Repair My Credit Score

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DESCRIPTION The items listed on your credit report, and their status, is what makes up your credit score. In todays economy its more critical than ever to have a good credit score, but millions of consumers simply dont and often find themselves asking how can I repair my credit score? In order to repair your credit score you need to repair your credit report.


  • 1. Repair My Credit Score Useful Tips to HelpEMPIRICA

2. Repair My Credit ScoreStep 1: Stop Damaging Your Credit High Ratio Exceeds Limit Missed Pmt Late HistoryClosed by them, not you 3. Repair My Credit ScoreStep 2: Responsible & Active UsageCreditorLimit Balance High Credit Past DueBank 1 $5000 $500 $1000 $0CreditorLimit Balance High Credit Past DueBank 2 $2000 $100$500 $0CreditorLimit Balance High Credit Past DueBank 3 $3000 $200$800 $0 4. Repair My Credit ScoreStep 3: Keep Older Accounts Active Creditor Status Date CommentGood Bank One OpenRecent We love them Creditor Status Date CommentBad Bank One ClosedRecent Closed by Grantor Creditor Status Date Commentmeh Bank One Closed Long Ago Closed by Consumer 5. Repair My Credit Score Step 4: Healthy Mix of Credit Types850CreditorStatusAccount TypeBank One Open Revolving750300MortgageInstallment Optional RevolvingRevolving 6. Repair My Credit ScoreStep 5: Keep an Eye on Your CreditExamine Accounts for Changes Including the Bad Accounts 7. Repair My Credit ScoreStep 6: Fix MistakesWrite a Letter Challenge Mistakes 8. Repair My Credit ScoreWatch Your Score Skyrocket!850750300