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Putting Green into Practice


<ul><li>1.Green EarthMissionPromoting nutritional Institutehealth and environmental Naperville, IL sustainability.Program | May 1, 20118th AnnualGreen Earth FairPutting Green into Practice!12:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.</li></ul><p>2. Putting Green into Practice!After a cold, wet winter, finally Spring is in the air! At the farm, the cool weather veg-gies are growing in the field. The greenhouses are overflowing with tomatoes, egg-plants, peppers, basil, cucumbers, summer squash, and watermelon awaiting warmer weather and their time in thesun. What a fitting time to invite everyone to the farm to celebrate spring and renew our connection to the earth!Beyond celebration, the Green Earth Fair offers opportunities for learning about the environment, nutritional health, and how we can practice sustainability in our homes, yards, and gardens. Take advantage of expert resources tolearn more about the foot you eat and how to put green into practice.Exhibition Booths: Local exhibitors will be providing information about their activities and products to help you achieve a greener and healthier lifestyle. See the Exhibitor Guide (pages 8-12) and map (Page 7) for details.SpeakerAttend presentations throughout the day. See the Scheduled Events section (page 3)Presentations: for details.Food:This year, we are pleased to have Braconis Pizza (Booth 41) and Two Mothers Foods (Booth 43) offering food for purchase. Braconis is a local pizzeria offering traditional Italian pizza slices. Two Mothers is a minimal-waste, natural food vendor featuring ham and veggie wraps. Whole Foods will be offering a variety of free snacks and samples (Booth 44) in the exhibit area, including food from Chef Ron Moores cooking demonstrations (available while supplies last).Drinks:Arbor Vitaes booth (42) will have a variety of beverages available for purchase. Com- plimentary water will be available through the Green Earth Institute either in your own container or in recyclable paper cups.Entertainment: Be sure to spend some time at the Main Stage. Sit under the tree and enjoy the tal- ented entertainers! There will be live performances throughout the afternoon. See the Scheduled Events section (page 3) for details.Renewable Energy See the recently-installed solar panels, wind turbine, green roofs, and rainwater har-Tours: vesting system, elements of The Conservation Foundations Water Conservation &amp; Re- newable Energy Demonstration Project. These tours start time is 1:30, 2:30, &amp; 4:00 p.m., leaving from the Fire Circle near the barn.Organic Farm Tours:See some of the vegetable fields and greenhouses as you learn about the Green Earth Institutes organic growing methods. Take your choice of two tour times, 2:30 or 4:00 p.m., leaving from the Fire Circle near the barn.Tour of the Farms Take a walking tour of the restored natural areas including the wetlands, prairie patch,Natural Areas: butterfly garden, and rain garden, led by staff of The Conservation Foundation. This tours start time is 2:30 p.m., leaving from the Fire Circle near the barn.Plant &amp; Rain BarrelPurchase some greenery to take home with you! Organic vegetable and herb seedlingsSales: grown by the Green Earth Institute farmers are in the entrance circle, along with native landscaping plants from Growing Place. Rain barrels are available at The Conservation Foundations booth near the barn.Childrens Activities: There are activities are in several areas and throughout the day. See page 6 for com- plete details.2 3. Scheduled Fair Events12:30 Entertainment: Live music performed by The Cattails.Main Stage1:00 Entertainment: Live music performed by Ten Penny Annie.Main Stage1:15 SpeakerOrganic Lawn Care (Bill Scheffler)Milk House Presentations: Rain Barrels &amp; Rain Gardens (Jim Kleinwachter)ClowSolar Power at the Farm (Lisa Albrecht) BarnYoure Eating What? GMOs? (Susan Blake) Granary Entertainment: Live music performed by Japanese Koto Music.Main Stage1:30 Farm Tour: Renewable Energy Tour departs at the Fire Circle near the barn. Meet at Fire Circle1:45 Entertainment: Live music performed by Rick Alaska.Main Stage2:00 Entertainment: Live music performed by Dollparts.Main Stage2:15 Entertainment: Live music performed by Amy.Main Stage2:30 SpeakerImpact of Nutrition on Learning, Mood &amp; BehaviorBarn Presentations: (Philippa Norman, M.D.)Landscaping for Wildlife Birds &amp; Butterflies (Art Gara) ClowWind Power at the Farm (Mark Sullivan Granary Farm Tours:Organic Farm, Tour of the Farms Natural Areas, &amp; Renewable Meet at Fire CircleEnergy Tours all depart at the Fire Circle near the barn. Entertainment: Live music performed by Indian Country. Main Stage3:00 Entertainment: Live music performed by Anna Stange.Main Stage3:15 Parade:Musical Childrens Parade led by Monarch Butterfly. (Carolyn Finzer)Meet at Main Stage3:30 Entertainment: Live music performed by The Hominids. Main Stage3:45 SpeakerBeekeeping at the Farm (Glen Hartweck)Milk House Presentations: Green Homes 101 (Pam Garetto) GranaryOrganic Home Gardening &amp; Composting (Lynn Bement) BarnRainwater Harvesting at the Farm &amp; at Home (Ed Beaulieu)Clow4:00 Entertainment: Live music performed by Clever Dave &amp; Stu.Main Stage Farm Tours:Organic Farm &amp; Renewable Energy Tours both depart at the Fire Meet at Fire CircleCircle near the barn.4:35 Entertainment: Live music performed by Joes Garage Band.Main Stage 3 Presenter Biographies on page 12-13 Performer Biographies on page 14 4. What is the Green Earth Institute?The Green Earth Institute is a local nonprofit educational organization establishedin 2002, centered on an organic vegetable farm in Naperville. The mission of theGreen Earth Institute is to promote nutritional health and environmental sustainability.Using our organic farm as a demonstration and learning center, we grow healthfulvegetables in an earth-friendly way and educate about nature, nutrition, and caring forthe earth.The Institute leases the farm land at the McDonald Farm, 10S404 Knoch KnollsRoad, which is owned by The Conservation Foundation. The farm crew grows 40 vege-table and herb crops on approximately 20 acres, and the remainder of the land hascover crops of alfalfa and red clover.Each summer the Institute conducts educational programs for childrenNatureRangers summer camps for elementary school-age kids, Nature Buddies for pre-schoolers and their parents, Green Scene programs for 6th through 9th graders, andnew this summer, Families on the Farm, for kids of all ages!The primary adult education event is the annual Green Earth Fair, which includesspeakers, demonstrations, and exhibits about ways to use earth-friendly practices inour gardens, yards, and homes.Steve Tiwald, Founder andMembership and contributions to support the Green Earth Institute are most appre- Executive Director, Greenciated. The Institute has 501(c)(3) tax status, so contributions are tax deductible. Vol- Earth Instituteunteers are always welcome. The Conservation FoundationThe farm land used by the Green Earth Institute is leased from The Conservation Foun-dation, a not-for-profit land and watershed protection organization established in 1972.The mission of the Foundation is to preserve open space and natural lands, protect riversand watersheds, and promote stewardship of our environment.The Foundation maintains a support base of nearly 5,000 members and donors, and500 volunteers in the primary counties in which it worksDuPage, Kane, Kendall and Will.The Foundation focuses its work in four activity areas: Land Preservation, River and Water-shed Improvement, Public Policy Advocacy, and Environmental Education. For more infor-mation, visit their web site at: www.TheConservationFoundation.org.While they are two separate and distinct not-for-profit organizations, Green Earth Insti-tute and The Conservation Foundation are both committed to stewardship of the land, andthey collaborate on various projects.McDonald FarmHome of the Green Earth InstituteThe Green Earth Institute leases 49 acres of farmland from TheConservation Foundation. The farm was donated to the Foundation byMrs. Lenore McDonald, who passed away in 2000 at age 92. She andher late husband had moved to the farm in 1949. Historical recordsshow that the property was first farmed by European settlers in the1830s. With its prime location overlooking the west branch of theDuPage River, no doubt this land was used by Native Americans forcenturies before the Europeans came. The Conservation Foundationuses the farmhouse for its office. 4 5. Summer Childrens ProgramsSchedule and more information at www.GreenEarthInstitute.org. Register online. For more information, call 630-664-5859 or email Education@GreenEarthInstitute.org.Nature BuddiesThis program is geared for children ages 3 to 5 (entering kindergarten) with an accompanying adult. Nature Bud-dies meets once a week May through September on Thursdays from 9:30-11:00 a.m. Afternoon sessions are avail-able in June, July, and August, from 1:00 to 2:30 p.m. In October a special mini-session will be held on two Fridaymornings.Parents and toddlers will have adventures of discovery in the garden, woods, wetlands, and farm yard using age-appropriate songs, stories, guided play, and nature walks. Activities will vary from session to session, and you maysign up for multiple sessions.Nature Rangers Summer CampsElementary-age children are invited to participate in summer camps at the farm. Nine one-week sessions run Mon-day-Friday from 9:00-Noon. The children will explore gardening with hands-on activities including planting, tending,and harvesting vegetables, herbs, and flowers at the farm. There will be nature exploration and learning about thefood we grow through crafts and games. Each child will plant and take home a container garden. Two age divi-sions: children entering grades 1-2 and those entering grades 3-5.Green SceneHas your child outgrown our summer camps in age but not in passion? Youth entering 6th through 9th grades willjoin us at the farm for an afternoon of unique experiences. Well explore the fields, harvest organic veggies, cleanand prepare them for the freshest taste theyve ever had. Participants will discover how to prepare a healthy mealmade from fresh, seasonal, organic vegetables grown right on the farm. Theyll learn how to make exciting, simpledishes and sample what theyve prepared. Sessions on Wednesday afternoons June 22, July 20, and August 10,from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m.Families on the FarmAn exciting new program this summer for kids of all ages. Fun for the whole familytogether well harvest, clean,and eat fresh veggies and participate in guided and self-guided nature activities. See GreenEarthInstitute.org forthe schedule.Water Conservation &amp; Renewable EnergyDemonstration ProjectIn 2010 The Conservation Foundation, owner of the farmland leased by the Green Earth Institute, completed a water conserva- tion and renewable energy project with practi- cal and educational value. The new wind tur- New solar panels at the farm. bine and solar panels generate electricity that is used by the Foundation for its business of- fice functions. The Green Earth Institute col- laborated with the Foundation on construction of a rainwater harvesting and storage system. Water from the roofs of the barn and granary is stored in a 25,000 gallon cistern, then used in the farms irrigation system.Learn more about the new systems New wind turbine at the farm. during tours and presentations at the Green Earth Fair.Construction of the cistern.5 6. Childrens Activities!Kids Garden Area Garden Discovery StationsGo exploring in the soil! Examine plant parts &amp; soil critters. Help prepare the soil and plant radish seeds. Make a seed necklace! Garden Bingo!Musical Craft AreaMake a musical instrument from recycled materials. This will be throughout the day as supplieslast. If you plan on participating in the musical parade at 3:15 p.m., please be sure to visit thisarea near the main stage.Musical Parade (Main Stage Area)Kids may make musical instruments from recycled materials at theMusical Crafts booth near the Main Stage, then march in the Chil-drens Parade at 3:15. The parade will be led by Carolyn Finzer,costumed as a Monarch Butterflythe Illinois state insect! Monarch ButterflyTruck Farm (Table #48)ChicagoDont miss out on Monarch (Table #13)Butterfly (a.k.a. Carolyn One of our new, funFinzer)! She will be at a table exhibitors will be dis-near the Butterfly Garden.playing their truck.Carolyn Finzer is a long-time Naperville residentwidely known for her storytelling and colorful cos- Truck Farm Chicagotumes. Today she takes on the persona of Mon- is a mini-farm plantedarch Butterfly, the Illinois State Insect, and will in the back of a pick-up truck. The biodiesel-provide education about puddling gardens forpowered Farm-On-Wheels is an edible exhibitthe butterflies to drink and sun themselves.used to engage youth about connections be-tween food, wellness and the health of the envi-Baby Goats from ronment. Truck Farm Chicago is a Green SugarPress and Seven Generations Ahead project.Golden Guernseyof Illinois DairyFarmCreature Features (Table #4)(Table #14)All critters are adapted toBaby goats will be onsite at our farm visiting from survive in their habitats. Youtheir dairy farm in nearby Carol Stream!can learn a lot by looking attheir skin, bones, homes,Green Earth Silk-Screen Station behaviors, sounds, and (Table #15)more. Which critters you willPrint the Green Earth Fair logo on a folder orfind visiting us depends onposter to take home ($1 for materials). Also, you the weather and availability,may purchase your very own Green Earth Fair T-so come by the exhibit of The Conservationshirt or canvas bag. All proceeds benefits theFoundation and be surprised.Green Earth Institute.6 7. Green Earth Fair 20117 8. Exhibitor Guide#19 Advanced Geothermal Plumbing and Heating L.L.C. www.advancedgeothermal.com Advanced Geothermal Plumbing and Heating LLC is northern Illinois leading provider of geothermal heating and cooling systems. We are dedicated to installing systems guaranteed to save money and resources, while providing you with a comfortable, safe, and energy efficient home or business. Phone: 847.695.1657#16 Antaeus Organicswww.antaeusorganics.com Founded in 2009, Antaeus Organics is dedicated to improving the world around us through earthworm castings fertilizer and potting soil. All products contain no synthetic chemicals, steroids or antibiotics, providing nutrients and enhancing your soil and plants disease and pest resistance, NATURALLY. We strongly believe any type of home gardening, lawn care or horticulture can be more productive, safer and ultimately successful without compromising the earths delicate eco- system.#42 Arbor Vitae - Java &amp; Juicejava-juice.com Local, independent Arbor Vitae Caf -- stop by their booth for beverages during the Fair. Arbor Vitae has locations at the Northern Illinois University building on Diehl Road in Naperville and at the College of DuPage on Fawell Blvd. in Glen Elly...</p>