Weapons of WW1 Modern Weapons Machine Guns The development of Machine guns made crossing no-mans land nearly impossible Artillery Moving artillery was back breaking work in the mud Big Bertha (Could hit targets 120km away) Knuckle Duster Grenade Modern Weapons Contd Flamethrowers Chemical Weapons A Gas Attack Gas Masks (respirators) only became available later, at first the only protection were rags soaked in urine A Victim of Mustard Gas Chlorine Gas The Germans first used chlorine gas cylinders in April 1915 when it was employed against the French Army at Ypres.chlorineFrench ArmyYpres Chlorine gas destroyed the respiratory organs of its victims and this led to a slow death by asphyxiation. It was important to have the right weather conditions before a gas attack could be made. When the British Army launched a gas attack on 25th September in 1915, the wind blew it back into the faces of the advancing troops.British Army Phosgene Gas One disadvantage for the side that launched chlorine gas attacks was that it made the victim cough and therefore limited his intake of the poison.chlorine Both sides found that phosgene was more effective poison to use. Only a small amount was needed to make it impossible for the soldier to keep fighting. It also killed its victim within 48 hours of the attack. Advancing armies also used a mixture of chlorine and phosgene called 'white star'.phosgene Mustard Gas Mustard Gas was first used by the German Army in September The most lethal of all the poisonous chemicals used during the war, it was almost odourless and took twelve hours to take effect. Mustard GasGerman Army It was so powerful that only small amounts had to be added to high explosive shells to be effective. Once in the soil, mustard gas remained active for several weeks. Tanks in the beginning they were undependable and most often got stuck in the mud, however they were still terrifying to the enemy Submarines Fighter Planes Casualties of War Country Mobilized Forces Total Casualties % of Force Russia12,000,0009,150,00076% British Empire 9,000,0003,200,00036% France8,400,0006,200,00073% Germany11,000,0007,100,00065% Austria- Hungary 7,800,0007,000,00090% Lest We Forget