How to Rebuild Your Credit In 9 Easy Steps

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<ol><li> 1. HOW TO REBUILDYOUR CREDITwith 9 easy steps LL!._, .Reduce debt first.Set savings goals.Speak with your Your credit This will give you credit card utilization something to companies to see represents a reach for and if you can work out significant portion help you pay a payment plan.of your credit down your debt.score.Q C C 3" 0 0 0 0 0 0 S SS Trim your expenses.Monitor your credit Pay your bills on time.Go out to dinner report.If you see any This is the biggest less,look for free fraudulent activity or driver of credit scores,recreational activities errors,report them and one missed to do on the immediately.As many payment could weekends,and start as 20% of credit plummet your score.If clipping coupons,so reports have some possible,set up you have money to error that could be automatic down your debt.affecting the user's .credit score.C C 5 MOl1-he UN| TY denied a rental,and Vise be| ew,you'll have betterpeace of mind. The OneUnited UNITY Visa Reports to all three credit bureaus.Shop anywhere that accepts Visa.VISAThe ComebackFixed rate.No more variable rates. The best credit card for bad credit.</li></ol>