The Teachers Survival Kit of Productivity Tools & Apps Be regular and orderly in your life, so that you may be violent and original in your work. ~Gustave Flaubert What do you need to organize? Where can you save time? Webtools Mobile Apps Software Browser Extensions Empower your browser Bookmarklet Extension How can we develop good habits & routines? Google Calendar reate events C reate alerts C mbed E lert students and A parents orks on mobile W devices Goal: Spend less time on social media! 3rd Party Tools! ScoopIt Pinterest Livebinders Educlipper PearlTrees Diigo Delicious Evernote Symbaloo Google Drive Twi:er for Bookmarking Diigo ookmark, organize, curate, B annotate rganize by tags, categories O ighlight H creen capture S ead others notes R ollow others F yncs on all devices S Diigo Integrate Tools! Google Drive 5 GB free 1 ollaborative C cts as a A cloud rganize/ O Share folders ree mobile F app for all formats ork offline W yncs when S online Mobile Google Chat & Edit Collaboratively Download or Make a Copy Add Voice Comments to Docs Open With Kaizena Kaizena Goobrics! for Grading Evernote App rganize pictures, websites, O notes, videos, etc. ome text in images become S searchable rganize by notebooks, tags, O categories reat for a shopping list, G creating audio reminders, workout journals, creating lesson plans, designing presentations, research, taking notes at a conference PenUltimate App CamScanner Android Haiku Deck