Digital Urbanites @SxSW

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Presentation from "Digital Urbanites: How to Become part of the New Social Capital" at South by Southwest.

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  • 1. How to Become Part of the New Social Capital Monday, March 16,th - 5:00p.m

2. WHO WE AREJames Andrews,Navarrow Wright, Wayne Sutton, Angela Benton,Theda Saniford, VPCo-Founder Social Media Strategist Founder/Publisher CEO Ketchum Interactive Black Web 2.0 Theda Dotcom, 3. WHATS A DIGITAL URBANITE? NOT racialMay be deemed as non-inuentialHas HustleUses tools and technology to leverage their hustleHas wide interests that are reected in their networkHas Social 4. WHAT IS SOCIAL CAPITAL?Social Capital = Content + YOUR Brand + Consistency + YOUR Community Social capital is applying a value to your social network and translating it into SOCIAL CURRENCY. 5. HOW DO I FIND OUT HOW MUCHSOCIAL CURRENCY I HAVE? Social Capital * Hustle = Social Currency Social currency less about the $$$ more about theleverage it gives you 6. 7. Q&A 8. DONT FORGET TO. Build your SOCIAL CURRENCY by:Connecting outside your network regardless of inuence 9. THANK YOU