"Lets take craig out" scene from ‘ideal’

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1. SCENE FROM IDEAL CARTOON HEAD TAKES CRAIG OUT. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FeLRMMYgZE 2. IDEAL.. WHAT IS IDEAL? Ideal was a British dark comedy sit-com, originally broadcast on BBC3. It dealt with the comedy side of a small time drug dealer known as Mos (Played by Johnny Vegas) that worked in and out of his flat. The entire show was filmed within this flat and explored the life's of the people who visited Mos. 3. THE CHARACTERS The characters featured in the scene you just watched were 2 main characters and one recurring character. Mos A small time drug dealer in which the scene happens in his flat. Cartoon Head A dangerous Russian born gangster/psychotic hitman. His real identity always covered by a cartoon mouse mask. He visits Mos regularly for work distributing drugs and always brings trouble. Craig Unemployed harmless introvert. He visits Mos for the occasional smoke. Hes family man and no threat to anyone. 4. THE SCENE The scene in which you have just watch is a very fast and powerful scene. In the full episode, Craig visits Mos for a chat and a smoke. Cartoon head who is loitering around Moss flat decides to try his latest batch of LSD. Craig is showing Mos pictures of his kids and explains he does not get out much. Mos tells Craig that he should come out clubbing and proceeds to tell cartoon head (who walks in and is high on LSD) that they should Take Craig out meaning take him out clubbing. Cartoon head misunderstands Mos and pulls out his gun and shoots him clean in the head killing craig. The final set of scenes see Craig dead. Mos is holding a picture of Craig's young son with blood dripping off of it. 5. WHY IS THIS SCENE SO POWERFUL FOR ME? This scene is so powerful because of the fast camera moments cutting from most to cartoon head to Craig. It happens so fast you do not realise what is happening until it has slowed down and the music kicks. The camera looks down on Craig as if he has less significance then the other characters in the scene. The scary thing is also is that cartoon head shoots Craig so casually as if it was a normal everyday action. The mis en scene of the cene is so normal. It is a normal flat, with a couple of guys having a chat. The shocking thing is that a murder happens within 3 seconds.