How To Create Banking And Insurance Websites That Dont Suck

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lides shown at the Optimal Usability Breakfast Briefing held on 26 November 2009 in Wellington, New Zealand


  • 1. Trent Mankelow How to create Banking and insurance websites that don't suck

2. Source: World Internet Project, 2008 3. New Zealanders are eager to engage with the opportunities presented by the Internet World Internet Report, 2008 Source: 4. Self-service is becoming more and more normal 5. North American consumers will spend $1.3 trillion at self-service machines by 2011 Source: 6. Source: 7. The PROBLEM Source: 8. WHY do so many financial services websites suck? 1. Ugly systems 2. Risk-adversity 3. Project-focus instead of customer-focus 4. Inside-out thinking 9. The primary reason weve made it so damn difficult for people to get stuff done is.... Ugly Systems Tom Peters 10. Out-of-the-box systems are always ugly 11. 60% of end users find enterprise applications somewhat difficult, very difficult or almost impossible to use. -, May 2008 12. Financial services companies dont take enough risks 13. Parity is not a strategy! Create products and services that are worth marketing in the first place Seth Godin 14. Source: 15. Source: 16. Dont take enough risks 17. Project-focussed instead of customer- focussed 18. Think inside-out Source: 19. SYSTEMS 20. PROCEDURE S 21. TOUCHPOINTS 22. INTERACTIONS 23. EXPERIENCES 24. Advertising Service design takes into account the whole customer journey Web, mobile & PC interfaces Customer-facing staff Communications & mailings Physical environments Support meGuide mePersuade meEnlighten me 25. The OUTCOMES 1. Help people manage their finances 26. 2. Improve financial literacy 27. According to the 2009 Financial Knowledge Survey... One in six New Zealanders indicate that they are having difficulty managing money Banks are the main source of financial advice in New Zealand 28. 3. Create opportunities to cross- sell and up-sell 29. "Each customer- facing channel is an instrument in a symphony" - Subject to Change 30. From Methods 31. In summary... 32. Key takeaways: The OPPORTUNITY: Kiwis are online, they use online banking and insurance a lot, they buy a lot of stuff online THE PROBLEM: Financial services websites arent making the most of the opportunity, because of 1. Ugly systems 2. Risk-adversity 3. Project-focus instead of customer-focus 4. Inside-out thinking THE SOLUTION: To create brilliant websites you have to design from the outside in, using Service Design THE OUTCOME: Loyal, happy customers and increased revenue 33. Thank you! Join usability experts from Europe, Asia, North America, Australia and New Zealand for our first ever UX Masterclass March 2010 Auckland, NZ