. Woodward, of the Army Service Corps, and was, if anything, a greater success than those of its kind which have preceded it. Major, Mrs., and Miss Smithson, Captain and Mrs. Leslie, Lieutenant and Mrs. McSheehy, spent a great part of the evening with us, and Sisters Johnston and Gardner, Q.A.I.M.N.S., and Sister McKitrick, A.N.S.R, attended the concert. There were also present representatives of the other Corps in the station, Colonial Corps, Natal Police, and many civilian friends, including more than one 'Old Oomrade' who has left the Corps, settled down, and is doing well in the country. All expressed them-selves highly delighted with the entertainment, which consisted of the following programme :-

    1. Overture 2. Waltz .. 3. Song. 4. Lancers


    lPART 1.

    , Svengali' 'Roses'

    , Lady Madcap'

    Pte. RENTON, A.O.O.


    5. Song (Comic) .. " 'The Rose of Persia' .. , •. 'Moorland Flowers' ..

    Pte. RODERICK, A.O.C. 6. Barn Dance .. 7. Song 'Little Irish Girl' Lieut. O. W. McSHEEHY, RA.M.C. 8. Song (Comic) .. .. Selected; . Pte. TATTERsALL, RA.M.C. 9. Waltz .. , Christmas'

    10. Sketch in three scenes, entitled-

    11. Lancers 12. Song 13. Valeta .. 14. Dance ..

    Inspector Juggins Sergeant Lightning· P_C. Binks P.C. O'Grady .. Mr. Justice Lawless

    , , P. C. PERKINS."

    Characters. Sjt. F. W. Day,RA.M.C.

    Pte. E. G. Fraser, R.A.M.C. .. Pte. W. G. Curnoe, R.A.1VLO.

    Pte. W. J. Moore, R.AJ\1.0. Pte. A. Tattersall, RA.M.C.

    Mr. Biffem (Clerk of the Court) Boy

    Corp. A. Fullam, RA.M.C. .. Master C. Lines

    Pte. W. T. Palm er, R.A.M.C. P.C. Perkins Scene. I-Hold 'em all Station. Scene 2--Let-em-go Station .. Scene 3-Courts ?f Justice (?).

    , City of Pleasure' .• Selected ..

    , Scar borough ' Mr. J. KEN'!' •

    Mrs. T. C. C. LESLIE. 15. Quadrilles


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    orps: first published as 10.1136/jramc-18-03-19 on 1 M

    arch 1912. Dow

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  • 16. Violin and Piano Duet

    17. Song (Humorous) 18. Waltz (Flirtati01t) 19. Flute Solo 20. Schottische 21. Song (Comic) .. 22. Cl'wo-step 23. Song 24. Waltz .. 25. Recitation 26. Barn Dance 27. Song (Comic) .. 28. Waltz ..


    PART 2.

    'The Battle March of Delhi' Pte. POUT, RA.M.C., and Cpl, COOK, Wilts.

    .. Selected .. Capt. T. O. C. LESLIE, RA.M.C.

    .. Selected .. 'Wild Rose'

    'The Village Blacksmith' •• 1 Selected ..

    ., ' Paper Bag Cookery' ..

    . . 'The Druids' Prayer' .. , The Ticket of Leave Man'


    Napier. .. Mr. G. ALOOCK.

    .. Pte. PALMER, RA.M.C.

    Pte. C. NEWLAND, RA.M.C .

    .. Cpl.BONIFAOl'l, A.V.C.

    .. Selected .. 'Gold and Silver'

    Qtr.-Mr.-Sjt. HASLER, RA.M.C.

    'GOD SAVE THE KING.' Musicians-Pte. POUT, R.A.M.C., Pte. RENTON, A.O.C., Cp!. COOK, Wilts.

    " The dancing was thoroughly enjoyed in spit.e of the heat of the night, ,and all the artistes who so kindly gave their services are to be congratulated on their performances. The sketch caused great amusement from beginning to end, Private Palmer as 'P. C. Perkins' and Private Fraser as 'Serjeant Lightning' especially distinguished tbem-selves. Private Palmer, who wrote and staged the piece, deserves to be highly complimente4 on its success, particularly when it is considered that his small company had not done this kind of thing before.

    "The committee, Corporal McGuire, Privates Moore, Legg, and Fraser, RA.M.C., and Private Johnson, Army Service Corps, were responsible for the arrangements of both dinner and soiree, and the way they had to work can only be known to those who have passed through a similar experience. Their reward was complete success all through. ,

    " At our next gathering there will be different faces, as so many are due home this trooping season, chiefly amongst them being Major Smithson and Captain Leslie; both will be regretfully missed by us all. ,

    "Lieutenant O. W. McSheehy has recently arrived from England for duty. We extend to him a hearty welcome, and trust his stay at the station may prove, a pleasant one. ,

    , "The following have passed for Corporal: Privates Moore, Fraser, Pout, Cumee, and J ackson.

    "Privates Leakey and Callis are under orders for Pretoria, there to complete their three years' training for Army Form C, 344. , .

    "Privates Verey and Mulley have proceeded home for transfer to the Army Reserve. "The Warrant Officers, Staff-Serjeants and Serjeants of the Royal Army Medical

    Corps at Pietermaritzburg beg to acknowledge cards bearing Christmas and New Year greetings from many Serjeants' Messes of the Corps; they trust all their comrades at home and abroad spent a merry Christmas, and wish the New Year may be a happy one for them."

    NOTES FROM H.T. "PLASSY."-Major W. T. Mould writes, December 31, 1911 :-" As it is not often we see notes in the JOURNAL OF THE ROYAL ARMY MEDIOAL CORPS from a troopship, perhaps afew lines as to the manner in which the Royal Army Medical Corps Trooping Party on board the Transport' Plassy , spent their Christmas may be of interest.

    " Owing to the ship's arrival at Suelil on December 25, Christmas Day was celebrated on board on the 26th, the 25th being observed as a usual working day. The Royal Army Medical Corps Mess was very prettily decorated for the occasion, the decorations, although consisting chiefly of paper chains and flags, were very artistically arranged, and gave quite a homely appearance to the mess, in spite of the heat experienced in the Red Sea. The P. and O. Company provided a splendid dinner consisting of turkey, roast, peef, with the usual vegetables, Christmas pudding, mince pies, and fruit. The detachment sat down to this repast about 12.15 p.m., and during. dinner was visited by the. Officer Commanding troops, the Royal Army Medical Corps officers on board, the troop deck officer, and the matron and sisters; and all spoke very. highly of the way in which the mess was fitted up and the tables . laid out. The troop deck officer, in a few well chosen words, wished the detachment a Merry Christmas, and expressed his

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    y Med C

    orps: first published as 10.1136/jramc-18-03-19 on 1 M

    arch 1912. Dow

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  • appreciation of the way in which the men had done their work on board; and said that as long "as they continued to do the same, he would have no fault to find. The men responded by drinking his health with musical honours, although musical instruments were conspicuous by their absence. The same honour was accorded the Royal Army Medical Corps officers and the matron and sisters when they visited the mess. "

    " After dinner an impromptu dance was held on the hospital deck, and although the only music was supplied by a melodeon, the troops made the most of it, and probably enjoyed themselves more than they would have done in a dancing hall.

    " Tea was served at 4.30, bread and butter, mince pies and Christmas cake being the order of the day, the mess orderlies providing an excellent cup of tea. After tea the men again adjourned to the hospital deck, where an excellent concert was held, the only drawback being rather a limited supply of refreshments, a most unusual thing on board a troopship. Corporal Wilson very able filled the position as Chairman.

    " The following is a programme of the concert ;-

    1. Melodeon Selection . . ' Scotch Airs' Piper McDoNALD, K.O.S.B. 2. Comic Song .. • Shirts' .. 3. Song .. . .• Adeline' .. 4. Recitation 'Coming Home' 5. Song .. 'Father O'Flynn' 6. Comic Song • Won't you buy the beer?" ,,7. Song .. " ..• One Touch of Nature' ..

    Pte. HEWITT. Pte. YOUNG."

    Pte. ALLISON. Pte. MOORE.

    Pte. PESTELL. :?te. BROOKS.

    8. Highland Fling Piper McDoNALD, K.O.S.B. 9. Song ..

    10. C011tic Song 11. Song .. 12. Song .. 13. Gamic Song 14. Recitation 15. Song .. 16. Comic Song 17. Song .. 18. Comic Song

    , Fall in and follow me'

    " Interval. , Farmer Giles'

    'You taught me how to love you' • Cruiskeen" Lawn'

    • 'Old yer Row' , Kissing Cup'

    .. 'While Loudon Sleeps' .. , The Old Tin Can'

    , Where the White Nile meets the Blue' , Come Inside'


    Cp1. W ATKINS.

    Serjt. SIMES. Pte. HAZELL. Cpl. WILSON.

    Pte. WALKER.; Pte. MOORE.

    Pte. JEBBITT. Pte. HEWITT. Pte. YOUNG. Pte. BLAKE.

    " In nearly every case an encore was demanded and cheerfully given. Lights out at 10.15 brought a very enjoyable day to a close."


    Captain William M. Browne is seconded for service under the Colonial Office, dated June 1, 1911. "

    The undermentioned Lieutenants have been confirmed in their rank: Charles W. C. Myles, D'Arcy Power. "

    The undermentioned to be Lieutenants (on probation) : Gilbert Malise Graham, M.B., dated December 20, 1911 ; Cadet Colour-Serjeant Robert Glen Shaw, M.B., from the Edinburgh University Contingent, Officers' Training Corps, dated December 22,1911 ; John William Gray, M.B., dated December 27,1911.

    " Lieutenant W. C. Myles is seconded for service with the Dublin University Con-tingent, Officers' Training Corps, dated February 10, 1912. ..

    No. 18 Field Ambulance.-Lieutenant Thomas Carnwath, M.B., reSIgns bIS commission, dated February 10, 1912.


    Denbighshire (Hussars) Yeomanry.-Surgeon-Lieutenant Richard G. Williams resigns his commission, dated January 27,1912.

    Northumberland (Hussars) Yeomanry.~Hamilton Drummond (late Surgeon-Lieutenant, Northumberland (Hussars) Yeomanry) to be Second Lieutenant, dated December 16; 1911.

    ROYAL GARRISON ARTILLERY. Hampshire Royal Garrison Artillery,,-Surgeon-Captain Edmund N. Close resigns

    his commission, dated January 27, 1912.

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    y Med C

    orps: first published as 10.1136/jramc-18-03-19 on 1 M

    arch 1912. Dow

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  • 78


    4th Battalion;The Duke of Edinburgh's (Wiltshire Regvment).-Surgeon-Major and Honorary Surgeon-Lieutenant-Colonel Herbert P. Tayler, M. B. ,; resigns his commission, and is granted permission to retain his rank and to wear the prescribed uniform,dated January 20, 1912.


    2nd East Lancashire Field Ambulance, Royal Army Medical Corps.-Major William B. Pritchard to be Lieutenant-Colonel, dated November 18, 1911.

    3rdEast Lancashire Field Ambulance, Royal Army Medical Corps.-Lieutenant George A. Jelly resigns his commission, dated January 20, 1912.

    1st West Lancashit'e Field Ambulance, Royal Army Medical Corps.-Transport Officer and Honorary Lieutenant Charles G. Bishop resigns his commission, dated January 20, 1912.

    1st South Midland Field Ambulance, Royal Army Medical Corps.-George Henry Dawes (late Lieutenant, North Midland Divisional Transport and Supply Column. Army Service Corps) to be Transport Officer, with the honorary rank of Oaptain, dated October 12, 1911.

    2nd Welsh Field Ambulance, Royal Army Medical Corps.-Lieutenant Henry John Dunbar, M.B., from the 3rd Lowland Field Ambulance, Royal Army Medical Corps. to be ,Lieutenant, dated January 20, 1912.

    4th London General Hospital, Royal Army Medical Corps.-Major Sir Hugh R. Beevor, Bart., M.D., resigns his commission, dated January 20, 1912.

    2nd Western General Hospital, Royal Army Medical Corps.-Lieutenant Henry Herbert Rayner, M.B., F.R.C.S. (Eng.), from the 3rd East Lancashire Field Ambulance, Royal Army Medical Corps, to be Captain, dated January 20, 1912.

    Highland Mounted Brigade Field Ambulance, Royal Army Medical Corps.-Lachlan Martin Victor Mitchell, M.B., to be Lieutenant, dated January 27, 1912.

    1st East Anglian Field Ambulance, Royal Army MedicaICorps.-The undermen-tioned officers to be Captains, Lieutenant Ernest V; Gostling, dated November 6, 1911 ; Lieutenant Gerald, lYI. Hetherington, dated December 23, 1911.

    2nd Home Counties Field Ambulance, Royal Army Medical Corps,-Lieutenant Bernard Richardson Billings from the List of Officers of the Royal Army Medical Corps attached, to units other than Medical Units, to be Lieutenant, dated January 27, 1912.

    2nd West Lancashire Field Ambulance, Royal Army Medical Corps.-Lieutenant Owen H. Williams, M.B., to be Captain, dated December 23,1911.

    6th London Field Amoulance, Royal Army Medical Corps.-Lieutenant Edward P. Minett is seconded under the conditions of paragraph 114 of the Territorial Force Regulations, dated January 1, 1912.

    1st Lowland Field Ambulance, Royal Army Medical Corps.-Lieutenant-Colonel William F. Somerville, M.D., resigns his commission, and is granted permission to retain his rank and to wear the prescribed nniform, dated January 27, 1912. Major George H. Edington, M.D., to be Lieutenant-Colonel, Dated January 27,1912.

    3rd Wessex Field Ambulance, Royal Army Medical Corps.-Lieutenant Frederick E. Stokes to be Captain, dated November 19, 1911.

    4th London General Hospital, Royal Army Medical Corps.-Captain Fred W. Mott, M.D., to be Major, dated January 27, 1912.

    2nd Southern General Hospital, Royal Army Medical Corps.-Oaptain John Alexander Nixon, from the List of Officers of the Royal Army Medical Corps attached to Units other than Medical Units, to be Captain, dated January 27, 1912.

    4th S01~thern General Hospital, Royal Army Medical Corps.-Lieutenant-Colonel Charles E. R.Rendle, F.R.C.S.(Edin.), resigns his commission, and is granted per-mission to retain his rank and to wear the prescribed uniform, dated January 27, 1912. -

    Yorkshire MOltnted Brigade' Field Ambulance, Royal Army Medical Corps.-Percy Kingsley Steele, M.B., F.R.C.S.(Eng.), to be Lieutenant, dated October 6. 1911.

    4th Northern General Hospital, Royal Army Medical Corps.-Charles John Coleman, M.D., to be Captain, dated December 15, 1911.

    Officers attached to Units 'other than Medical Units. Surgeon-Captain Robert John Richard Cobden Simons, from the"Glamorgan

    Royal Garrison Artillery, to be Captain, dated January 20, 1912. Lieutenant William J. T. Barker resigns his commission. dated January 27, 1912. Robert Lowis Routledge, M,B., to be Lieutenant, dated November 26, 1911.

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    y Med C

    orps: first published as 10.1136/jramc-18-03-19 on 1 M

    arch 1912. Dow

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  • 79.

    SUPERNUMERARY FOR SERVICE WITH THE OFFICERS' TRAINING OORPS. 'fhe appointment of Lieutenant Henry Stokes, M.D. (for service with the Royal

    Oollege of Surgeons in Ireland Oontingent, Senior Division, Officers' Training Oorps), which was announced in the London Gazette of· November 24, 1911, is antedated to April 1, 1911.

    QUEEN ALEXANDRA'S IMPERIAL MILITARY NURSING SERYICE. The following ladies have received provisional appointments as Staff Nurses: Miss

    1\1. V. Bonallo, Miss F. M. Jackson, Miss O. A. Stevens. . Postings and Transfers.-Sisters: Miss O. K. E. Steele, to Pretoria, on arrival in

    South Africa; Miss K. Oaxon, to Wynberg, from Bloemfontein; Miss G. A. Howe, to Harrismith, from Potchefstroom; Miss K. A. Allsap, to London, from Ohatham; Miss M. R. Makepeace, to Malta, from Devonport; Miss F. M. Tosh, to London, from Egypt; Miss A. Ayre, to Netley, from Gibraltar.

    Staff Nurses.-Miss E. H. Davies, to Bloemfontein, on arrival in South Africa; Miss A. R. Nunn, to Pretoria, on arrival in South Africa; Miss O. y. S. Johnson, to Potchefstrcom, from Harrismith; Miss K. F. Fawcett, to Oairo, on arrival in Egypt; Miss L M. Johnston, to Cairo, on arrival in Egypt: Miss E. M. Whittall, to Alder-shot, from Oosham; Miss W. M. Gedye, to Dubliu, from Netley; Miss F. McOlelland, to Dublin, from York; Miss K. H. M. Holmes, to London, from Aldershot; Miss W. E. Eardley, to South Africa, from London: Miss O. E. A. Harries, to South Africa, from Colchester; Miss A. P. Wilson, to South Africa, from Dublin; Miss M. H. Smyth, to South Africa, from Netley; Miss E. W. Bond, to Aldershot, on provisional appoint-ment; Miss M. V. Bonallo, to Oosham, on provisional appointment; Miss F. M. Jackson, to Netley, on provisional appointment; Miss O. A. Stevens, to York, on provisional appointment.

    Arrivals.-Miss A. Ayre, Sister, from Gibraltar; Miss M. M. A. McCreery, ·Staff Nurse, from South Africa.

    THE LATE COLONEL LIGERTWOOD, C.B. IT is proposed by old brother officers and friends of the late Surgeon-Oolonel Ligert-

    wood, O.B., to place a tablet to his memory in the Royal Hospital, Ohelsea. Should auy one be desirous of joining in this, subscriptions may be sent to General Sir A. Montgomery Moore, K.C.B., c/o Messrs. Oox and 00., 16, Oharing Oross, S.W.; or to Surgeon-General Sir Oharles Cuffe, K.C.B., c/o Messrs. Holt and Co.,3, Whitehall Place, S. W., for the" Ligertwood Memorial Fund."


    Hygiene (for Olass).~(Written.) Monday, January 29, 1912. From 10 a.m. to lp.m.

    (1) What are the various articles that constitute a soldier's equipment? What is the total weight that a man can carry efficiently, and what are the articles which (a) he must carry, and (b) he should, if possible, carry during a fighting period? (Olothing need not be considered, and its taken at 131bs.)

    (2) Discuss the question of the metabolism of proteins in the _human body. In what way is this affected by an increase in the amount of proteins, and other food principles ingested? ,

    (3) HUluan respiration affects the chemical composition and physical properties of the air in a room; what are the changes produced, aud which of these are most important considered as causes of ill-health? What are the results of (a) chronic poisoning, and (b) 'acute poisoning from bad air? How is the respiratory impurity of the air in a room estimated?

    (4) What is the ultimate aim of all modern methods of sewage disposal, aud what are the various matters that have to be disposed of in an ordinary domestic sewage?

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    y Med C

    orps: first published as 10.1136/jramc-18-03-19 on 1 M

    arch 1912. Dow

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  • 80

    What connection is there between any such biological method of sewage disposal and the prevention of intestinal infectious disease?

    (5) The water supply of a camp is from a deep well. It is suspected of being the cause of an outbreak of enteric fever. Describe in detail how you would make It bacteriological examination of the water to determine the presence or absence of pollution with sewage. Give the cultural characteristics of tile micro-organisms you would search for.

    Pathology (for Class).-Written examination. Monday, January 29, From 2.30 to 5.30 p.m. [N.B.-Five questions only to be answered.]

    (1) Define and illustrate with examples the following terms, employed' in connection with the examination of the blood: Colour index, eosinophilia, polychromatophilia, leucopenia.

    (2) Describe the morphology and the cultural characteristics of the tetanus bacillus. How would you attempt to demonstrate its presence in a wound?

    (3) Give an outline of what can be learnt from an examination of the formed elements in the cerebrospinal fluid in pathological conditions, and indicate the technique.

    (4) Describe the phenomenon known as "fixation of the complement." How is it explained in terms of Ehrlich's side-chain theory, and what are its principal applications? '

    (5) Give an account of the present state of our knowledge as regards the etiologyof kala-azar and the reasons for which it is at present differentiated into Indian and infantile kala-azar.

    (6) Give an account of ankylostomiasis, and describe the causa! agent'.

    Hygiene (for Class).:'-'(Practical). Tuesday, January 30, 1912. From 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. c _ _

    (1) Complete the following water analysis and give your opinion of the sample, as to its potability or otherwise. State in detail how you arrive at this opinion from the facts of the analysis :-

    Total solids Vola tile solids .. Fixed solids Chlorine Free ammonia Albuminoid ammonia Nitrites .. Nitrates Oxygen -absorbed III fifteen minutes Hardness, total Hardness, removable .. Metals ..

    30 parts per 100,000. 16 14 " " " 3'5 parts per 100,000 as NaOl.

    Nil. 0'5 of N parts per 100,000.

    13 9 Nil.

    (2) Examine the sample of milk before you and report on its fitness for the use of patients in hospital.

    Pathology (for, Class).-Practical examination. Wednesday, January 31, 1912. From 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

    (1) Examine and report upon the bacterial emulsion marked with your number. Leave two stained films, one of them a " Gram" specimen, beside your microscope for exa1uination.

    (2) Stain the paraffin section "A," " B," "0" or " D," so as to demonstrate the nature and condition of the tissue or material and the presence or absence in it of micro-organisms. Write a short account of the results of your examination, and leave your sections, properly labelled, for examination.

    (3) Oral Examination.


    Medicine (Oase for Commentary).-Wednesday, January 24, 1912. Oommencing 10 a.m. (Time allowed-1~ hours.) Read your instructions.

    A married woman, aged 32, was admitted into hospital in December, 1908, comc plaining of abdominal discomfort, associated with frequent vomiting, of some two years' duration. '

    She had always, she said, been liable to dyspepsia, but it was trifling in degree and never interfered with her work. In February, 1906, two weeks after her regular

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    y Med C

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    arch 1912. Dow

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    menstrual period, she was one day suddenly seized with acute pain in the lower abdomen, which compelled her to take to bed at once. The pain persisted for three or four days. Hoomorrhage from the uterus then ensued, and the pain gradually cea~ed; but as the bleeding persisted for six weeks, the uterus was curetted. The perIOds subsequently became normal. A few weeks later the dyspeptic symptoms became more severe. Flatulence was constant and distressing, and accompanied by water-brash and abdominal discomfort after food. In July, 1906, she commenced to vomit. ~t first this only occurred after her dinner, which used to be followed by severe epIgastric pain radiating into the back. The pain was relieved by pressure over the abdomen. In an hour or' so vomiting ensued, and eased the pain almost completely. Sometimes she would vomit constantly for a· day or two, and sub-sequently the symptoms would subside; but they always recurred sooner or later. In July, 1?08, the pain became constant and very severe for three weeks, and was not rel1eved by vomiting; but it ceased after July, although vomiting occurred almost every ~ay. Menstruation ceased, and she became very weak. The bowels were very She suffered at times from painful cramps in the hands and feet.

    Un~er medlCal treatment the symptoms rapidly subsided. She was tra~sfe:red to a surglCal ward, and one day after tea suddenly experienced acute pam m the abdomen which caused her to c;y out. The pulse became small and frequent, and her temperature fell below normal.

    Discuss the diagnosis in this case and mention what measures you would adopt to ascertain the exact cause of the symptoms.

    Discuss the dangers and the treatment of these cases.

    Surgery (Case for Commentary).--'-Wednesday, January 24, 1912. Commencing 11.30 a.m. Crime allowed, 1~ hours.) Read your instructions .

    . A composItor, aged 24, whilst drinking a glass of beer on an empty stomach, was seIzed with such severe abdominal pain that he was carried to the house of the nearest doct.or. Examination showed that he was so collapsed and pulseless as to appear monbund. He revived after the administration of strychnine hypodermically, and after resting for an hour he was sent to the hospital in a cab. On admission he was found to be cold and collapsed; his temperature 97'6° F., his pulse 96, of fair volun:e and force. He was deadly pale and his aspect was drawn and pinched. He complamed of severe abdominal pain, but said that he had always considered himself a healthy man, and that he had just bicycled 50 miles when the pain seized him. Examination of the abdomen showed that ther~ was practically no movement during respiration. It was very rigid everywhere, and was especially tender over the right iliac fossa. The condition of the patient had still further improved an hour and a half later. He was then in less pain, and the abdomen was less rigid on the left than on the right sid.e. He had, however, a markedly tender spot in the right epigastric region, as well as m the right iliac fossa' there was also some tenderness in the left iliac fossa. The urine had asp. gr.' of 1,032. It contained no sediment or mucus; there )Vas no albumen or sugar.

    Discuss the diagnostic significance of the symptoms. Mention any conditions that seem to account for them, and describe the method of treatment which you would have adopted in such a case.

    UNITED SERVIOES MEDIOA.L SOOIETY. THE next meeting of the above Society will be held at the Royal Army Medical

    College, Grosvenor Road, S.W., on Wednesday, March 13, 1912, at 5 p.m., when a paper will be read by Fleet-Surgeon A. Gaskell, R.N., on "Dust Traps and their Dangers on Board Ship."

    BIRTHS. HART.-At Rangoon, on January 8,1912, the wife of Captain H. P. Hart, R.A.M.C.,

    of a son.

    OTWAY.-On January 27,1912, at 95, York Mansions, Battersea Park, S.W., the wife of Captain A. L. Otway, R.A.M.C., of a son.

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    y Med C

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    arch 1912. Dow

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    PAOKER.-On February 18,1912, at Trafalgar House, Stoke, Devonpor~, the wife of Major H. D. Packer, of a daughter (stillborn).

    THOMPSON.-At Ferozepore, on January 20, the wife of Major A. G. Thompson, R.A.M.O., of a daughter. •


    TWISS-SPRAGUE.-On February 3, at St. Mary's, Sholing, Lieutenant-Oolonel George Edward Twiss, F.R.O.S.I., late Royal Army Medical Oorps, of St. John's, Sholing, Hants, to Ethel Madeline, elder daughter of the late Arthur John Sprague. of the" Ohestnuts," Kimbolton, Hunts.

    DEATHS. PERRY.-On January 21, Brigade-Surgeon 'George Perry, retired, late Brigade

    of Guards, aged 78 years. He entered the Service as an acting Assistant Surgeon on January 29, 1855; became Assistant Surgeon Scots Fusilier Guards, June 1, 1855; Surgeon Scots Fusilier Guards, March 1, 1873; Surgeon-Major Scots Fusilier Guards, February 26, 1876; Battalion-Surgeon Ooldstream Guards, November 30, 1878; and Brigade-Surgeon, Brigade of Guards, December 31,1887, and was placed on ,etired pay on May 13, 1888. His war service was: Orimean Oampaign, 1855: siege and fall of Sevastopol ; mentioned in despatches; medal with clasp; and Turkish medal. Egyptian Expedition, 1882; action of Mahuta, and Battle of Tel-el-Kebir; medal with clasp; bronze star.

    JOHNSTON.-At Bonchurch, Isle of Wight, on January 26, Oaptain Robert Oolquhon Johnston, M.B., retired, Army Medical Staff, aged 57. He entered the Service as a Surgeon, Army Medical Department, on February 5, 1881, and retired on retired pay on July 6, 1892. His war service was: Egyptian Expedition, 1882, medal, bronze star. Soudan Expedition, 1884-5, Nile. In charge of Debbeh field hospi~al; clasp.

    HANLEY.-At Bloemfontein, Orange Free State, on January 29, Lieutenant-Oolonel Richard George Hanley, M.B., R.A.M.O., aged 52. He entered the Service as a Surgeon, Medical Staff, on