How to fix credit score fast?

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Know how to fix your credit score in minutes. Every step will take you towards high credit ratings. Follow these steps & improve your score fast.


  • 1. How to Fix Credit Score Fast? Info source: 1

2. Pay your credit card bill earlyCheck when thestatement closingdate is.Pay Early.Pay in full eachmonth.Info source: www.creditscore.com2 3. Set up automatic bill payment alertsOn-time paymentsover a period of aboutsix months canincrease your scoreby as much as 50points.Info source: 3 4. Pay down revolving debtUse tax refunds to pay offdebt.For every $1,000 of availablecredit, try to use less than$350.Set up regular automaticpayments. Info source: 4 5. Ask your creditcard companyto raise yourlimitA higher credit limitwill lower your creditutilization ratio.Info source: 5 6. Go online to dispute an item on your credit reportGet your credit report.Check for errors.Dispute a possiblecredit report error byregistered mail, and toinclude evidence.Info source: 6 7. Just say NO to too many inquiriesApply for new credit, at most, twice a year.Info source: 7 8. Get a late payment removed fromyour credit reportAsk your creditor toremove a late paymentfrom your credit report. Info source: 8 9. Play what-if with your credit scoreMonitor yourscore regularly. Info source: 9 10. Apply these steps &improvecredit scores FASTFollow us at source: 10