Bridging the gap between research & practice

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Presentation given by Annemie Drieskens, President, Confederation of Family Organisations in the European Union (COFACE) on the occasion of the EESC LMO conference on 'Towards a better work-life balance' (Brussels, 24 September 2014).


  • 1. Bridging the gap betweenresearch and practice:Proposals on a EuropeanReconciliation PackageAnnemie Drieskens, PresidentCOFACE

2. COFACEo Oldest iNGO in Brusselso Over 57 members in 22 countrieso Funded by the PROGRESS granto Family Policy, Disability, Education,Consumer policy 3. The 2014 campaign 4. 2014 in practice: key events 29 April, Athens, Greece: Families in the Crisis 9 September, Helsinki, Finland: Employers Forumfor Work Life Balance 4 November, Rome, Italy: A sustainable caresystem for Europe 5. Key policy areasRessourcesTime Services 6. 2014 in practice: the ERPprinciples and values Carers Women @ Work Reconciling in companies Education and Parenting 7. Thank you for your attention!Visit our website: www.coface-eu.orgThe Blog for the campaign: DrieskensE-mail: annemie.drieskens@gezinsbond.beCOFACE is supported under the European Union Programme for Employmentand Social Solidarity PROGRESS (2007-2013).


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