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Managing Foreign Exchange

Amberbay Consulting Group


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Foreign Exchange Markets

Foreign exchange markets are becoming increasingly volatile. Decision making is confusing and difficult.

Our services are designed to get the organization the most competitive rates from the authorized foreign exchange dealers and by providing you guidance on hedging products such as forwards options and futures.

We also assist in making a risk management policy focused on FX exposure and periodically initiate quality checks.

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Currency Risk ManagementAt Amberbay Consulting, we help the company manage and reduce risk arising

out adverse currency movements by:

● Assisting the client at a transactional level while dealing with the banks.● Providing assistance on pricing and premiums.● Helping the client establish an optimal hedge ratio and providing alternate

strategies.● Developing a comprehensive risk management policy.● Providing the client with a weekly snapshot of macroeconomic activity.● Daily updates of forex exchange rates on registered phone numbers by

SMS.● Update to clients on different hedging strategies and alternatives permitted

by the RBI on an ongoing basis.

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Operational Efficiencies Operational efficiency and reduction of costs are the two most useful tools

to increase the bottom line of any company. To make your financial operations more efficient we:

● Conduct a multipoint internal audit of the treasury function to locate and address any areas of concern.

● Suggest alternate banking solutions where required.● Advise the client on various transactional banking and cash

management processes. ● Assist the client in implementing a more robust liquidity management

policy.● Provide regular MIS to clients on their foreign exchange positions with

banks. (sample TOS is attached on the next slide)● Assist in getting FEMA opinions.

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TOS : Output

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Our Clients

Our clients are:ExportersImportersBPO / KPOLogistics firmsTour and travel companiesLiaison offices / Branch officesInternational consultants Manufacturers and TradersInternational companies

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