How To Stretch Your Dollars During The Holidays

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As we enter the holiday season, many people are looking for ways to penny pinch and make their dollars go further. Check out these helpful hints to get the most bang for your buck!


  • 1. As the holidays approach, sometimes itshard to make your dollar go far like it usedto. Check out these tips to get the most bangfor your buck!

2. Decorations If youre all aboutdecorating for theholidays but want topenny pinch as much asyou can, considertraveling to your localdollar store. They willhave numerous holidaydecorations at pricesthat cant be beat! 3. Generic brands If you have the task tocook holiday meals,check out the genericbrand of various fooditems at your grocerystore. Generic storebrand foods willgenerally be cheaperand have the samequality of name brandfoods. 4. Shop Online Check out onlineretailers for holidaygifts! If someone youknow is a bookworm,you can find digitalbooks that are cheaperthan the paperbacks.Maybe youll find someMark Matson booksabout moneymanagement. 5. Send eCards When the holidaysapproach, a vastamount of greetingcards are sent throughmail carriers but youcan save on postage bysending eCards to yourfriends and family!


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