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A financial fundamental analysis of the pharma company . This covers the growth analysis and piotroski analysis to identify accounting strength. More details can be found in the paid version of the report. Lots more @

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  • 1.BSE Code : 532523 NSE Code : BIOCON Sector : PHARMACEUTICALS Report date : Thu Apr 24 06:46:59 EDT 2014 Industry overview Market Cap Market Cap is the price of all the outstanding common shares if we were to buy it all at the current price 8749.00 Cr The benchmark company Sun Pharma in the pharmaceuticals sector is 15 times the size of Biocon Mid Caps are a choice for people who can take medium volatility/risk with higher chance of returns 1

2. Stock Analysis Growth Analysis Companies that have grown historically are more likely to exibit similar growth in the future. Read the trends in the 4 year annualized profit growth, book value growth and sales growth shown below: How good are the returns? RoE is the speed at which the company might grow without sorting to additional fund raising. RoCE is the growth speed, if the company used all the assets, including loans/preference shares. The 2-year and 4-year values give a reasonable assurance about the growth sustenance. KEY KEY 2 3. Piotroski Score Seperate Winners from Losers The Piotroski scoring system is a nine point system to determine the strength of a firm's financial position. The score was developed by an accounting professor out of Chicago named Joseph Piotroski. If it scores an 8 or 9, then the fundamentals are great for the stock. Score: 7/9 3 4. DISCLAIMER This report is prepared by the good.inve.story. software and is not prepared by an actual person who has a CFA or any other certification. good.inve.story. is still in BETA mode. So, please let us know if you find any errors. We would love to hear from you. This report is based on information obtained from public sources and sources believed to be reliable, but no independent verification has been made nor is its accuracy or completeness guaranteed. This report is not an advisory to buy or sell. Please buy only if you think, this is the right company at the right price and sell only if you dont see any potential for upside. get more @ 4